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Harvey is a minimal blogging Hugo theme for developers that is hugely influenced by the minimalist design of default theme of Cactus static site generator. This theme is designed to be light and fast, without sacrificing much of core blogging features such as dedicated about page, RSS feed support, syntax highlighting for source code and Disqus-powered comment system.


Inside the folder of your Hugo site run:

$ cd themes
$ git clone

For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.





Custom archive page

Blog Post

Single blog page


Take a look inside the exampleSite folder of this theme. You'll find a file called config.toml.

To use it, copy the config.toml in the root folder of your Hugo site. Feel free to change strings as you like to customize your website. Sample content directory is also provided as a reference to get started.

In order to see your site in action, run Hugo's built-in local server.

$ hugo server

Now enter localhost:1313 in the address bar of your browser.

What's Included

  • Disqus support can be enabled by including your Disqus shortname in config file (See comments)
  • Built-in Google Analytics support (See Analytics)
  • Basic Opengraph, Twitter cards, Google News and schema support via Hugo internal template.
  • Table of Contents can be enabled on blog post by settings front matter property toc to true
  • Dedicated about page by editing file in the content directory.
  • Dedicated archive page that lists post by years
  • Customizable main menu and footer menu
  • Support for Google site verification meta key out of the box.
  • Support for Chrome's theme color on mobile (See


  • No taxonomies (category, tags) support
  • No pagination


By default, this theme provides two empty partials, namely before-content.html and after-content.html. To extend single page view, create before-content.html and after-content.html files in your layouts/partials directory, and these files will be loaded accordingly.


Did you found a bug or got an idea for a new feature? Feel free to use the issue tracker to let me know. Or make directly a pull request.

Please create a separate branch for your pull request.


This theme is released under the MIT license. For more information read the license.


Thanks to

  • Nick Balestra for creating the beautiful original theme this theme based on
  • Steve Francia for creating Hugo and the awesome community around the project.