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* Upgrade information for arename
Major version upgrades (e.g. v3 to v4) may break backward compatibility in
one or more aspects of the application. This document outlines which parts of
arename's new version need to be considered and possibly checked before using
it regularly instead of the prior major release.
** Version 4
*** Template format strings
In version 4 of the application, the template format was significantly
enhanced. While it is still pretty backwards compatible, it is possible to
construct format strings from versions 3 and older that will result in
non-compatible results in version 4.
The manual page was updated to reflect the new format in detail.
*** Changed meta-information reading backend
Version 4 of arename uses Audio::Scan to gather meta-information from audio
files instead of the many backend modules in earlier versions. This has
resulted in rather big changes while processing files. Changing the hook
API was inevitable. The `CHANGES' file provides an overview of the API
changes. `arename.hooks' has been updated, too, as has the reference
documentation within the manual page.
*** Output system change affecting verbosity options
The way talks to the world changed entirely in version 4. In earlier
versions, there were four flags that controlled how verbose the output from
arename would be. That changed. Now there is one option verbosity, that
takes an integer argument to describe how verbose output should be. A value
of zero will surpress all output except for bug messages. The old levels
roughly translate like this:
| old boolean setting | approx. verbosity value |
| uber-quiet | 5 |
| quiet | 10 |
| verbose | 20 |
| debug | 10000 |
The old options still remain as long options (and they will set the
`verbosity' value according to the table above). The `-v' switch is now the
short version of the new `--verbosity' option, that directly alters the
integer value. The other short options are gone.
The configuration file options `verbose', `quiet', `quiet_skip' and `debug'
are deprecated now and don't have any effect. Please use an appropriate
`verbosity' setting instead. If an old option is encountered, a deprecation
message is printed and a config file warning is emitted.
At present, only the four old levels are used. However, that may be changed
in future releases without counting as an compatibility implication. In
general, you should not be parsing arename's output at all in oder to use
it in scripts. The output is not stable. To script with arename, implement
your special needs in hooks.
To suppress output about skipped files (usually because the change of the
file in question wouldn't change) a new option `--suppress-skips' was
introduced. The option can be used in conjunction with all output