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4.0 -> 4.1
+ Implement add-ons, previously listed in `arename.hooks', in sub-modules
to the ARename::* namespace. The official add-ons are documented, see
"perldoc ARename::ReplaceSpaces" for example. See "EXTENSIONS" in the
manual for details. The manual points out how to use the same system for
"User-defined extensions".
+ Add `expand_template_unknown_tag' hook.
+ KillNonASCII module gains ‘sanitisefat’ option (defaults to "off")
+ Silence “Unescaped left brace in regex” warning with recent versions
of Perl.
+ Improve Unicode support.
+ Fix possible infinite loop due to a bug in the template parser.
+ General reliability improvements.
3.0 -> 4.0
+ Changed meta-information gathering to one module, that deals with
all supported file types: Audio::Scan.
+ Added complex template expressions.
+ Support for new file types:
a) aac
b) ape
c) asf
d) mp4
e) mpc
f) wave
g) wavpack
+ New options:
a) ambiguoususefirst
b) checktemplatesinitially
c) template_aliases
d) usetypeasextension
+ New hooks:
a) ambiguoustag
b) expand_template_pre_expand_tag
c) expand_template_post_expand_tag
d) filetype_known
e) post_fill
f) post_scan
g) pre_scan
h) pre_rename
+ Removed hooks:
a) expand_template_next_tag
b) expand_template_postprocess_tag
c) post_method
d) post_rename
e) pre_method
f) *ALL* file-type specific hooks, like `post_process_ogg'.
+ Hooks with changed API:
a) startup
+ User settings (e.g. set varname = value) are supported in
configuration file sections now.
+ New command line options:
a) --ambiguous-use-first
b) --list-file-types
c) --list-exts-for-type <type>
d) --verbosity <integer-value>
e) --suppress-skips
+ Removed command line options:
a) -D (--debug is still there)
b) -q (--quiet is still there, but deprecated)
+ Changed command line options:
a) -v: Used to be `--verbose' but now is `--verbosity'.
`--verbose' is deprecated (may be removed in later versions)
and is equal to "--verbosity 20".
b) -Q is now a short-hand for `--suppress-skips' (the old option
`--uber-quiet' is still supported, but deprecated).
+ Changed Perl API:
a) `oprint()' deprecated. Will be removed in a later release!
b) `owarn()' deprecated. Will be removed in a later release!
+ New configuration file options:
a) `suppress_skips' enables `--suppress-skips'.
b) `verbosity' sets verbosity like `--verbosity' does.
+ Deprecated configuration file options:
The effects of the following options are disabled, deprecation
messages are printed and warnings are emitted. The options will
be removed at a later date.
a) `debug'
b) `quiet'
c) `quiet_skip'
d) `verbose'
+ New environment variables:
a) `$ARENAME_SUPPRESS_COLOURS': Entirely disable coloured
output from arename (version 4.0 uses colours by default).
+ Identifier aliases let you say "&ar" instead of "&artist".
+ Templates are checked for sanity after arename is done loading
configuration files.
2.0 -> 3.0
+ Changed option handling completely. Now every option has a
--long-option (and not all are available via short options)
Some short options even changed their meaning. Which is the
main reason for this to be a major version update.
+ List of changed options:
-M is gone entirely, the option is now: --compare-versions.
The old -c option is --rc now.
-m is gone, it is now --copy.
-c now is the shorthand for --copy.
-C is gone entirely, the option is now: --post-rc.
+ New options:
-c (--copy)
-u (--userset)
The config is now searched like this:
a) try $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/arename/
$XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to $HOME/.config/.
b) $HOME/etc/arename/
c) $HOME/.arename/
d) $HOME/.arenamerc, $HOME/.arename.hooks etc.
+ Turn off startup messages if $ARENAME_LOAD_QUIET is set to 1
in the environment at arename's startup.
1.6 -> 2.0
= Quite a few changes in this release, these are the important
ones, that are visible to the user:
+ Dropping the .pl suffix of the scripts.
+ boolean parsing is stricter now.
+ string and interger settings are parsed seperately now,
which changes value checks and default values, too
+ Improved documentation.
+ 'tnpad 0' now switches off track number padding completely.
+ 'hookerrfatal' works as expected now.
= was thoroughly refactored.
+ Introducing 'warningsautodryrun' option, see manual for details.
+ Unknown config file lines trigger warnings rather then fatal
+ Broken section definition starts are fatal now.
+ Beautified -L output
+ Setup files are looked up in more then one place now:
i) ~/etc/arename/{rc,hooks}
ii) ~/.arename/{rc,hooks}
iii) ~/.arename{rc,.hooks}
The first setup directory, that is found wins.
+ Adding new feature: configuration profiles.
Additional configuration file sets depending on the current
working directory (see manual for details).
+ -S prints a list of profiles in the active configuration.
+ Use -P to force one or more profiles.
+ debugging can be switched on at runtime, now (see the -D option
and the 'debug' setting in the manual).
+ Improved zsh completion for all new command line options.
+ Slightly changed, enhanced and improved test suite; See
TESTING for details.
+ ataglist, when called without arguments tells exactly from which
arename version it originated from.
+ Adding -M option to arename, to enable the user to check if the
version of the script and the module comply.
1.5 -> 1.6
= No big user-visible changes in this release...
+ Introducing a test suite, that should catch stupid bugs, which
I overlooked in the past.
+ Cleanups in the Makefile.
+ Greatly improved the infrastructure of the project.
1.4 -> 1.5
+ Adding section support in the configuration file (see manual
for details).
+ The audio file's name is not handed around in subroutine arguments
anymore. It's available via get_file() and set_file() now. Thus
*all* hooks can access it now.
+ Hooks with changed API:
- pre_apply_defaults, pre_template, post_template, post_ensure_dir,
post_rename, pre_process_flac, post_process_flac,
pre_process_mp3, post_process_mp3, pre_process_ogg,
post_process_ogg, next_file_early, next_file_late,
filetype_unknown, file_done, pre_method, post_method
- All of these don't get the file name handed over anymore.
+ Adding -L option, which dumps the current configuration if supplied.
+ Adding -c: read a config file instead of ~/.arenamerc
+ Adding -C: read another config file between ~/.arenamerc and
+ Local config files (.arename.local in the current working directory)
are *not* read by default any more. If you want to enable that
behaviour again, set the new 'uselocalrc' setting to 'true'.
+ Adding -l: set 'uselocalrc' to 'true' via the command line.
+ Adding canonicalize setting: Even if a relative path name is given
on the command line, use its absolute file name for processing.
+ Adding canonicalize hook: Only executed if the setting of the same
name is set to true (see docs for details).
+ Changed API for apply_defaults hook: the %defaults hash is not handed
over as a reference anymore; Use get_default_keys(), get_defaults()
and set_defaults() to access it in hooks now.
1.3 -> 1.4
+ Fix installation procedure
1.2 -> 1.3
+ Fix reaction to broken 'set' calls
1.1 -> 1.2
+ fix_template_albumless() hook supplied by Maximilian Gaß
+ user defined variables via 'set' command
1.0 -> 1.1
+ introduce hooks
+ read filenames from stdin (if requested)
+ quiet_skip does not require quiet to be set anymore
it'll force quiet on itself