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Welcome fellow human and others!

Github: LinkedIn:

I head the AI and Computer Vision research at Streem where we are making cameras smart enough to solve users problems right where they are.

Before, I led the tech behind Selerio, where we made interactions between the real world and the virtual world easier than never before. Selerio was spun-out from my PhD work in the Rainbow group (University of Cambridge), under the supervision of Prof. Neil Dodgson and Prof. Peter Robinson.

Check my Google Scholar page for some of the papers that came out from that work and all of my other research. Selected highlights:

Where I come from

Born and raised in Douala, Cameroon. I then spent 5 years in South Africa, before coming to the UK late 2012.

Higher Education

  • University of Cambridge (UK) - PhD in Computer Science - 2012/2016
  • University of Cape Town (SA) - Msc in Computer Science - 2009/2011
  • Rhodes University (SA) - Bsc Honours in Computer Science - 2008
  • University of Buea (Cameroon) - Bsc in Maths (Minor in Computer Science) - 2004/2007

Work experience

  • Head of AI/Computer Vision Research, Streem Inc - May 2019/Now
  • Co-founder & CTO, Selerio - Oct 2016/April 2019
  • Microsoft Research Intern in the Machine Learning & Perception team - June/August 2016
  • Google Intern, in the video content analysis research team - Jul/Oct 2014
  • Research Intern at Inria Grenoble - Sept/Dec 2013
  • iOS Developer at Afrozaar - 2010/2011


I specialize in AI, Computer vision, and 3D Graphics.

My PhD was looking at new machine learning techniques for 3D shape retrieval from partial queries. Prior to this project, I worked on enhanced texture-based terrain synthesis on GPU and crowd simulation of virtual autonomous pedestrians.

My research interests lie in using data-driven methods for semantic-aware scene understanding, 3D modelling, content-based shape retrieval and sketch-based interfaces. Take a look at some open-source code @ftasse.

Selected extracurricular activities

  • Black in AI workshops
  • Anita Borg Alumni Community planning committee 2014/2015 : Aiming to reach 15000 women in tech around the world
  • women@CL committee member 2015/2016: women@CL supports women in the University of Cambridge Computer Lab

Work in progress

  • Sketch2Shape: Turning your clumsy :) hand-drawn sketches into 3D shapes. AI Grant recipient.
  • Observers: Using AI and social media to map public opinion about societal issues. Google Cloud Dev Challenge finalist.


  • Ballroom and Latin Dancesport
  • Lots of reading and some writing


Drop an email at my work address flora (at) Or ping me on LinkedIn!

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