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$Id: ChangeLog_1999,v 1.1 2002/06/01 13:55:40 mbroek Exp $
MBSEBBS History in 1999.
v0.30/a 01-Jan-1999.
Removed a bug in the program lock that could cause a segfault.
In delete viruswork made rm now work in forced mode.
Hatch files now logs only hatched files. Added the
statistics update.
Changed completly the call module. There were some locking
problems and modem access attempts when the port was closed.
In Hydra the transfercounters are now updated after each
succesfull block.
Added more debugging log to the ttyio driver.
In answer mode we grep the environment variables CONNECT
and CALLER_ID created by mgetty and make log entries.
Swapped timer numbers in Hydra, in tty_write we now don't
test the read timer anymore, this gave unexpected timeouts
and is not according the Hydra specs.
Changed more debugging in ttyio, zmodem and zedzap are still
not working well.
Undiable nodes will not be added to the callist anymore.
Added some logging in the ZMH status check to see what goes
wrong with asking ZMH status.
Changed the statusfile locking, now the lock tests are done
at 100 mSec intervals instead of 1 Second.
Added CONNECT and CALLER_ID environment variables logging.
Added CONNECT and CALLER_ID environment variables logging.
v0.30/b1 10-Jan-1999.
Removed a bug in client.c that caused a segmentation fault
when the connected tty was /dev/console. It is now possible
to run clients from sysv init during system boot.
Removed a bug in the ZMH status function.
Changed statusfile lock form 15 x 100 mSec to 10 x 250 mSec.
v0.30/b2 16-Jan-1999.
Defined bitmasks for logging. There are now maximum 26 debug
logflags. The logflags are changed from int to long.
All programs have been changed to use these flags now.
In mbsetup set the new flags in menu 1.5.19 1.5.20 and 1.18.1
This version still only compiles on Slackware 3.2 maybe
others, but not on RedHat 5.1 5.2 and RedHat 5.2 Sparc.
v0.31/a 23-Jan-1999.
Recompile the nodelists. Remove old index.dir and index.pag
files from the nodelist directory.
Set new value for dialdelay.
Removed mbsed from this source tree. From now on this will
be distributed as a seperate archive.
Finally found out why this package wouldn't work with glibc.
Complete rewrite of the nodelist indexes. I don't use any
dbm, ndbm anymore. I wanted username lookup included and
full support for ISDN and TCP/IP only nodes.
It now compiles on RedHat 5.2 Sparc and Intel.
Removed a serious memory leak causing the system to exhaust
all available memory during long filetransfer sessions.
Rewrote the nodelist lookup functions. Search is very fast
because the index file is sorted on nodenumber.
The nodelists will be closed after each lookup so that mbindex
may always compile new indexes.
In call.c changed the port closing, it will now also close the
port after an unsuccessfull call so multiple calls in one
run will now hopefully work.
Removed a bug when calling a TCP/IP node it was trying to
dial with a modem.
Added random number generator to set the dialdelay before a
call is made.
Total rewrite for the new nodelist indexes. In -quiet mode
it does the usleep(1) call every 80 lines (if set). Note
that in quiet mode it still runs faster then with screen
The index file is sorted before it is written to disk. This
makes node lookup very fast (faster then with ndbm).
The old files stay on disk in case they are open, which can
only be for less then a second.
The semafore compile is not created anymore, instead the
mbindex program creates a lockfile to prevent that another
mbindex can run. Compiling the nodelists can now be done at
any moment.
Username indexes are not supported at this moment.
Now only changes ZMH status if the status is really changed.
Will create the "scanout" semafore if ZMH status changes (I
did document it).
Changed the logging, killing messages now logs in columns, so
you can easy see how the mailflow and killing develops.
Removed some debug logging (finally).
When screen output is on, the last line is now erased after
Changed helptekst for mailer->dialdelay.
Now creates semafore "mailin" when ready so the produced
allfiles and newfiles listings will be imported by mbfido tic.
Changed the $MBSE_ROOT/sta directory to $MBSE_ROOT/var and
changed the names of the status and reginfo files.
v0.31/b 06-Feb-1999
Changed raw keyboard read to get cursor movement keys and other
gray keyboard keys. Only cursor movements is guaranteed to work
This is a limitation of PC-ANSI clients.
This change is needed to write the fullscreen editor.
Removed memory leaks from getheader.c and mbfile.c
Switched to one single .h file.
If loggin "message repeated n times" the first character is now
uppercase as in normal logmessages.
Implemented raw keyboard read changes.
All actions in change.c are now logged.
Made change voice and data phone work.
Removed the (dangerous) gets function from funcs.c
Removed ncurses code.
In line editor the delete and insert key is finally working.
Modified help tekst for modem hangup string.
Removed ncurses code.
In line editor the delete and insert key is finally working.
If modem hangup string is empty only DTR-drop will be used
to hangup the modem line.
During ZMH mbcico will now only call nodes for which it has
non archived mail (netmail).
Changed ttyio debug logs, could block the session.
For magic file and execute requests now looks for both upper-
and lowercase matches.
Filerequests are searched in the internal database on both
long and short filenames, password protection is supported,
and the request counter in the FDB is updated.
Doesn't complain anymore when the semafore "mbindex" didn't
exist when it tried to remove it.
Now tests for latest nodelist by filedate instead of file
extension number.
Creates magic file names for magic filerequests.
v0.32/a 16-Feb-1999
Remove symlink directories.
Changed elapsed time logging, now ranges from seconds to
days with the same stringlength.
Moved signal names to common.a, also included the names
for i386 and Sparc systems.
Added PackNetmail flag to nodes record.
Removed automatic adding of FMPT and TOPT kludges in netmail.
Applications are responsible for adding kludges.
Removed code to work on symlinks for ifcico file requests.
Added some code to prevent memory leaks.
The .pkt password check now always logs bad passwords, only
when mail password check is set, bad passwords are fatal.
Added code to keep dupe databases in maximum limits.
Now forcing chdir to inbound before processing each .tic file.
It will now export netmail from the message base. It also
supports packed und unpacked netmail.
Added TZUTC kludge (FSP-1001).
Changed zmrecv debug logging for hanging session with one
of my links using InterMail 2.50 ML, rev B020.
If polling all lines of a multiline node and the first line
was successfull, mbcico would still poll the other lines.
The random dialdelay is now always 10 seconds or more to give
mgetty the chance to reset the modem and takeover the line
between multiple calls.
During dialdelay the IsDoing status is now sent every second
to the mbsed so you can watch it with mbmon.
Changed nodes setup so that password may be upper or lowercase
for remotes that are case sensitive (was always uppercase).
Added support for PackNetmail flags in nodes editor.
In run_inout added the news gateway (echomail => news).
Now only tries to compile files with a numeric extension,
2 or 3 digits length.
Wrote a simple fullscreen message editor, more or less
Wordstar compatible.
Fixed a small problem in the line editor.
The maximum size of a message is now 500 lines.
When replying to a message, the original message is quoted
into the textbuffer including an introduction line.
When replying to a message, "Re: " is inserted in the
subject if there was none.
It is now possible to send and reply netmails.
Added TZUTC kludge (FSP-1001).
With poll and stop command you can enter multiple nodes.
With the request command you can enter multiple files.
The request command doesn't create a .flo file anymore, the
actual calling of the node must be done with the poll
Added TZUTC kludge (FSP-1001).
Implemented CIPM and CSPM commands (online messages between
users). Updated the programnames list for check if the bbs
is idle. Changed the reginfo file lock to 30 x 150 mSec.
Fixed the Linux Sparc version.
v0.32/b 15-Mar-1999
Delete the newuser program and any accounts using it.
Move compiled language datafiles to ~/etc.
Move from ~ to ~/etc.
Remove ~/lang directory
chown -R mbse.bbs ~/home/*
Upgrade mbsed to at least v0.32 Alpha.
The mbsebbs program now runs setuid "mbse" setgid "bbs".
All files are now owned by mbse.bbs, even the bbs users
private files.
All references to directories for the configuration are now
hardcoded to ~/etc, ~/fdb, ~/log, ~/tmp and ~/var.
The directory ~/lang is no longer needed.
The directory /tmp is no longer used, using ~/tmp instead.
Moved the language sources and installation into this source
Forgot to append <cr> after the TZUTC kludge.
If we were a point, a route to our boss was not found.
Updated for hardcoded paths.
Now runs setuid "mbse" and setgid "bbs". Changed the parameters
to the mbuseradd program. The newuser program is now part of
It is now possible to run mbsebbs as a shell, it is even wise
to do so!
Updated for hardcoded paths.
Sending and receiving online messages is now handled thru
mbsed. You need at least mbsed v0.32 Alpha.
Removed the last "gets" function.
No longer exists.
Changed parameters to this program.
Finally worked around the problem of different passwd programs,
we will now let the user supply a new password instead of
creating an empty expired password. The shadow password suite
isn't necessary anymore but it may be wise to use it.
It will not install /bin/bash as user shell anymore, during
loading of the bbs users could get a shell prompt if they were
fast enough. The mbsebbs program is now installed as shell.
Updated for hardcoded paths.
Updated screen 1.3, global paths. There is only one screen now.
Updated for hardcoded paths.
Updated for hardcoded paths.
Updated for hardcoded paths.
Updated for hardcoded paths.
Updated for hardcoded paths.
Updated for hardcoded paths.
Updated for hardcoded paths.
If the tty port was locked by another process, mbcico tried
to close the port of that process (and luckily it failed).
Now it won't try to close that port and try to remove the
lockfile. Corrected the logmessages during this situation.
Updated for hardcoded paths.
Forgot to close the reginfo file after the CIPM command,
eventualy the bbs stopped logging because mbsed ran out of
file descriptors.
Added the GDST command, to get the status of all (but no
more then 10) mounted filesystems.
v0.33/a 25-Mar-1999
Changed the users structure for IEMSI flags.
Open in mbsetup the users database, record 1, and close it.
This will upgrade the users database with new fields.
Will dispatch mbsebbs when the EMSI string is EMSI_NAK instead
of EMSI_INQ. We then assume the client is an IEMSI client.
In the tty driver changed some error messages to debug log
Didn't flush the screenbuffer when asking the user to read new
mail so the user couldn't see the prompt.
For OLR download the maxumimum number of file requests is now
taken from the main configuration.
Added IEMSI login support. Tested with FrontDoor 2.11/sw.
Flushed a prompt after file download.
The users filetaglist is removed from disk during logoff.
Deleted Toggle Expertmode, menu 307.
Added Toggle New Mail Check, menu 313, text code ^U1.
Added Toggle New Files Check, menu 315, text code ^U2.
Added Toggle Fullscreen Editor, menu 316, text code ^U3.
Added Toggle Bulltins Read, menu 307.
Added more debugging messages for netmail processing. Netmail
between a boss and point are being bounced between each other.
At least they don't dissapear anymore.
When forwarding a netmail, all original <cr> characters were
lost and messages may have become undeliverable.
Added new menu choices that were added to mbsebbs.
v0.33/b1 29-Mar-1999
Added support for "pktdate" from Tobias Ernst. This is a Y2K
.pkt analyzer and fixer. It is called before each .pkt file
is processed. Indeed, he did also made a Linux version.
Added support for ISDN and TCP/IP nodelist flags. They may
be in the Userflag field or in the authorized flags field.
Added .pkt preprocessor installation to global->mail for
the pktdate program.
Inserted code to call the .pkt preprocessor.
Should insert ^aVia line in forwarded netmails and exported
netmails from the local msgbase.
Will now put netmail for direct links that are not in our
setup (by the stupidity of the Sysop, including me) still in
the outbound (normal status) instead of /dev/zero.
Added support for ISDN and TCP/IP nodelist flags.
Will now call TCP/IP nodes. This is experimental! It uses the
proposal of Lothar Behet (2:2446/301) of 25 Oct 1998. The
defined flags may be in the User field or authorized fields.
At this moment only the IFC protocol is supported, the ITN
support on port 60177 is under construction.
Added support for ISDN and TCP/IP nodes.
v0.33/b2 02-Apr-1999
2 new configuration items, user levels to allow sending of
Crashmail and File Attaches.
Set Crashmail and File Attach levels in screen 1.4
Updated nodelist flags and rendundency flags according to
errflags.zc2 dated 20 Mar 1999 (from 2:2/0). I should make
an external table for this.
If a semafore already existed (or was removed), nothing will
be done anymore. When a semafore is created, fsync is called
to make sure it is on disk.
Totally rewritten the .pkt header read function, it is now
more portable and does only one disk read to do that.
Commented out some debugging logmessages in magic file test.
Corrected the ^aVia lines, in one case the Sysop name was
included, in all cases the year was only 2 digits. For
debugging the milliseconds fields are now different in all 3
functions that create Via lines.
Now creates .pkt headers in a more portable way and only needs
one disk write to do that.
Now creates message headers in a more portable way.
When creating notify messages, the correct local time is now
Created a new fidonet date parser, removed the bison parser.
When messages are exported, the fidonet date is generated from
the internal structure, so incorrect received dates are
hopefully corrected on the fly. You should not need pktdate
Now sets the local time when a message is imported.
When creating new message areas, the security fields will not
be preset anymore.
Removed the gid and start uid values.
Added setup for CrashMail and File Attaches.
Remove an extra close menufile in the menu processing. The
Sparc version aborted with Segfault error on this.
When a message is created, the time is now the correct
local time.
Now sets the local time when a message is received by the user.
When a netmail address is entered, the user will now see the
nodelist bbs name and is asked to verify it.
Only above CrashMail level and if the destination node is CM,
the crash option is presented.
When creating a new user, the gid is now taken from the running
process instead of the setup.
v0.33/b3 06-Apr-1999.
Due to hardware problems on my bbs, I was forced to takeover
the whole bbs on MBSE BBS, RA is now retired. This means that
lots of things must be solved in a hurry from now on, there's
no way back for me. The MOBO died, it is now replaced by an
old 386/DX33, so I have to fix the parts that slowing things
down. It must be able to run good enough on that board. This
also means that only necessary things are developed from now
on to create a stable and useable version.
The message header read function doesn't seek the whole
messagebase anymore if it needs the next header. This will
roughly triple the speed of scan for new mail.
Removed check for connected uplink if .tic file was a local
hatched file, there are no uplinks for local hatched files.
Finally found the bug where the TOPT and FMPT kludge info
dissapeared from the netmails causing mail for points to bounce
back to the boss.
Added commandline switch -full to force scan to scan the whole
messagebase for outgoing mail.
If ~/tmp/scan.mail exists the area and message numbers are used
to quick export messages.
It can now attach file attaches. File attaches are not routed.
If the imported file has a magic name, this magic is added to
the file description.
Will stop calling a node after 3 attempts if there are no
matching ports, or if there is a port error.
Abort on SIGHUP is not logged as error anymore but as normal
log message "Lost Carrier".
With netmails files can now be attached if the user has a high
enough security level. Files must be in translatable DOS range.
Fixed segfault when user tried to select an non existing
Creates ~/tmp/scan.mail for posted messages to allow quickscan.
Creates ~/tmp/scan.mail for posted messages to allow quickscan.
Finally added the pull uplink in file and mail group editors.
In the tic area and echomail area editors if the group is
selected and the uplink address is set in the group, the the
first default connection for that area is the uplink.
v0.33/b4 13-Apr-1999
The ticarea, hatch and magic datafiles are changed in format.
Order of update is important!
1. Compile all sources, don't install.
2. Make backup of all .data files in ~/etc.
3. Announce new files.
4. Remove *.*.*.*.bill files from the ~/tmp directory.
5. Disconnect all modems, networks and stop the cron daemon.
6. Run mbsetup from the source directory. ~/mbb0_33b/mbsetup
7. Menu 10.2, leave and update the database.
8. Menu 10.3, leave and update the database.
9. Menu 10.4, leave and update the database.
10. If all is well, install the binaries, check mbsetup.
11. Start cron daemon, connect modems and networks.
Removed errormessage when created semafore succeeded when it
opened file descriptor 0.
When searching for file requests it tried to use ~/
instead of ~/etc/
Changed the tic areaname field from 12 to 20 characters.
Corrected screen numbers in hatch and magic pick areas.
Setting the magic "to area" now also uses the picklist.
Does normal logging again.
Doesn't import the file area name anymore in the filesdatabase.
This needs a workaround because this field is now too small.
The check for quick scanned exported messages failed for
echomail if there was more then one downlink. This forced a
complete scan to be done while everything was really ok.
The .tic file dupecheck is moved to do a little later so that
if some checks fail, the file is not in the dupe database yet.
If the destination path is not available, the file and .ticfile
are moved to the bad directory.
Reads "Fullname" field from .tic file, logging only for now.
Will now process archived tic bundles with extension .c00 where
the numbers can be any digit. (Harald again :=).
More errorchecking in Magic file procesing.
Turned some debugging logging back on.
Corrected a bug that sometimes caused a segfault during tic
Corrected a routing problem if mail was to be sent to one of
my own points, in case there where more than one point.
Does normal logging again.
Calls the Nopper() function now to keep the connection with
the server alive. Good for slow systems and lots of files in
one area.
Removed a small memory leak in the check function.
Creates "00index" files in each download directory that is in
range of anonymous ftp users. These files contain the file
names and file descriptions of that directory. A new command
"index" is added.
Corrected for the .tic areaname size of 20 characters.
Fixed segfault when user was trying to select a non existing
message area.
v0.33/b5 26-Apr-1999
A new set of grouprecords is created. This is for the announce
of new files, so reports can be created by subject, ie.
Windows, Erotic pictures, Utilities etc. The groupnames are
part of the bbs file areas.
Set in menu 1.15 the number of newfiles groups.
Create the several newfiles groups.
Install in all bbs file areas the right newfiles groups.
Install in all newfiles reports the right newfiles groups.
Will now ask if messagebase must be created if it doesn't
Implemented the setup of newfiles groups.
Will now show the TZUTC time instead of system generated
timezone (didn't work on RH systems).
Changed some logging, removed some debug logging.
Corrected a errormessage when the file import failed in a
non existing area.
If the file is imported in a bbs area, and that area has a
separate Newfiles groupname, that name will be stored in the file for announce.
If a fdb area doesn't exist during file import, it will be
created on the fly.
Doesn't send empty netmails anymore if node has tic messages
off. Only messages with text in it are send now.
Switched .tic description lines logging on again because there
are some strange descriptions coming in.
Fixed a problem when there was only a normal description line
in the incoming tic file, the downlinks got a shortened
description line.
Doesn't strip Hi-ASCII from FILE_ID.DIZ file anymore, only
control characters. Stripping of Hi-ASCII should only be done
by file announce programs (if the moderator wants that).
Removed a lot of debug logging.
Removed unarchive functions as they are already in the common
Removed some debug logging.
It now deletes old nodelists from the nodelist directory exept
the most recent two lists.
Added logging of selected file and message areas by the users.
During mailscan and filescan inserted call to Nopper().
Wrote a new Getstr function to create Unix accounts, this
one won't accept spaces. (Thanks to Henk de Graaf, a user
who failed to login).
The username won't be converted to lowercase anymore when
his Unix account is created.
The Unix name has to be at least 3 characters.
In the announce function new uploads will get the area number
as fileecho name so they will be announced by area.
v0.33/b6 30-Apr-1999
Execute now only logs result messages if there was an error.
Added High ANSI to Low ASCII translation for echomail areas
that need it.
Added High Ascii switch in filefind setup.
Corrected menu numbering.
After tossing a .pkt the result is only logged if there was
an error.
Removed 2 debug messages during netmail import.
Made logging of "Keep files" final.
Allowed hi-ascii in .tic files for the descriptions.
Build in a check for multiple "Desc" lines in .tic file,
only one is allowed. Offenders are logged, See FSC-0087.
Quick_Bye() is now logged (if possible).
The resulting new archived nodelist will now be a lowercase
name instead of a uppercase name.
The new nodelist will be default be archived with the same
archiver as the diff file came in, if it's not available
there is now a fallback to ZIP which is always available.
v0.33/b7 10-May-1999
ACRmail 0.60 file naming convention is default off for
existing nodes, check their setup.
Added a counter which keeps track of the size of the message
being written.
Will now create unique arcmail names for out of zone mail if
it is turned on. This should prevent creation of duplicate
arcfile names to the same node.
Corrected logging of bestaka_s function.
Doesn't create 00000000.fr0 ARCfile names anymore if our
system is the point sending to the boss.
In the announce function added logging of the size of the
written message.
Inserted a checkpoint log after each announced block.
Inserted code to split messages after 13000 bytes.
Removed "Packing Mail" logmessage.
Imported netmail will now allways get the Private status.
Added code to replace the archive comment, currently this
works with .zip and .rar archivers, others don't support
The ^aVia line was inserted at the begin of a forwarded
message instead of at the bottom, it also had the address
of the origin system instead of our own system.
Also moved the ^aVia line in the other 2 functions to the
If during the check for missing files in a download area there
is an extra file and it is not a regular file, it wil be
ignored. This allows the use of subdirectories.
Added support for binkd, if it is installed in ~/bin and the
binkd.cfg is in ~/etc it will be started and stopped as the
rest of the bbs.
Added in nodes setup ARCmail 0.60 naming convention switch.
When there are session errors, the status counter is now
increased with 5, so maximum 6 calls are done. (was infinite).
v0.33/b8 23-May-1999
Corrected Connection time log messages.
Restored the original filetime functions.
Removed 2 debugging log messages.
Made the filerequest processor 3 times faster. The remote
doesn't timeout anymore during the search for files. It
must still be made faster.
Added the (hidden) option to move echomail areas.
Will also clear the status record of a node with the poll
command if the reason was session errors.
Changed available archiver tests, and fallback to ZIP
archiving. It is finally working.
Corrected the reply test for new users when they had entered
their name.
Updated language number 413.
New users won't see the "new files" when they logon the first
time. (They saw all the files on the bbs).
If IEMSI login is aborted or failed, IEMSI won't be used
anymore during login.
When the offline reader packs netmail, only personal mail is
now added to the dowload packet.
v0.33/b9 12-Jun-1999
Change scripts that call mbuser.
Changed startup and finish logging of all programs to use
one style.
New file reports that are splitted over several messages will
now report the right report totals.
Removed some development debugging logs for splitting messages.
Removed all extra debugging logs from version beta-8.
Made command syntax and helpscreen as in all other programs.
This affects the scripts.
For the "comment to sysop" function the .quote file in the
users homedirectory will now be truncated to 0 bytes to erase
its contents.
The "mailout" semafore is now only set at the end of the user
Inserted the Nopper() call in the fullscreen editor to prevent
server timeout when writing a long message.
When writing a netmail to an unknown node, the user must verify
to send the mail anyway. New language prompt 241.
If a user is short with transfertime for a download, it will
be written to the logfile.
The notify function will now only include areas that are
"Active" in the reports.
Changed the ASCII filtering of reading .tic and FILE_ID.DIZ
files, High-ASCII characters are not lost anymore.
The packet password is now only checked if the originating node
is in our setup.
Before processing AreaMgr and FileMgr messages the right
noderecord is loaded again in case it was replaced.
v0.33/b10 19-Jun-1999
The man pages are removed.
Removed logging of file descriptions.
Changed logging of replacing archive banner.
Removed logging of splitting messages.
Removed several other debugging logmessages.
Removed some debugging logging from download functions.
Corrected a logmessage for new users, language line 66
is now obsolete.
Included (Spacebar = toggle) message in yes/no switches.
Removed the creation of .profile in the users home directory,
this is not necessary because the users shell is mbsebbs.
v0.33/b11 29-Jun-1999
Most fixes in this release are from Jan van de Werken who is beta-
testing v0.33/b10.
In mbsetup menu 1.14 set new fields 21 and 22.
In mbsetup, enter menu 8.5, set security levels for transfer
protocols and save the database.
Added 2 global setup integers for splitting newfiles reports.
Removed Getstr() function.
Changed AreaMgr and FileMgr message body checks, lines with
more than 1 space or tab and empty lines are skipped.
Removed debug logging for import local netmail.
Added in menu 1.14 setup for newfiles reports message split
at a gently size (after a group of files) and a forced
message size.
In nodes setup, new records now default have Advanced tic off.
In nodes setup corrected several numbering errors.
New defaults for global configuration by Jan van de Werken.
To confuse all non-Unix users, all file attaches seem to
come from our A: drive.
Corrected a lot more wrong screen numbers.
Implemented gently and hard splitting newfiles reports using
the global setup.
Rewrote all user input functions. They should beep now if
the user does something wrong.
Changed the GetPhone functions, the format is not fixed
anymore and it accepts only 0..9 + - characters. This should
work in all countries now. Minimum length is 6 characters.
Changed the language prompts 45, 47 and 48.
Language prompt 46 is not in use anymore.
Removed the logdate2 function, it wasn't used.
Added GetstrP() function (instead of Getstr() in common.a).
Change transfer protocol now checks for the proper security
Updated most scripts, added more comments, added tests to
see if MBSE_ROOT is already set, style fixes.
v0.33/b12 08-Jul-1999
Removed creation of .VERSION file from the main Makefile.
The echomail areatag is forced to uppercase.
Removes stale FILE_ID.DIZ files before processing a new one.
The new fields 1.14.21 and 1.14.22 where placed at the wrong
column on the screen.
Changed the default values for gently and forced message split
to 27 and 30 KBytes.
Corrected a missing linefeed in sitedoc protocols listing.
Corrected a menu error in menu 8.
Corrected placement of menu item 1.4.11
Some cosmetic changes in the sources.
Corrected help message in screen 7.x.23, caused mbsetup to
The info screen now displays compile date and time.
The Area listings for file areas and message areas now break
lines at column 79 and send cr/lf at the end of the line.
Also, area numbers increased to 5 digits (was 3).
Added cr/lf to language prompt 220 in mail.c
Shortened prompt 220 with 1 character.
v0.33/b13 28-Jul-1999
Added structure for file request index.
Run "mbfile index" once.
Include "mbfile index" in the maint script.
Modify "run_inout" script to start "mbfile index -quiet" if
the semafore "reqindex" is present.
Modify "run_inout" script to replace the fixed .pkt filenames
with stdin from the mbseq program, ie: 12345678.pkt will
become `mbseq`.pkt
Set the filerequest limits in menu 1.17.22 and 1.17.23
You may specify portspeeds above 57600 in the tty's setup.
Corrected a comment in pktname.c
Changed error logging in execute.c
Moved execsh() from mbcico into common library.
Removed some debugging logmessages from yoohoo.c
Changed some debugging logging from 'Session' to 'EMSI'.
File request response messages now contain MSGID, PID and TZUTC
lines and request limits.
Filerequest limits implemented.
Filerequest search now uses the index file created by mbfile,
should be fast enough now.
Moved execsh() to common library.
Magic execute request result is now send by mail instead of
an ASCII textfile.
Made some changes in zmmisc.c according to ifmail-2.13, sessions
with D'Bridge 1.58 seems to work now.
Logging of "chat: read return -1" suppressed, this is most of
the time caused by modem hangup during dial and is not a real
During outbound scan missing directories will be created.
A major error in callall.c prevented crash arcmail to be sent.
Rewrote all functions that created mail, less disk I/O. Also
made the .pkt headers the same as the mbfido program did.
Will now handle serial port speeds upto 4000000 baud if your
hardware can handle that.
Finally implemented user access flags.
Removed some debug logging.
Changed "Terminated on SIGALRM" error logging to normal log
with "User inactivity timeout" message.
In edit users toggle of flagbits is now correct, no "notflags"
Added setting of filerequest limits in menu 1.17
Changed fieldlength for integers to 7 digits. Now you can
enter all available portspeeds in the tty setup.
New command: index. This will create ~/etc/request.index
which contains a sorted index of all requestable files on
your bbs. This index is used by the mbcico request processor
to speed up the filerequest search. The "reqindex" semafore
is removed when it is finished.
Creates "reqindex" semafore if there were files imported.
The check for stale FILE_ID.DIZ files was at the wrong point.
Will pack the mailqueue if the temporary .pkt file is bigger
then the maximum size of that .pkt and creates a fresh one.
New program. Write a 8 character hexadecimal unique sequence
number to stdout. This can be used in shellscripts to create
unique filenames. The sequence numbers are fetched from mbsed.
v0.33/b14 16-Aug-1999
This is the first public release.
Revised zmodem protocol, changed timers etc. Used latest
information (Aug 1999) found at Omen Technology's ftp site.
In the openfile function added support to skip files already
present in the inbound.
Hydra and TCP protocol transmitters now send the filetime
rounded up to even seconds just like zmodem already did, so
the filetime is always the same on DOS (Fat) as on Unix
Zmodem will now skip files already present in the inbound.
Hydra will now skip files already present in the inbound.
TCPproto will now skip files already present in the inbound.
Changed EMSI debug logging, should be more clear now.
Does finish zmodem session with D'Bridge [1a] 1.58 now.
Added support for UPS. The UPS software should set the
semafore "upsalarm" when it's running on battery power. Most
utilities will the not run anymore to prevent data-loss.
The semafore "upsdown" should be set just before the UPS
starts the real shutdown. This will force the mbstat program
to timout after 30 seconds.
The wait command will only wait for 30 seconds instead of
one hour if the semafore "upsdown" exists.
v0.33/g1 01-Sep-1999
Many brave souls have downloaded and tested the previous
version. Most changes in this release are bugs found by all
these people.
Added checks in the Makefile to test the MBSE_ROOT variable,
written by Jan
Added checks in some Makefiles for root privileges for
make install.
Enter mbsetup 1.1.10 and set the name to "bbs".
Check UnSecure switch in echomail areas. Should be off unless
you need it.
Remove the line LOGDEBUG from $MBSE_ROOT/etc/client.conf
Added the original copyright in for the 32 bits crc code.
Checking .pkt header now checks valid system aka's.
Removed reading LOGDEBUG from ~/etc/client.conf, wasn't used.
Added SigName for Alpha CPU (not tested).
Removed debug message in addpkt.
Added 2 extra DeleteVirusWork() calls in tic processing at
points where processing is aborted and left the temp directory
with unwanted files. This also happened when a virus was
Will now import echomail from points who are connected to
the normal nodenumber instead of the hub/host number.
Will now try to import bad netmail into a netmail directory
instead of losing it.
Changed the check for received echomail, the sending node
must be in the export list, unless the msg area UnSecure flag
is set.
Implemented the connected systems Excluded flag for echomail
connections in import/export echomail.
Implemented the connected systems Excluded flag in the AreaMgr.
The Notify function now also sends statistic reports to the
Fixed a routing problem (I hope) for out of zone routed
When scanning outbound netmail the domain field is zeroed in
the destination address to prevent garbage in the domain field.
Patches by Jan, files import now set the name to
FileMgr instead of sysop's name.
AreaMgr and FileMgr generated messages now have AreaMgr or
FileMgr as "From" name instead of the sysop's name.
Restored some zmodem code that was changed in beta-14.
Added some other code for error handling (Carrier lost).
Zmodem file transfers are streaming again.
Added a tty flush in the TCP/IP transmitter.
Solved the EMSI handshake problem with T-Mail mailers.
Added menu 1.1.10 to setup the name of the bbs startup
account. The default is "bbs".
Changed ImpSeenby switch in UnSecure switch in message areas
In message areas the Excluded flag is added to the systems,
you can now disable a node from an area if a moderator wants
In edit users added a switch to toggle OLR Extended Message
Info in OLR download.
Now reads the bbs startup name from the configuration instead
of using the hardcoded name "bbs"
Writes a door.sys dropfile in users homedir. The first line is
fixed to COM0 forcing doors to run in local mode. The second
line is 0, meaning 0 baud is local mode. Let's see how this
Added some logging for the OLR upload function.
Now tests lowercase filenames also for reply packets created
by MultiMail.
Now includes the ^aMSGID string in BlueWave download messages.
Optional includes all other kludges in BluwWave download.
v0.33/g2 02-Oct-1999
Moved the mbsed back into this archive. Included the new
installation procedure.
Moved the example files into this archive.
Remove $MBSE_ROOT/bin/fbgen.
If you want to switch off CFG.dospath, be sure your outbound
is empty or mail and files will get lost!!! Thus: type
"mbout stat" and see if nothing is there before you do that.
Patches by JvdW, if CFG.dospath is empty then fileattaches
will contain Unix style filenames, otherwise the ataches
are translated to DOS style.
If SearchTic and SearchMsg function the area must be active
in order to be found.
Removed a bug in scanning uploads function that created empty
lines in the file. Also forced the long
description strings to be no longer then 48 characters.
Finally fixed this one. Can now read multiple description
lines from files.bbs. Renamed to mbfbgen.
The dangerous gets function is replaced.
The edit path function now checks if the directory has read
access instead of write access, it might be on CD-rom.
Skips the kill and pack functions on CD-rom areas.
Skips the check of files on disk against the database on
CD-rom areas.
Doesn't create 00index files on CD-rom areas anymore.
More bugfixes in TCP protocol. Better error handling for
disconnected sessions.
Creates inbound tmp directories when they don't exist.
Now presents the EMSI info from the tty records if
Corrected a syntax error in the maint script.
The areamgr and filemgr names are not hardcoded anymore,
the names presented are the first names defined in the
Outbound processing now also works if CFG.dospath is empty,
then Unix style fileattaches will be created.
Rewrite of file import function by JvdW to fix some bugs.
FileMgr and AreaMgr global connect and disconnect now
check if the area is set to Active.
Rewrote ARCmail naming, zero length archives older then
6 days are deleted. If a zero length archive then still
exists, the extension number is bumped. This should
prevent using the same archive name on the same day to
nodes with more then one mailsession each day.
v0.33/g3 18-Oct-1999
Ideas for generating ARCmail names by Sean Rima and JvdW
Lot's of cosmetic stuff to make commandlines, help screens,
more clear and the same for each program by JvdW.
In mbsetup 1.14.15 check that this is zero or the number of
old days you want echomail rejected.
Check in mbsetup nodes->mail that "ARCmail a..z" is off
for nodes that can't handle that.
File attaches that are no longer on disk are now correctly
removed from the flo files. Changed logging for this.
The scanout function now removes truncated ARCmail files
that are not of the current day or are older then 6 days.
Corrected a bug that the inbound directory wasn't created
when it didn't exist.
Now allows netmail crash replies.
Can now reply netmail that came in via the UUCP gateway,
when the reply is saved the message is readdressed to the
Disabled the download transfertime check before starting a
download. It gave unpredicteble results if the users previous
download cps was bad for some reason, the user couldn't
New menu item in 1.14, "Reject old", to reject incoming
echomail older then this number of days, or zero to not
check the age.
In nodes->mail setup added a switch to allow a..z
ARCmail archives extensions.
Made editing log (debug) switches more clear.
Some editing keys now beep if you do something wrong.
The pack function now supports 'a..z' ARCmail extensions
if this is on for that node.
It's possible to reject too old echomail.
Short commands and options now displayed in the help.
The fileforward netmail now set's the filemgs name first
character to uppercase.
The uploader name with file import now only has one
name anymore, the first character is capitalized. This
line should not be too long, this gives ugly listings.
System aka's in the same zone other then the aka of echomail
area are added to the seen-by lines.
Added experimental zonegate support for echomail.
Removed some debug logging in tic processing.
Short commands and options are now possible, like other
programs already did.
Short commands and options are now possible, like other
programs already did.
The scanout function now removes truncated ARCmail files
that are not of the current day or are older then 6 days.
Suppressed the help message for file attach, it is not
yet implemented.
Short commands and options now displayed in the help.
Short commands and options are now possible, like other
programs already did.
Short commands and options now displayed in the help.
Short commands and options are now possible, like other
programs already did.
Handles files.bbs lines of 255 characters instead of 80.
v0.33/g4 05-Nov-1999.
The final seenby lines are deduped and sorted before writing
them to the in and exported echomails.
Areamgr and Filemgr messages now have a capitalized first
"From" name character.
Areamgr new function: flow reports. Can be requested by
%flow and is automatic generated with notify reports.
Areamgr, increased the area tag from 20 to 25 characters
in the notify reports and %list, %query, %unlinked response
Corrected a bug creating garbage at the end of the magic
execute commandline.
Reply to UUCP gateway didn't work in real live, it seemed
that the official UUCP gate had no ':' character after the
REPLYADDR and REPLYTO kludges, while my testsystem running
ifmail 2.12 for the gate does. I now test both cases.
Implemented remove ARCmail older then n days.
Implemented remove ARCmail older then n days.
Added integrity check for edit message groups.
Added integrity check for edit fileecho groups.
v0.33/g5 13-Nov-1999.
Edit /etc/inetd.conf to add "-t ifc" for standard ifcico
protocol, "-t itn" for telnet protocol.
If you don't use the original binkp mailer, you may want to
add entries for the binkp protocol, this will show the
remote that you don't support the binkp protocol.
The installation scripts are updated. See the file
on how the files /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf should
look like.
Implemented "not supported" binkp protocol.
Revised commandline parameters, in TCP/IP slave mode the
mode must be given on the commandline, -t ifc for standard
ifcico protocol, -t itn for telnet protocol, -t ibn for
binkp protocol.
Starting mbcico without arguments will show the help screen.
Now all programs do that exept the mbsebbs binary.
Changed language prompts 214 and 215.
Added language prompt 46.
Added message export to file function. The file will be saved
in the users private homedirectory, the filename is created
as <areanum>_<msgnum>.msg in MS-DOS format.
Corrected display header of users home directory file list.
Added import file in message function, the file must be in the
users private homedirectory. This only works in the fullscreen
Inserted 2 sync() calls during mailtoss. I hope this prevents
temporary missing archives and .pkt files.
New command, "tag", writes areas tagfiles for each mail and
tic file group to the ~/doc directory. Filenames are automatic
In edit tic area and edit message area editing of connected
systems now uses the existing node setup.
Made a new menu selector for areas with Global and Move
Implemented new menu selector in message and tic areas select.
If you jump directly to a message or tic area with select, the
offset is recalculated to that area range.
Added global editing functions in message areas setup. Functions
are add, delete, change connected systems, aka to use and some
other settings.
Edit a nodes aka's is checked if these aka's are used in tic
and message areas.
Delete a node is checked against aka's used in tic and message
v0.33/g6 22-Nov-1999
Removed a bug where you could not add new aka's to nodes due to
the aka's checking.
With database intergrity checks the cause of blocked actions
is now logged in mbsetup.log
If you change the number of connected systems or maximum groups
in global setup, the databases affected will be automatic
When writing a notify message to selected nodes all other nodes
received status messages.
Corrected uploader name, removed "BBS" string.
Installed patches from JvdW in file forward to correct some
segfaults with the subject variable.
The local hatched files are now moved to the inbound so that
the unarchiver programs can find these files.
Added very experimental binkp protocol. Handle with care and
at your own risk. This isn't finished yet.
Fixed the script, there was one "fi" missing so the script
crashed and didn't do all changes.
v0.33/g7 05-Dec-1999
Fixed some logging in binkp protocol. It works for normal
mail and files transport.
Export message to users work directory did not put the
message in the work directory but in the home directory.
Netmail to unknown bbs users are now readdressed to the
sysop. Should be a bounce message.
Added a experimental test for empty imported netmails.
The netmail area Private flag is checked to see if we keep the
original Private flag or force imported netmail to Private.
v0.33/g8 12-Dec-1999
Changed the Makefile, make zip now puts FILE_ID.DIZ in the
root of the directory tree so that file processors will
find it now. This is a <cr><lf> version of this file.
Removed and changed nodelist lookup debug logging.
Now check the existance of the users home directory, if it
is found then it is removed before the home directory is
created again. This fixes problems with RedHat 6.1.
Global AreaMgr commands cannot disconnect message areas anymore
that are mandatory.
Removed some routing tracking debug messages.
Added check to see why not connected echomail is imported to
the netmail of the last user in the userbase.
Changed check to "Sysop of z:n/n@network" to readdress to
the sysop's real name.
After readdress a netmail to the sysop, the usersearch is now
done again.
If locking the message base during import fails, import is
v0.33/g9 18-Dec-1999
If you ever used DOSEMU then do a rm -Rf .dosemu in each users
home directory. The ownership of these files are changed so
they are created again when the user runs a door for the
first time.
If you have created ttyinfo records with just digits in it
for the /dev/pty/0 type tty entries, you need to change them
to pty/0 type entries. The example etc files are now containing
these entries.
All sources recompiled with memwatch. I will not name all
places where I found memory leaks, it was a lot. Still busy
finding them, but most programs are allright now.
You can turn memwatch on and off in the file CONFIG. If you
change it, do a "make clean" before recompiling the sources.
Changed my Fidonet address, the testsystem is listed now and
removed my old e-mail address which was not valid anymore.
Changed the installation script.
For RedHat 6.1 and newer a different /etc/rc.d/init.d/mbsed
file is created then before because the su command behaves
different. The install script will try to detect this.
Thanks to Juergen Heisel for finding this problem.
Changed more startup and shutdown scripts.
Changed language prompts 306, 311 and 324 to reflect
GigaBytes storage instead of MegaBytes.
Changed language prompt 327, it had a space too many at the
In the attach function implemented the global leavecase
switch to be able to turn off the forced uppercase for
file attaches when dos translation is on.
Found a bug where mbfido ran out of file descriptors during
toss, only about 1012 messages were tossed and then the whole
thing started tossing everything to bad. Jim Hansen who
reported the problem, reported that tossing 37500 messages
now works fine.
Added the commandline switch -unsecure to be able to run an
unsecure toss, ie. no originating checks are performed.
Handle with care.
Forwarded netmail packets got the wrong from address in the
.pkt header.
Added fsync calls after every write to a message packet.
When writing .tic files to other nodes now the real aka of
the tic area is used in the From address instead of bestaka
match of the destination.
All system aka's in the same zone are now added to the .tic
Seenby lines.
Will now gently stop processing if the upsdown semafore is
Added a check with file import that there are no more then
25 description lines.
Added new controlcode, ^KM displays the users lastread pointer
in the current message area.
When reading new mail at logon, the users lastread pointers
are not updated anymore in echomail/news areas to prevent that
the users skips unread messages.
Only if a message area is Public/Private and a reply is given
the user gets the question Private y/N. On other cases the
flag is automatic set.
With netmail reply if enough security level a file may be
The door.sys dropfile date formats are now fixed. Depending
on the menu settings it can be original (pre 2000) format or
have four digit year numbers, the new style. Writing the
dropfile can also be suppressed.
Removed the setuid calls before and after running a door,
mbsebbs now always runs as user "mbse".
The $HOME environment variable is now forced to the users
real home directory, even if mbsebbs is started as user bbs.
When the user logs in, the existance of the subdirecties
.dosemu/run and .dosemu/tmp are created in the users home
directory if they don't exist. DOSEMU is happy with that.
Because of this, all files in the users directories are now
only owned by user mbse.
Moved the setup of last message and file area to a later
startup point in userlogin.
Autoexecuted menus are now also checked for user security
and user age.
Fixed the screen output of several bbs list menus.
Now handles the /dev/pty/0 device names found on newer
Linux distributions.
It will now also create the necesary subdirectories for the
/dev/pty/n devices.
The written messages statistics counters always counted at
sunday in januari.
Added message post from a file function.
With the filebase editor I got segmentation faults on a Sun
Sparc machine, changed the filedate calls. They show up the
local time now also.
Added the global editor for the tic areas.
Added in menu 1.3 a switch to leave to case for .flo files
original, ie. not forcing it to uppercase.
Added menu creation in menus setup.
Added setup to suppress the creation of a door.sys dropfile,
and the ability to write the years in four digit format in
the door.sys file. Newer doors seem to understand this.
Added delete menu item in menu setup, finally.
Added menu item move.
The menu editor now shows the autoexec menus with the
lightred lowercase "a" at the selection key position.
When a new is created, the default loglevels
are now set to normal values.
Forgot to implement the NoTCP global and per node flag.
If you are not permanent connected to the net, use these
to prevent the use of internet protocols.
Screen 5 now calls Nopper() to keep the server alive.
Corrected screen display numbers 5 and 6.