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* 0.8 → 0.9 (released 2017-06-09):
- Machine readable output now uses base64 encoding for string payload as
well. This makes this data protocol much more robust.
- Fix a bug that caused amded to hang when trying to strip headers from ogg
vorbis files. The program now checks if there are unsupported metadata
entries at all, and only removes them if there are.
* 0.7 → 0.8 (released 2016-01-27):
- Bug fixes
- Support for OPUS files
- Support for JSON-encoded machine-readable output
* 0.6 → 0.7 (released 2014-01-19):
- Support M4A files (that is mp4 audio)
- .flac and .flc files are not flac-files in ogg containers, usually.
‘amded’ did assume that before. This version will assume files with
those extensions to be plain flac files (as implemented by
‘TagLib::FLAC::File‘ as opposed to ‘TagLib::Ogg::FLAC::File’).
- New tag support:
- Support for a few musicbrainz specific tags:
- The ‘-s’ option now expects one mandatory argument, namely the aspect of
the operation that you want a "supported-listing" of. Currently, you are
able to query a list of supported file-extensions and tags.
- Support removing tags unknown to TagLib's PropertyMap. This is the
default behaviour when stripping tags. To actually keep these tags, the
‘-o’ option recognises the ‘keep-unsupported’ parameter.
* 0.5 → 0.6 (released 2013-11-05):
- Rename "filename" to "file-name" in machine-readable output.
- Rename project from "taggit" to "amded".
As it turns out, there is another project named taggit
(, which was started in 2006.
"amded" is an acronym for "Audio Meta-Data EDitor". The name was chosen
because every other half-way decent name was taken by at least one
project (many of which are just sitting around with just a project page
on the net and nothing else. thankyouverymuch.)
Hammering out another release because of this.
* 0.4 → 0.5 (released 2013-11-04):
- Add support for deleting tags (like ‘album’) via ‘-d’.
- Add support for stripping all tags from a file via ‘-S’.
‘-S’ also supports stripping a certain tag block out of files, that
support multiple tag implementations to be present at the same time. For
example, to strip a id3v1 tag block out of an mp3 file, the following
command gets it done: taggit -W mp3=id3v1 -S foo-bar.mp3
* 0.3 → 0.4 (released 2013-11-02):
- Remove "-E".
- Introduce "-o", which allows the user to pass in one or more parameters
- Introduce the ‘show-empty’ parameter (Thus, "-o show-empty" resembles the
previous "-E" behaviour).
- Changed tag-names:
- tracktitle → track-title
- tracknumber → track-number
- filetype → file-type
- tagtype → tag-type
- tagtypes → tag-types
- is_va → is-va
- bitrate → bit-rate
- samplerate → sample-rate
- Removed tag-names:
- kbitrate
- ksamplerate
- mm:ss
- New tag-names:
- catalog-number
- composer
- conductor
- label
- performer
- Internally, this release is a complete rewrite of the old C code-base in
C++, which allows us to better leverage TagLib's API. Some care has been
given to introduce as little incompatibilities as possible. There may be
some anyway. If something behaves differently from what the manual
describes, then that's a bug: Please report it!