@fthomas fthomas released this Jan 29, 2018 · 407 commits to master since this release

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New features

  • Add MinValue and MaxValue to companions of numeric refined types
    via the new Min and Max type classes:
    scala> PosInt.MinValue
    res0: eu.timepit.refined.types.all.PosInt = 1
    scala> PosInt.MaxValue
    res1: eu.timepit.refined.types.all.PosInt = 2147483647
    Thanks to Howy Perrin! (#383)
  • Support Divisible[N] if N is a literal integral type. (#413)
  • Add floating-point refined types like PosDouble, NegDouble, and more
    to the eu.timepit.refined.types.numeric module.
    Thanks to Yuki Ishikawa! (#414)
  • Add IPv6 predicate for Strings.
    Thanks to Tim Steinbach! (#357)

Bug fixes

  • Fix Modulo predicate for large Long values by avoiding toDouble
    in its Validate instance. This also restricts the predicate to types
    with an Integral instance.
    Thanks to Howy Perrin! (#398)


  • Update to shapeless 2.3.3. (#399)
  • Update refined-cats to Cats 1.0.1. (#399)
  • Update refined-pureconfig to PureConfig 0.9.0.
    Thanks to Olli Helenius! (#410)
  • Update to Scala.js 0.6.22. (#417)

Released on 2018-01-28