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This is a collection of the many great folk
who have been part of the various incarnations
of FT Labs.
The list is not yet complete,
and we are always happy to add anyone we overlooked.
The only mandatory field for a person is their name.
Beware dangling spaces.
The current FT Labs team is known as FT Labs 2.0,
to differentiate it from FT Labs (1.0),
which is what Assanka became.
ex2point0 folk are listed as permies/short termers, then recency.
ex1point0 folk are listed alphabetically.
- name: Sean Tracey
role: Labs Developer
twitter: seanmtracey
- name: Jake Champion
role: Labs Developer
twitter: JakeDChampion
- name: Ada Edwards
role: Labs Developer
twitter: Lady_Ada_King
- name: Andrew Betts
role: Founder of Labs 2.0, Labs 1.0, and Assanka
twitter: triblondon
- name: Courney Osborn
role: Bootcamper
- name: Cale Tilford
role: Grad
twitter: caletilford
- name: Kamran Muniree
role: Grad
- name: Mara Wanot
role: Bootcamper
- name: Glynn Phillips
role: Bootcamper
twitter: GlynnPhillips
- name: Scott Newton
role: Bootcamper
- name: Laura Carvajal
role: Bootcamper
- name: Peter Clark
role: Bootcamper
- name: Theo Leanse
role: Bootcamper
- name: Adam Braimbridge
role: Developer
- name: Alice Bartlett
role: Developer
- name: Luke Blaney
role: Developer
twitter: lucas42
- name: Robert Shilston
role: Founder of Labs 1.0, and Assanka
- name: Rowan Beentje
role: Developer