Coffee Wallet on Desktop

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Warning: desktop version is experimental!

To run Coffee Wallet on desktop, download version for your OS, unzip and run executable ("coffeewallet" for Linux, "coffeewallet.exe" for Windows or "Electron" for Mac):

Desktop version is built using Electron. Built binaries are large (~100MB), we are working on fixing this but this might be hard because of electron.js architecture limitations.

All your private keys are stored in default user data folders. You can use Coffee Wallet safely as long as those locations are secure (encrypted etc). Specific for your platforms are:

  • Mac OS: ~/Library/Application Support/coffee-wallet
  • Windows: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\coffee-wallet
  • Linux: ~/.config/coffee-wallet

Building from sources

For other architectures or to run newest version you can start electron app from sources:

git clone
cd coffee.wallet/electron
npm install
npm start
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