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This is a collection of libaries and tools I use to do HF QSOs as DL3NEY:

  • calculate distance and azimuth between locations (given as lat/lon or maidenhead locator): locator and latlon
  • find DXCC information about radio callsign prefixes: dxcc
  • retrieve information about a radio callsign from and callbook
  • use the callsign database from Super Check Partial: supercheck
  • talk to the cwdaemon to output CW on your transceiver: cw
  • more to come as I have time and need

The tools are written Go on Linux. They might also work on OSX or Windows, but I did not try that out.


I develop these tools for myself and just for fun in my free time. If you find them useful, I'm happy to hear about that. If you have trouble using them, you have all the source code to fix the problem yourself (although pull requests are welcome).



This tool is published under the MIT License.

Copyright Florian Thienel