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| dewi - deploy and withdraw configuration files |
Dewi requires Perl5 and a number of stardard Perl5 modules (like “English”,
“File::Spec”, “Cwd” and others).
It can optionally use the IPC::Run3 module from CPAN. This is required to
allow external filters to be run. On debian systems, installing the
‘libipc-run3-perl’ package will do the trick.
Additionally, the Template module from CPAN can be used to provide a
deployment method called “template”. Like IPC::Run3, the dependency for
Template is optional. On debian, the according package is called
For building the documentation, the pandoc¹ package is required. However,
the documentation source code written in markdown is fairly readable
without processing by pandoc.
¹ <>
I. Usage directly from the source package
To use the dewi script directly from the source package, you need to do
% make
Say the source package is located at ‘/usr/src/dewi-0.3’, you would now use
the script directly from there:
% /usr/src/dewi-0.3/dewi <operation>
That's all.
For convenience, if you got “$HOME/bin” in your “$PATH”:
% ln -s /usr/src/dewi-0.3/dewi ~/bin/dewi
II. Installation to the system.
You can also install everything to the system like you would do with any
other software package. These are the required steps:
% make sys
% make install
After that the ‘dewi’ script should be located in ‘/usr/local/bin’. If you
would like another installation prefix, use:
% make sys prefix=/my/preferred/prefix
% make install prefix=/my/preferred/prefix
III. Documentation
The package also comes with documentation in form of markdown sources, from
which manpages, HTML and PDF output are generated. In order to generate and
install the documentation, use these commands:
% make doc
% make install-doc
IV. Last words
There is also a zsh completion for the maintenance helper ‘dewi’ in
‘_dewi’. Put it somewhere in $fpath before calling ‘compinit’ in your
zshrc. See zsh's manual for details.
See the included dewi(7), dewi(1) and dewifile(5) manuals.
Compatibility with previous versions.
Previously, dewi depended on the ‘make’ utility to dispatch to its various
operations. That was a bad idea for multiple reasons. Keeping the main dewi
script in “.dewi/bin” was another design mistake. Now all functionality is
part of the ‘dewi’ frontend script.
Basically, what used to be:
% make deploy
is now:
% dewi deploy
...and so on. Also, the contents of the .dewi directory changed to avoid
incompatibilities. In any case, an UPGRADE document is due for the next
There is a tag in the project's version control history that marks the last
changeset, that depended on make. If you wish to keep using it (in which
case you're completely on your own), you can get a branch that depends on
said commit by doing this:
% git checkout -b my-dewi-fork last-make-based-changeset
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