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* Backward incompatible changes in dewi
This file details changes that may break the use of existing dewi usage with
newer versions of the program. After the release of version 1.0 of the
application, such changes will only happen at releases that increase dewi's
major version number.
** Version 0.2 → Version 0.3
Version 0.3 introduces massive changes within the project. It fixes a number of
design decisions and adds a large number of new features. For that reason, this
release will also be the basis for dewi's 1.0 release. See the project's
CHANGES file for details.
*** “make” is no longer the program's cli frontend
Previously, dewi used “make” in order to trigger its operations. Besides the
obvious dependency on an implementation of make, this is the reason for a
number of downsides in dewi's use, worst of which is the need for a specialised
Makefile in each directory that contains packages that dewi is supposed to work
on. For example, that means that all dewified directories had to carry such a
file, and track changes on such a file in case the upstream file changes.
This release uses a program called “dewi” to trigger and carry out its
operations. There is also no “.dewi/bin/dewi” program anymore. All of its
functionality is now contained within the command line tool. See its manual
page for all details.
*** “.dewi/config.perl” is now “.dewi/Dewifile”
This change was done for consistency. Also, since this is the only
configuration file that is read, the perl suffix never really made a lot of
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