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A Follow based recommendation algorithm

Using topic cluster analysis, topic correlations data and topic follow/unfollow ratios - can we suggest retrieve topics to follow (or retirve articles) for based on any given topic(s)?


  • Clone the suggestr repo
  • Create .env file
    • [Terminal command] cp .env_example .env
  • Add a port number to the .env file (anything between 7000 - 9000 is fine)
  • Install npm modules
    • [Terminal command] npm install
  • Run server
    • [Terminal command] nodemon index.js
  • Access server on localhost:<whatever port number you added to the .env> e.g. localhost:8000


  • Get Topic from URL path
  • Get list of cluster Topics from S3*
    • Data obtained through clustering algorithms with R
  • Get list of all correlated Topics*
  • Get list of all Topic follow/unfollow ratios*
    • Data obtained through analysing user follow/unfollow data with R
  • Check if Topic searched exists in clusters
    • If not, error out
  • Get other topics in that topics cluster
  • Get correlated topics for than topic
  • Compare the above two lists and identify the topics that do not appear in the correlated list
  • Sort the discovered topics by their follow/unfollow ratio
  • Return a list of sorted topics

*An example backup of the data is located in the project folder, for Labs reference

Data conversion

I've used the csvtojson npm module (installed globally) to convert the .csv files exported from the cluster analysis in R Studio.

How to convert a CSV to JSON

  • csvtojson data.csv > data.json

Todo tasks

Completed Todo tasks

  • Add strength criteria to the returned topic results
    • [Multi] a topic that appears in all of the multi topic requests is a prime candidate
      • all others are lesser suggestions
  • Test (and fix if required) multi-cluster requests
    • works but needs to report individual search failures
  • Add which clusters the multiples come from
  • More words in the error (which is also not an error)
  • More words in the reason why no suggestions we returned
  • Add summary for how these suggestions were suggested (good AI practice)(which should also go in the non verbose response)
  • Add a URL builder from main page
  • inconsistent naming of fields in single/multi topic responses
  • Use ‘non-overlapping’ rather than ‘non-matching’
  • duplication of code constructing responses for single/multi topic queries. e.g. I had to edit two different bits of code to make the one change (to add a description field).
  • Re-replace topic variables with concepts
  • Add description field to whole result, describe the process
    • Put Labs contact address in the description
  • Add cluster variation
    • Add parameters for using the 3, 5, 10 and 20 cluster versions
  • Add verbose parameter
    • return version for all results or nothing
  • Add git hub PR request template
  • the field called 'variables' should probably have a different name, e.g. workings, or something, otherwise it looks like it should be a bunch of settings
  • Add exclude lists
  • Show excludes to the result output
  • [bug] topic that appear in the search criteria should also be removed from the multi search results
    • remove at end of multi process, or when creating the single topic promises


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