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    Time-Sheet management for Schemers

1. Introduction

At work, we're  using Redmine to keep  track of time spent  on tasks, projects,
issues, projects.  All that. Naturally,  I want my  personal copy of  time data
from that database. It's not like I am expecting to be screwed over, but I want
a copy all same, if just to survive Redmine bugs or burning buildings.

To that end I take snapshots of  my Redmine time-sheet for a week every Friday,
just before I am about to leave. One week is a time-frame I can still tell if a
data set is sane. I couldn't do that for a month or even a year.

The export  from Redmine is a  csv file (these  days, it's actually a  JSON ex-
port), that the  (time-sheet csv-import) module of this project  will turn into
an S-expression  data set, which  is much  more verbose, featureful  and robust
compared to csv. The rest of the  project works on the S-expression data rather
than the csv export from Redmine.

With that in place, this project provides  a library that allows to write small
scripts that produce LaTeX output, that you can process by lualatex to generate
PDF versions of the time data.

It sports a bunch of frontend  modules like (time-sheet script) and (time-sheet
render),  date-math,  holiday   computation,  file-system  utilities,  calendar
generation with support for multiple different types of vacation.

The system is  written in GNU Guile  Scheme and thus the  scripts written using
the library  are as well. The  library is covered  by LGPL3+, of which  you can
find a copy in the LICENCE and LICENCE.GPL files in the distribution.

2. Requirements

  - GNU Guile Version 2.x
  - Pandoc for building the reference manual in doc/.

3. Features

  - Importing CSV time data exports into S-Expressions
  - Importing JSON time data exports into S-Expressions
  - Calendar generation from imported time data
  - Vacation types: Regular leave, compensatory days, extra leave
  - Calendar export as S-Expressions or LaTeX documents
  - Frontend modules to increase ease of use

Consult the reference  manual in doc/ and the example  scripts in examples/ for
more detailed infomation on how the use the library.

4. What this is NOT.

This project is NOT a program that generates  a time-sheet for you. It is a li-
brary that allows you to write programs  that do that job for you with relative
ease. The examples/ subdirectory of the project contains code that outlines how
the project's author uses it.


Time-Sheet management for Schemers




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