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Scala Steward

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Scala Steward is a robot that helps you keeping library dependencies and sbt plugins up-to-date.

See also the announcement blog post: Keep your projects up-to-date with Scala Steward

Quick start guide

Open a pull request that adds the GitHub repository of your Scala project to (edit). Once that PR is merged, @scala-steward will check periodically for updates of libraries and plugins in your project and will open pull requests for updates it found.

Show us the pull requests!

If you are curious how @scala-steward's pull requests look like, here are the ones it has created so far:

Wanna have a badge ?

A badge is available to show that Scala Steward is helping your repos. Let's spread Scala Steward to keep Scala ecosystem updated.

Scala Steward badge

[![Scala Steward badge](;base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAA4AAAAQCAMAAAARSr4IAAAAVFBMVEUAAACHjojlOy5NWlrKzcYRKjGFjIbp293YycuLa3pYY2LSqql4f3pCUFTgSjNodYRmcXUsPD/NTTbjRS+2jomhgnzNc223cGvZS0HaSD0XLjbaSjElhIr+AAAAAXRSTlMAQObYZgAAAHlJREFUCNdNyosOwyAIhWHAQS1Vt7a77/3fcxxdmv0xwmckutAR1nkm4ggbyEcg/wWmlGLDAA3oL50xi6fk5ffZ3E2E3QfZDCcCN2YtbEWZt+Drc6u6rlqv7Uk0LdKqqr5rk2UCRXOk0vmQKGfc94nOJyQjouF9H/wCc9gECEYfONoAAAAASUVORK5CYII=)](


The docs directory contains documentation about these topics:


Thanks goes to these wonderful people:


The following companies are using Scala Steward to manage their dependencies. Using Scala Steward in your company and don't see it listed here? Consider creating PR to add your company to the list and join the community.


The Scala Steward project supports the Scala Code of Conduct and wants all of its channels (GitHub, Gitter, etc.) to be welcoming environments for everyone.


Scala Steward wouldn't exist without the great sbt-updates plugin to determine dependency updates and a bunch of Typelevel and other Scala libraries.

@scala-steward's cute profile picture is by @impurepics.


Scala Steward is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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