Grails plugin that sends a message to a configured email address when an exception occurs
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Mail on Exception plugin

Grails plugin that sends a message to a configured email address when a frontend exception occurs that triggers a HTTP 500 response.

This way you will be notified each time a user-visible exception occurs on your website.

This plugin uses the mail plugin to send emails.


To install this plugin, run the following:

grails install-plugin mail-on-exception


There are 4 variables that need to be configured :

// Tells the plugin whether to skip e-mail sending (common case in development environment)
mailOnException.enabled = true // or false, enabled by default

// Tells the plugin where the mail should be sent = ""

// Tells the plugin who the sender of the email is = ""

// Tells the plugin what the default error view is, so the default behaviour is conserved,
// The content of UrlMappings.groovy for "500" is ignored
mailOnException.error.view = "/error"

You should also configure the mail plugin. Check the documentation here.

Revision Log

  • Version 0.1
    • Initial version
  • Version 0.1.1
    • Added mailOnException.enabled config parameter