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v0.3.0 (10/07/2019)


Bug Fixes

  • Ignore strings that contain the version as proper substring #565 by @fthomas
  • Ignore updates where currentVersion and newerVersion are identical #559 by @fthomas
  • Include repo in head param when searching for PRs #552 by @fthomas
  • Refine replaceAllInGroupId #547 by @fthomas
  • Do not ignore artifactId in replaceAllInImpl #531 by @fthomas
  • Remove InvalidVersions from Update.newerVersions #494 by @fthomas
  • Ignore SNAPSHOT updates if current version is not already a SNAPSHOT #485 by @fthomas
  • Elevate pre release semver #648 by @ChristopherDavenport
  • Call .value outside of lambda #588 by @fthomas
  • Install sbt-scalafix plugin only during migrations #602 by @fthomas
  • Ignore untracked files when checking if a repository has changes #571 by @fthomas
  • Fix exception "named capturing group is missing trailing '}'" #566 by @fthomas


Test Improvements

Build Improvements

Dependency Updates


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