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* 0.3 → 0.4 (released 2018-02-11):
- Add early_exit to escape from Dewifiles before their completion. See
dewifile(5) for details.
- Extract version information from git.
- Read ~/.dewirc
- nuke-dead-links gains a verbose option.
- A couple of minor fixes.
* 0.2 → 0.3 (released 2016-07-29):
- The program does not use “make” as its front-end anymore. Instead, a helper
application “dewi” is provided. See UPGRADING for details.
- dewifile(5): register() now understands a “post_glob” and
“post_glob_single” parameters.
- dewifile(5): register(): “glob” parameter may now be an array-ref as well.
- dewifile(5): Added “deploy_directory()”.
- dewifile(5): Added “filtered” method.
- dewifile(5): There is now a namespace for user-defined settings.
- dewifile(5): A hash called %DEWI makes some information about a package
available in Dewifiles.
- dewifile(5): Hooks allow the user to inject code at a number of places
during dewi's execution.
- dewifile(5): Predefined filter code: “simple_filter()”.
- dewifile(5): Predefined hook code: “nuke_dead_links()”.
- dewifile(5): Allow concatenating multiple files into a single destination
file when using the “filtered” method.
- dewifile(5): Added predefined globbing and destination code, that allows
registering recursive trees of files in a fairly simple manner.
- An optional dependency onto CPAN's IPC::Run3 module allows the
implementation of hooks, filters and concatenation callbacks as external
- An optional dependency onto CPAN's Template module adds a deployment method
called “template” that is similar to “filtered” but is much more full
featured right out of the box.
- Added a zsh completion for the “dewi” tool.
- dewifile(5): Added “find_cmd()” helper function.
- dewifile(5): The “register” function now supports a “--symlink” as well as
a “--no-dotfile” option with the trivial way of calling the function.
- Lots of bug fixes.
- Lots of documentation updates and enhancements.
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