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$Id: ChangeLog_2000,v 1.1 2002/06/01 13:55:40 mbroek Exp $
MBSEBBS History in 2000.
v0.33.10 24-Jan-2000
Changed version numbering. From now on, minor odd numbers
are testversions, even are stable. Same as with the
Linux kernel.
Changed the setup script, it should now detect SuSE systems.
This is not tested.
Remove (as root) all bbs users from /etc/ftpusers. They are
not needed (and never were).
Compile and install this release.
Kill mbsed (killall -9 mbsed).
Edit $MBSE_ROOT/etc/mbsed.conf, remove the line with logdebug
and the commentlines above.
Start mbsed again (/opt/mbse/bin/mbsed).
Then start mbsetup, open the global menu 1, and exit. Answer
yes to update.
If you have any echomail passthru areas, give them a
message base path. Passthru doesn't exist anymore.
The file_crc function now supports the usleep(1) code
for background processing.
The logfunctions now replace <cr> and <lf> with spaces.
Corrected a bug in the Pack function when the headerfile
was corrupt. If the header is corrupt, the index file is
used to find the right recordposition again. Errors are
Removed the logdebug loglevels. Logging is fixed now.
Changed the answers for the SBBS command.
Added a global setup screen for the ftp server.
Added a switch in the menus setup for doors to set a flag
to create door.sys files for dosemu/Vmodem use.
Revised the message area setup screen.
Changed text's in global mailer setup to indicate that the
mailer flags are for TCP/IP connections.
Doesn't add usernames anymore to /etc/ftpusers. This is not
needed for standard ftp security.
Added send filerequest to the binkp protocol. In single
batch mode, you need to connect a second time to get the
request response. This is normal single batch behaviour.
Nodelist flag for Binkp mode is XX. (For POTS/ISDN XA).
Added received filerequest to the binkp protocol. In single
batch mode this will put the files on hold. Multiple batch
mode works now but is only tested against another mbcico
Calling internet nodes could not use a forced hostname or
IP address. Fixed. Added search in nodes setup phone
fields for hostname/IP address, search in nodelist location
entry (2 nodes on the world do that, I needed one of them),
and the IP notation in the nodelist phone field (000-...).
Hostnames after the flags are not resolved, hostnames
should be in the system name field.
In the binkp protocol the flags from the global mailer
setup are sent as our flags.
The next two pathes are from Ken Bowley.
Changed the fullscreen editor with patches from Ken Bowley.
Improved behaviour for inserting and deleting text.
Changed the door.sys creation, if the COM port option in
the menu files is on, the door.sys file writes COM1 in
it with a portspeed of 115200. This is for running doors
under dosemu and a patched Vmodem.
Made newmail scan and other checks for personal mail case
The fullscreen editor source now has an extra define FSEDIT
to enable heavy debugging logs.
It didn't respect the BBS closed status on lines that did
not honor ZMH status.
Removed "Re:" debug logging from mail.c
Corrected the queue path for tic passthru areas, the
destination path missed a /.
Delete file from the inbound with passthru areas is now at a
later point.
Removed the message passthru switch, you needed and area
Corrected screen output when it was waiting for the bbs to
New! Special ftp server for MBSE BBS. Should use BBS users
access restrictions etc. Doesn't work yet so don't use it.
It is included in the distribution, but not compiled or
v0.33.11 07-Mar-2000
Change the CLIENT line in ~/etc/mbsed.conf, the authcode must
now come behind the hostname. Remove the AUTHCODE line.
Kill the old mbsed, start the version from this version.
The same changes must be made to ~/etc/client.conf
Run mbsetup, goto 1.17 and 1.18 and set it up for your system.
Check the QWK area names in the message areas: if there are
areanames longer then 13 characters edit them so that they
fit in the 13 characters limit. In previous versions this field
was 20 characters.
Added global config to create www pages for downloads.
Included the mbftpd directory in the main Makefile. Don't use
the mbftpd program yet!
Updated the documentation, some parts were 2 versions behind.
Execute external programs now lowers process priority to 15,
and restores to 0 after execution. This should make running
(de)compressors and other utilities "nicer".
If a client fails server authorization, it will now proper
close the server connection.
The syntax of the client lines in mbsed.conf is changed,
multiple lines are now allowed, hostnames and authcodes must
be on one line now.
It is now possible to close the connection when not authorized.
Minimized the number of response codes. Updated the
Added global setup menu for the html pages creation.
The length of the QWK area names in the message areas setup
is changed from 20 to 13 characters for the QWK specifications.
Removed selection of menu number 216 from the menu editor.
The index command now also creates index.html files for web
clients. The index files are stored in the download directories.
If a download directory contains .gif or .jpg files then
thumbnails will be created and the thumbnails will be used in
in the index.html files.
You need "convert" of the ImageMagick package to use that
Added 'index*' to the list of filenames that isn't checked
with the mbfile check option.
Pack and Move file functions will now also delete or move the
thumbnail files.
Changed the binkp receiver timeout code to prevent a hanging
receiver. This only happens sometimes on a Sun Sparc (and
still does).
Changed the modem chat logging. It is now visible what is
really send and received from to the modem.
Added wordwrap in the fullscreen texteditor. Patches by
Ken Bowley.
Replaced hardcoded prompts in offline.c with language prompts.
New prompts are 66, 228, 229, 256, 260, 277, 297, 338, 374,
377, 391..397, 411, 425, 439..460. Replaced a language prompt
in the Language load function with a hardcoded message.
Removed menu option 216, download pointmail.
Added QWK download and upload. Not fully tested yet!!
Added ASCII download.
File descriptions with color info will now be displayed in
File descriptions with color info suppresses the color info
in the all/newfiles listings and 00index files.
v0.33.12 24-Apr-2000
After compiling and installing set the amount of free
diskspace in mbsetup menu 1.4.22 to your choice.
Kill and reload mbsed.
If you use the web interface for the file areas create
the directory css in your webserver document root and copy
files.css from the distribution archive in it. Then run
mball index. Customize files.css to your taste.
Changed the ~/tmp/scan.mail file to ~/tmp/echomail.jam and
~/tmp/netmail.jam in the standard JAM format.
Added file README.GoldED
Added function to check for free diskspace on ext2, msdos and
vfat filesystems, except floppies.
New nodes now have "Notify" default off.
Renamed menu 1.4.
Added minimum diskspace setting to menu 1.4.
Added force FNC switch to the nodes setup.
Exported netmail are checked until any tearline, not MBSE's
tearline alone.
If exported echomail doesn't have a ^aPID kludge, the ^aTID
kludge will be inserted anyway.
Removed some debugging info from the ARCmail pack function.
When netmail to points is written with GoldED there was no
^aTOPT kludge. Any missing ^aTOPT, ^aFMPT and ^aINTL kludges
are now added if they were not found during mailscan.
The unarc/viruscheck directory is now completly removed after
use and created again. Sometimes files with strange names
were left behind with a normal recursive remove.
Now checks at regualar points the free diskspace. Execution
aborts if it is too low.
Inserted ^aINTL: kludge instead of ^aINTL without colon.
Corrected the users age calculation, the users age increased
one month after his birthday.
Added some fsync() calls to ensure disk writes.
Now starts logging reginfo locking after the fifth attempt.
Made some small changes to the binkp batch function.
Added free diskspace check during outbound calls.
Added BSY command support for binkp during file transfer stage.
Changed binkp timer reset points during file transfer stage.
The binkp receiver now checks diskspace before accepting a
new file, it sends BSY if too low to the remote.
If in nodes setup the FNC flag is set, the binkp protocol
will now send old 8.3 uppercase filenames to the remote.
The WWW pages now include a stylesheet so it is more easy
to create a personal look and feel for the pages. The
stylesheet goes into htdocsroot/css/files.css An example
is included in this distribution.
Added free diskspace check.
Added free diskspace check.
Added free diskspace check.
Added free diskspace check.
Added free diskspace check.
v0.33.13 12-Jun-2000
Make all files and install them as root.
If you use GoldED or other mail utilities as another user
change $MBSE_ROOT/sema and $MBSE_ROOT/tmp to mode 777.
Kill mbsed with signal 9.
Now start mbsed again (/opt/mbse/bin/mbsed).
The install script now sets the $MBSE_ROOT/sema and tmp
directories to mode 777.
Updated the internet news gate documentation.
Now creates all JAM files with mode 0666.
The binkp driver skipped aka's when the node number
was zero.
Changed on hold logmessage.
When forwarding a netmail, a temp file was closed twice,
this caused a segfault on glibc-2 systems.
In the logfile areamgr notify messages had the same orgin
and destination address.
Changed the signal handlers. It will now allways try to
cleanup lost clients. It will also not hang anymore when a
client aborts for 10 minutes and use 100% cpu time.
Changed logging in filearea select.
Permanent removed download checktime function, this was
already off.
Added error logging for setting filearea 0 during logoff.
Only netmail replies via an internet gate are now readressed
to a UUCP address.
v0.33.14 03-Jul-2000
Read this section carefully!!! This is a large update.
Backup the whole BBS configuration.
Compile and install all programs.
Kill -9 pid of mbsed. Restart mbsed.
Delete file ~/var/mailer.hist
Delete in all outbounds the *.sts files.
Start mbsetup, set item 1.5.14 if you want new users to
get an email box, you should do this.
Set 1.13.4, 1.13.5 and 1.13.6 to the node where the pop3,
smpt and nntp servers are, normally this is "localhost".
Set 1.13.10 to the Fidonet aka you will use for incoming
and outgoing email via the Fidonet UUCP gate.
Set 1.13.11 to the node address of the Fidonet UUCP gate.
Set 1.13.12: use "No ISP" if you dont't have internet
access, you will then use the default Fidonet UUCP gate.
Set it to "Dial ISP" if you connect sometimes to the internet
of have a cable modem without a DNS entry. Set it to
"Perm ISP" if you have a permanent connection to the internet
and you system has a valid DNS name.
With mbsetup open the userbase, close it and answer yes to
the save question. If you want existing users to have
private email, set 15.36 for each user to yes. You should
do this to accept email from the UUCP gate.
Open the message areas setup (9.2), exit and answer yes to
the save question, this will update this database.
Remove any existing email areas in the normal mail setup,
menu 9.2 (you should not have had any yet).
With mbsetup open menu 16, this will add the default services
database. Add entries as needed.
With mbsetup open menu 17, this will add the default domain
translate database. Insert entries as needed. Move the new
entries so that the .fidonet .ftn translation is the last
Go back to the start of this section and check!
Introduced users private email. Each user has (if set) three
email boxes: mailbox, archive and trash.
New system settings GiveEmail, POP3 host, SMTP host, Email Aka,
UUCP gate aka and Email mode.
New menus for email: 216 Read email, 217 Post email, 218 Trash
email, 219 Choose mailbox, 220 Quickscan email.
New user settings Email and plain password.
All users can now have private email boxes.
In normal mail areas you can't create email boards anymore.
Some documentation is updated for new features and some
changes are made to explain some things better.
Added a services database. These are mail accounts that can
perform certain actions.
Added domain translation database, this will translate fido
domains to internet domains and back.
Changed the message areas to contain newsgroups information.
The nodelist lookup function didn't recognize the internet
protocol flags followed by a colon and portnumber.
Move some functions from mbfido and mbmsg in here.
Added characterset convertor from ifmail. It uses the same
Moved some other functions into this library.
New library, internet protocol interfaces. Has interfaces
to SMTP, NNTP and POP3 protocols.
The MsgIdCRC and ReplyIdCRC values were not set in the message
Added protection for too long subfield strings.
Made some stringlengths longer, following JAM specs.
When closing the server connection the autorisation table will
now be freed before the program ends.
During binkp calls the mailer history wasn't filled with
session information.
Some system names were too long for the history info.
Will now properly initialize the mailer history file when it
doesn't exist.
With incoming calls the "Node not in setup..." debug log
message at startup is supressed.
Will send netmail with Immediate flag set allways.
Will now also poll non-CM systems outside ZMH. You should
know what you are doing!
The format of the outbound .sts files is changed to prevent
problems on Sparc systems.
Made the FTS-0001 sessions work again.
With outbound sessions the RH1 link option is set.
If a file is received and there is alread an empty file with
the same name, that one is removed to prevent filename extension
bumping. This may be a leftover from a previous failed session.
Won't create polls for nodes not in the nodelist, nodes that
are Down or Hold. Removing polls is always possible.
When multiple polls on the commandline are given, if one of
these nodes is down/hold, then all other polls are still
When creating a poll for a non-CM node outside ZMH, a warning
is given and written in the log.
Added the fileattach command.
The format of the outbound .sts files is changed to prevent
problems on Sparc systems.
In the rollover function the mailer history is truncated each
month. The current and previous month records stay.
When forwarding .tic files, the files are now attached to the
routevia address if this is set for a node.
Processes scanning of netmail with the immediate flag set.
Added more debugging info for the scan function.
Uses the services database to decide incoming netmail to handle
by AreaMgr, FileMgr or Email.
Moved some functions to common.a
Configuration errors found during mailscan are now logged.
Removed a small memory leak from the magic manager.
Added experimental email import from a FTN UUCP gateway.
The AreaMgr now refuses to disconnect a node who is cutoff from
an mail area to prevent reconnection.
If from a received tic file the accompaning file is missing in
the inbound the errormessage will now say that instead of the
wrong message "Permission denied".
In edit fido aka's when you remove a secondary nodelist the aka
is now automatic erased.
The line editor now checks if a line only contains spaces, if
so, the line is returned erased. Trailing spaces are still
Added global settings and user settings for the new options.
Added 5 new menu choices, Post Email, Read Email, Trash Email,
Choose Mailbox and Quickscan Email.
Added setup for the services database.
Added setup for the domain translation database.
Corrected some sitedocs chapters numberings.
Added setup parameters for news in the message areas editor.
For new installations there will now be a default system
location filled in. This will prevent "mbstat open" to hang
for sysops that didn't do proper system setup.
The post function created the semafore scanout instead of
Moved some functions to common.a
Messages written with GoldED were deleted by age because some
GoldED versions don't set the Processed date.
Added DoNop() to message read function to prevent losing the
connection with mbsed with long messages.
Added netmail Immediate option for non CM nodes.
Replaced some hardcoded prompts by language prompts.
Duplicate phonenumbers check is finally working.
Added better check for personal mail.
The messagearea overview now also counts messages written by
the user as personal messages.
Changed the newuser function to set system and bbs password
in one function so the user creates the password only once.
During normal login (via user bbs) the plain user password is
stored in the userbase. This will not work with Unix login.
New textcontrolcode: Control-K + N, current e-mail mailbox name.
Updated the change password menu command to use the new
mbpasswd wrapper.
If a user decided to Quit check for newmail, the bbs crashed
with a segfault.
Will not insert Re: in the subject of the subject contained a
Re^2: produced by GoldED.
Patched the fullscreen editor with code from Johannes Lundberg
to correct the "invalid screencoordinates" problem.
Adds the ^aCHRS kludge with CP437.
Will now free the server authorisation tables on exit.
The users plain password is now written to door.sys
Removed the fsync calls in the logfile write functions,
it never did any harm and the fsync calls do really slowdown
the system.
The locking functions only waited for 2,5 second instead of 15.
New wrapper, sets a new password for a user from the
Doesn't ask the user for a new Unix password anymore, mbpasswd
is used instead to set the password.
Added 10 new language prompts, 461 upto 470.
Changed language prompts 39, 40 and 388.
Corrected a bug reported by Johannes Lundberg (2:206/149).
Will now remove blank records at the end of the database.
The index function now translates the characterset from CP437
to ISO-8859-1.
Removed a small memory leak.
Writes an error in the logfile when no nodelist is defined for
a network that is defined in the network setup. Processing of
all other lists will be completed.
Will now free the server autorisation table at exit.
New program, use this to replace ifmail from the ifmail package
for the email gateway if you had that installed. If it is then
it's probably configured in /etc/ or whatever other
MTA you are using.
v0.33.15 08-Oct-2000
After installing the new binaries kill mbsed. Start mbsed.
Start mbsetup, open global menu 1, exit and save. This will
set the default value for newsarticles dupe database size.
Set the real news areas to the type News instead of Echomail.
Copy mbsebbs-0.33.15/script/run_inout to $MBSE_ROOT/etc
Compile the nodelists again with mbindex.
All version information for the sources now comes from the
generated file config.h
Tested on Slackware 7.1 (i386) and Debian 2.2 potato (Sparc).
Changed the SS() macro to MBSE_SS() to prevent conflicts
with system libraries.
Changed the way debug logging is, see the file DEBUG for
Updated the ftscprod list with version 006 of 22 jan 2000.
I dared to ask for a product code with the FTSC commitee.
Removed the McMail.bug file from the distribution because
later releases (after 1.0) don't have problems anymore with
EMSI handshake.
Added nodelist capability flag IFT for future extension.
Added forgotten nodelist capability flag Z19.
Changed the analogue modems priority.
When there was more then 6 Gig diskspace free, several programs
complained about negative diskspace available.
The logger now registers the /dev/pts/n devices correct.
Changed the logger for the new debug way of logging.
The logger is now protected for stringlength overflow.
When exporting echomail all system aka's in the same zone are
now added to the SEEN-BY lines.
Experimentail newsgroup postings from local posted echomail
and received echomail.
Now closes active SMTP and NNTP servers only once if they have
been used instead of opening and closing for each message.
The filemover now creates destination directories if they don't
Added patches from Redy Rodriguez of 2:283/613.6:
. Added %RESCAN and %MSGS to the Areamgr.
. It also fixes two bugs in %QUERY: it incorrectly listed the
linked areas (I have added the great totals at the end of
answers to %QUERY and %LIST); and it also corrects its not
recognizing the area tag if you ask for it in lower case
letters (should always be in upper case).
. The AREA: kludge in echomail is now only tested if it is the
first line of the message.
. Added the message area autocreate function. See the manual
for details how to set it up.
mbfido now creates MBSE-FIDO ^aPID and ^aTID kludges.
Crashmail to points will be sent to their boss node.
Sending email now uses the mkrfcmsg function.
Incoming .pkt files not ending with a zero word are now
processed as if they were ok. The will not end up in the bad
directory anymore.
In magic unpackfile for test there is now an calloc for the
cwd buffer to see if that removes a NULL pointer free'd error.
Added extra check for Slackware systems. Since 7.0 there is
an extra check needed to prevent detecting a Mandrake system.
Corrected a minor typo for Debian startup script.
The PickAka function loaded the global setup again when
editing the global setup so you did loose all recent changes.
Added a menu entry in menu 1.13 to set the size of the news
articles dupes database.
In screen 9.2 changed the order of fields 19, 20, 21 and 22
because item 8. got partly overwritten by linewrapping.
Corrected the data given for disk statistics for large disks.
The log function now prints all characters to the logfile.
New users have now default the fullscreen message editor.
Added patches from Redy Rodriguez of 2:283/613.6:
. Changed language prompts 136...141 and added 471. Changed
the timestatistics output in funcs4.c for the changed
language prompts. It is now full international.
mbsebbs now creates MBSE-BBS ^aPID kludges.
It is now possible to reply crash to points by testing the
status of the bossnode. Also crash posting to points is
now possible.
Changed some debugging code of the fullscreen editor.
Message reading on Sparc systems works again.
The offline reader functions Tag areas, Untag areas and View
tags will now display the more/y/= prompt when the listings are
longer then the screenlength. Patches by Redy.
When posting a news article the To: field is automatic filled
with "All".
Postings to email and newsgroups now add some RFC headers for
mbfido to process. The style of GoldED is used.
mbcico now creates MBSE-CICO ^aPID kludges.
The binkp transmitter now sends a zero length dataframe after
the transmitted file to all mailers except mbcico.
Removed a small bug in EMSI handshake routine.
Revised modem7 timeouts. Corrected checksum error for first
time receive of filename.
Did final testing for FTS-0001 sessions, a lot of bugs are
repaired. Note that most of them may be present in ifcico.
In a FTS-0001 session wazoo filerequests are also honored.
Sometimes received wazoo requests were renamed to temp
filenames and not responded to.
Corrected the helpscreen for the TCP/IP modes.
Improved the random dial delay time generation.
The logger now registers the /dev/pts/n devices correct.
Patches for new device pty names by Redy Rodriguez.
New utility written and maintained by Johannes Lundberg,
2:206/149@fidonet, <>.
Changed this script to check for the inbound/bad directory,
if it doesn't exist it is created.
Removed all old news/email gateway stuff.
The goldnode compiler is called if it is in $MBSE_ROOT/bin.