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SLHAea - containers for SUSY Les Houches Accord input/output

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SLHAea is an easy to use C++ library for input, output, and manipulation of data in the SUSY Les Houches Accord (SLHA). It is based on the concept that a SLHA structure is a container of blocks, which are then again containers of lines, which are then again containers of strings.

Its main features are:

  • fast reading and writing of SLHA files
  • easy access to individual blocks, lines, and fields
  • three containers (Coll, Block, and Line) that mimic the containers of the C++ Standard Library and therefore offer great flexibility
  • the exact formatting of lines is preserved
  • everything is stored as strings, so data is not restricted to floats or integers
  • no precision is lost in read/write cycles of unmodified data
  • blocks and lines are not restricted to the ones specified in the SLHA, SLHA2, and FLHA or later accords that use the same syntax
  • easy to use since SLHAea is a header-only library consisting of only one file


The API documentation is here. It includes some practical examples which can also be found in the doc/examples/ directory in SLHAea's source tree.


To use SLHAea only the C++ Standard Library and some headers from the Boost C++ Libraries are required.


You can download SLHAea in either tar.gz or zip formats.

The version control system used for development of SLHAea is Git. The Git repository can be inspected and browsed online at GitHub and it can be cloned by running:

git clone git://

Issues and feedback

For bug reports, feature requests, or general feedback either use the issue tracker or write me an email.


SLHAea is free software and licensed under the Boost Software License 1.0. The full text of the license can be found in the file LICENSE_1_0.txt in SLHAea's source tree.


SLHAea was written by Frank S. Thomas <>.


SLHAea - containers for SUSY Les Houches Accord input/output



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