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# Version 0.3.9
Release data: 2010-07-03
### Added
* status_code which returns the HTTP status code of the last response (no Selenium!)
* Capybara.save_and_open_page to store tempfiles
* RackTest and Culerity drivers now clean up after themselves properly
### Fixed
* When no rack app is set and the app is called, a more descriptive error is raised
* select now works with optgroups
* Don't submit image buttons unless they were clicked under rack-test
* Support custom field types under Selenium
* Support input fields without a type, treat them as though they were text fields
* Redirect now throws an error after 5 redirects, as per RFC
* Selenium now properly raises an error when Node#trigger is called
* Node#value now returns the correct value for textareas under rack-test
# Version 0.3.8
Release date: 2010-05-12
### Added
* Within_frame method to execute a block of code within a particular iframe (Selenium only!)
### Fixed
* Single quotes are properly escaped with `select` under rack-test and Selenium.
* The :text option for searches now escapes regexp special characters when a string is given.
* Selenium now correctly checks already checked checkboxes (same with uncheck)
* Timing issue which caused Selenium to hang under certain circumstances.
* Selenium now resolves attributes even if they are given as a Symbol
# Version 0.3.7
Release date: 2010-04-09
This is a drop in compatible maintainance release. It's mostly
important for driver authors.
### Added
* RackTest scans for data-method which rails3 uses to change the request method
### Fixed
* Don't hang when starting server on Windoze
### Changed
* The driver and session specs are now located inside lib! Driver authors can simply require them.
# Version 0.3.6
Release date: 2010-03-22
This is a maintainance release with minor bug fixes, should be
drop in compatible.
### Added
* It's now possible to load in external drivers
### Fixed
* has_content? ignores whitespace
* Trigger events when choosing radios and checking checkboxes under Selenium
* Make totally optional when running without server
* Changed fallback host so it matches the one set up by Rails' integration tests
# Version 0.3.5
Release date: 2010-02-26
This is a mostly backwards compatible release, it does break
the API in some minor places, which should hopefully not affect
too many users, please read the release notes carefully!
### Breaking
* Relative searching in a node (e.g. find('//p').all('//a')) will now follow XPath standard
this means that if you want to find descendant nodes only, you'll need to prefix a dot!
* `visit` now accepts fully qualified URLs for drivers that support it.
* Capybara will always try to run a rack server, unless you set Capybara.run_sever = false
### Changed
* thin is preferred over mongrel and webrick, since it is Ruby 1.9 compatible
* click_button and click will find <input type="button">, clicking them does nothing in RackTest
### Added
* Much improved error messages in a multitude of places
* More semantic page querying with has_link?, has_button?, etc...
* Option to ignore hidden elements when querying and interacting with the page
* Support for multiple selects
### Fixed
* find_by_id is no longer broken
* clicking links where the image's alt attribute contains the text is now possible
* within_fieldset and within_table work when the default selector is CSS
* boolean attributes work the same across drivers (return true/false)