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In package.json, the version of jquery has been bumped to 3.0.0, in response to an automated vulnerability check, but not tested. The code is not live. Caveat emptor.

Big FT Test Coverage Code Climate



Setting up development environment

  • Clone the repository -- git clone
  • Change in repository directory -- cd big-ft
  • Install the dependencies -- npm install
  • Build the files used by the web client -- npm run build
  • Spin up the web server -- npm start
  • Open the website in your browser of choice -- open "localhost:3000" -- it will default to port 3000

Day-to-Day Development

When developing you may want to have the server restart and client files rebuilt on any code changes. This can be done with the develop npm script -- npm run develop.


Selenium is used for integration testing. In order to get Selenium running you will need to install the Java Development Kit.

Updating Code-Climate

  • Install Code-Climate's Test Reporter -- npm install -g codeclimate-test-reporter
  • Run the tests for the project -- gulp test
  • Upload the coverage file to Code-Climate -- CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN=[your token] codeclimate-test-reporter < coverage/


To experience the big view glory:

To display a specific timezone:

To display the US home page:

To include recent articles about a specific organisation whih may not ordinarily make it to the front page

To configure the big view glory to display articles about Amazon:

To configure the big view glory to display only the first top-story in the primary section:

To customise everything in the big view glory which is customisable:

To switch to the simplistic black and white version

Vanity URLs

For our partners, we can display a vanity URL in the corner of Big FT. To display the vanity url, pass the partners name (as listed here ) a query parameter to the Big FT service. For example will display the URL in the bottom right corner. If the value passed does not relate to one of our partners, will display instead.


A view of the FT homepage designed for non-interactive video walls and billboards



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