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amded - Basic command line tagging engine for audio files
What it is:
Amded is based on KDE's taglib[1]. It is a very basic program,
that lists and modifies meta information found in audio files.
What it is NOT:
Amded is *not* an automatic tagging utility. But it can be used
as a tagging backend in higher-level applications.
In order to build amded, you will need:
- a C++11-able C++ compiler
- taglib installed on the system (including its headers)
- jsoncpp for JSON formatted output
- libb64 for base64 encoded string payload in JSON output
- pkg-config to figure out where taglib lives on the system
- txt2tags to generate amded's manual
- exuberant ctags if you're planning to use `make tags'
Current File Type Support:
- Ogg Vorbis
- MP3 (id3v2, id3v1 and apetag support)
- MP4
For users:
% make all doc
The default compiler in Makefile is ‘g++’. You can change the default by
supplying a CXX parameter for ‘make’:
% make all doc CXX=clang++
For developers:
% make depend tags
% make all doc
% make apidoc
% make install
Yes, this program was once called "taggit". But there's another program
by that name with a similar purpose (it's a GUI tagging utility).
For user-visible changes see the CHANGES file.
[1] <>