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$Id: ChangeLog_2002,v 1.1 2003/07/06 10:06:45 mbroek Exp $
MBSEBBS History in 2002.
v0.36.00 26-Dec-2002 - stable release
These are the total update instructions for the upgrade from
v0.33.21 until v0.36.00. Read and perform this upgrade with
great care, this one is quite complicated.
Make sure you don't have download files with case differences
in download directories like and FILENAME.ZIP.
With this upgrade files with such names will be deleted!
Rename them before you upgrade!
Make sure your outbound is empty, "mbout stat" should not show
anything in the outbounds. You may delete ~/bin/mbfido before
you do this so when you deliver all pending mail no new mail
will be tossed. New mail will stay in your inbound now.
Now backup your whole bbs and download areas!
Compile the new bbs programs, do not yet install them.
Shutdown the bbs with "mbstat close". Kill the mbtask daemon.
Depending on your distribution as root you can do
"/etc/rc.d/init.d/mbsed stop", the location may vary.
Delete ~/etc/
Delete ~/etc/
Delete ~/etc/
Because the macro template files are changed and you may have
personalized them, these files are not automatic upgraded. If
you want them to be upgraded delete all files in
~/english/macro .
Now install all new binaries (su to root, make install).
Delete ~/bin/mbfido again (to prevent tossing mail).
Back as user mbse again, start mbtask by typing mbtask at the
commandline. Now you are ready to check and update the changes.
Start mbsetup, enter global configuration and exit and save.
This will set defaults for area-/filemgr logging and security.
The noderecords are updated with new security flags.
This will setup the new outbound queue path, default is
The filegroups, ticgroups, tic areas and message areas are
updated with default security flags.
In mbsetup enter Edit Fidonet Nodes. You might want to check
if all the session passwords are still ok. Also check all
nodes if the Pack mail flag is ok, this setting now also
affects echomail!
In nodes screen 1, enter item 2: "Outbox dir" to set a outbox
directory if you want that. This will propose a directory name,
change that if you like to for example to a system or sysop
name. Don't use spaces!
Check new settings in nodes setup, screen 6, items 9 and 10.
Item 9 does not work if the node uses BBBS and maybe others.
If the node uses Allfix or MBSE, 9 and 10 can be Yes.
Check TIC magic records (menu 10.4), all filenames tested are
now uppercase 8.3 names, adjust your filemasks.
In mbsetup enter the Edit Archiver Programs. The new values
should now be set. Do the same for Virus scanners.
This is all for mbsetup.
Run "mbfile check". This will create an error in the logfile
for each file! It will update the filenames on disk to have
both short and long filenames. Just ignore the errors but check
for real deleted files.
Now you are ready, install the binaries again so that mbfido
is present again and you can toss mail. Do this with
"mbstat set mailin", after a while all mail and files will be
tossed and you are back in bussines again.
Have fun.
See all changes from development version 0.35.01 upto 0.33.07.
MBSEBBS History.
v0.35.07 11-Dec-2002 - 26-Dec-2002
On FreeBSD the lsz and lrz programs are found as alternate for
lz and sz.
For testing purposes of the ESLF (Extended St. Louis Format)
nodelist, debugging is added to show the information in the
ESLF lines. Only visible with utilities debug 's'.
With menu 201 there is now a new optional data parameter N.
When used if a user selects a different message area, areas
with new unread mail are marked with a yellow star.
Also with menu 201 these is now options U+ and U-, which
takes the user to the next or previous Unread message area.
The index command displays LFN names in the webpages again.
The real download still sends the 8.3 name.
Better detection of zone information in netmails when netmail
was stored in a netmail packet of a different network and the
netmail misses a lot of kludges. Better logging of processed
If a TIC file woth lowercase 8.3 filename is received the name
is forced to uppercase 8.3.
Code cleanup in opentcp, better handling of given ports and
better logging.
v0.35.06 13-Nov-2002 - 11-Dec-2002
The html templates are changed by Joachim Kuwan and now they
are valid html files validated at
This upgrade is not automatic because you might have personal
changes in the templates that I do not want to overwrite.
Another one changed is areamgr.status, that one had an error
and did display garbage for the routevia address.
They are in ~/mbsebbs-0.xx.xx/examples/templates.tar and should
go into ~/english/macro/
Some other templates are changed because they had spelling
errors, you may want to replace all templates.
Added better support for 8.3 and long filenames by creating
symbolic links in the download directories.
Changed the LFN name mangle functions to prevent 8.3 name
collisions. Now the basepart is 4 characters followed by the
tilde char and then a 3 characters code calculated from the
16 bits crc of the original filename. Original this was base 5
followed by a tilde and 2 characters code calculated from the
checksum of the string modulo 1849. Both methods are different
then what MS does.
Added long extension to 3 char extensions for mpeg, smil, perl,
jpeg and tiff.
The unpack function doesn't complain anymore when it was
testing for the archive format on files smaller then 257 bytes.
Several user input functions don't allow comma's anymore.
Uploaded files will now also have a symbolic link to then
long filename from the real 8.3 filename.
Filesearch on filename now uses regexp to find the files.
The caller id didn't show up when the info was available.
A user with only a limit on download files or download Kb could
not download at all.
TIC file forwarding now uses a list of qualified systems to
forward to, and with this information builds more reliable
seen-by lines.
Imported tic files with a new banner file in the archive got
the wrong filetime in the files database. The mbfile check
command would detect and correct this.
TIC files added to the bbs will now also have a long filename
symbolic link.
With TIC file attaches, the filename attached is the 8.3 name.
TIC processing completly modified to make better LFN support,
internal everything works on the 8.3 filename.
When writing ticfiles for downlinks, the To line now depends
on the new nodes setting.
When writing ticfiles for downlinks, the format of the Seenby
lines now depends on the new nodes setting.
When adding unpacked mail for a directory node, the mail
packets had the wrong filename.
Changed some logging to debug with auto create areas.
Request messages sent to the uplinks are now logged in the
manager logfile.
Removed heavy debugging on some parts of RFC message
During toss the Nopper code is called to prevent timeout when
a very large packet is tossed that takes longer then 10 mins.
When more then 1024 dupes were tossed, mbfido crashed because
a temp file wasn't closed.
The echomail dupecheck doesn't check the seconds of the message
date anymore. This will catch some rescanned dupes that modify
the seconds of the original messages.
With filetransfer errors, the attempts counter was not
Finished complete support for 8.3 and long filenames.
The check function now creates symbolic links in the download
areas with the 8.3 filename to the long filename so that the
files seem to exist under both names.
The delete and move functions can now use 8.3 or long
filenames as argument.
The index function now creates web pages with the uppercase
8.3 filename (including thumbnails) because webservers don't
allow downloads from symlinks and the LFN is a symlink. You
could allow your webserver to do this but this is a big
security hole.
In filedatabase editor, if a file is deleted the name is
displayed in light blue.
Added setup switches in nodes setup, files, to toggle sending
advanced seen-by lines and the To line in ticfiles.
The outbound status didn't show the new error codes.
v0.35.05 19-Oct-2002 - 13-Nov-2002.
There is now a mberrors.h file that defines all errorcodes
returned by all programs.
Changed the section about ftp feeds.
Added Q&A about failing internet polls.
Email posted at the bbs was not signed with the signature.
Fixed the bug where the filearea number was lost. This was
caused when a user was logged off before the login procedure
was complete.
If user was displaying the whoson list and there was no
matching isdoing action then browsing will be displayed
instead of system error.
Sends Unix name instead of long name to mbtask.
During login the OS and CPU type is displayed.
Sends Unix name instead of long name to mbtask.
During login the OS and CPU type is displayed.
In screen 1, username field decreased ro 8 characters and the
doing field is increased to 26 characters.
Fixed crash with incoming YooHoo session with bad password.
Still used the phone override fields for hostname override
with internet calls if there was something filled in.
For inbound sessions if the remote is listed in some nodelist,
mbtask is updated with the sysop name and location.
The stat command now also shows what is on hold for a node
with an directory outbound (ftp node). Status is always hold.
The summary counters in the logfile are increased to 6 digits.
When installing the default unarchivers (new installations)
the rar is used to unarchive instead of unrar when available,
rar is compiled static and prefered.
Added support for the nomarch unarchiver. Files are extracted
with the -U switch for nodelists.
Removed from Screen 1.13 the unused switches Res Future and
Repl ext. Fixed some help texts.
Added in screen 1.14 settings for Plus All, Notify, Passwd and
Removed the default Virnet record from the fidonet setup.
In node setup the pack netmail switch is renamed and is now
for all mail. Default for new records is Yes.
Added length check when importing taglines.
Now writes also ~/etc/msg.txt for MsgEd after messagebase is
When a new echomail area was created with a default group
setting, then when the group was selected setup would create
the jam basepath itself instead of using the base from the
New JAM areas will not have spaces anymore in the pathnames.
Spaces are replaced by underscores.
With ticfile processing, the KeepDate setup setting now works.
The FileMgr requests now honor the setting of the switches
Plus All, Notify, Passwd, Message, Tic on/off and Pause.
The AreaMgr reuqests now honor the setting of the switches
Plus All, Notify, Passwd and Pause.
Echomail is now also packed or not according to the packmail
switch in mbsetup.
Statistics count for exported echomail now works.
Email posted in the email box in full domain mode was refused
by SMTP servers because of bad address formatting.
Addex extra check to prevent overflow of arcmail packets
extension. This is logged with a warning when this happens.
If filenames were exhausted and the last one (ending on z) is
truncated in the outbound (has been sent already) it is erased
before the archiver is called to reuse that filename again.
When mail/files were moved to the inbound from a directory
node, this was not processed in the same session.
Moved the ^aTID kludge to the top of the exported message
after the last kludge so people won't complain anymore.
With local hatched files, the aka of the tic area was not added
to the seenby list.
Removed debug logging of "does" info.
v0.35.04 29-Sep-2002 - 19-Oct-2002.
Added mail and files security flags for nodes.
Added Mgrlog function, logs default to manager.log. Does also
log to Syslog with level '+'.
Area- and FileMgr requests are now also logged in manager.log
Auto created and removed areas are also logged in manager.log
Auto created area now get the link security from the group.
With message areas auto update it should now only delete
missing echomail areas.
File attaches to our own points were placed in the node's
outbound directory instead of the point outbound.
Files and echomail security flags implemented.
Echomail rescan will also work with newsgroups.
Removed some debug logging with files replace.
Fixed trashing news dupes file when mbfido was called multiple
times. Improved program locking.
Netmail received for a zone/net without netmail board will be
stored in the badmail area.
Added setup for the nodes record for security flags.
Added setup for the ticgroups default security flags.
Added setup for the mailgroups default security flags.
Added setup for the tic areas security flags.
Added setup for the message areas security flags.
Menu 14, edit files database had the wrong selection prompt.
Fixed backspace/delete key issue.
Fixed backspace/delete key issue.
Removed debug logging.
v0.35.03 06-Jul-2002 - 29-Sep-2002
Now compiles and installs on HP-PARISC hardware, tested with
Debian 3.0 on a HP 712/80.
Added nodelist override to the nodelist lookup function.
Added protection against emty rfc headers with only a space.
Added test for HA archiver.
If during a connect a newsserver refuses the connection then
don't close our side of the connection. This is a temporary
solution, we should disconnect with timeout instead.
Corrected a spelling error in the Dutch language file.
Changed IsDoing information.
Makes use of the node nodelist override settings.
Fixed a bug that mbcico refused to do internet calls when one
of the No IBN, No ITN or No IFC flags was set.
Makes use of the node nodelist override settings.
The file attach function now adds the file to the queue, by
setting the semafore mailin mbfido will place the file in the
real outbound.
Rollover now only sets IsDoing when it really does a date
When a new tic area was created the first file received for
that area was refused.
Fixed a few problems with local UUCP created netmails.
Added routing tables for special cases. Most systems don't
need this.
The route test command now works exactly as netmails do.
Implemented directory inbound tossing and outbound queueing.
Rewrote the outbound queue system, the queue now works for
files also.
Removed debug logline with extract of FILE_ID.DIZ.
When a file is imported with a name that is already present,
the existing filerecord is updated and not replaced.
There are people using M$ wordprocessors to create TIC files,
there is now better filtering to get that garbage out of the
received tic files. We will forward plain ascii of course.
Fixed the outbound queue to send to nodes not in the setup.
When mbfido stops with error 110 it doesn't remove any locks
because this error is only being used before that main lock is
Changed the error codes during init until the main lock is
made, this must prevent destroying a another lock.
Added extra check to unlock directory function to check that
only the owned lock is removed.
Check for Unix accounts is now case sensitive.
Check existing usernames now also checks handles.
Check for existing Unix names now also includes the name ping
and services names.
Check for handle now also checks Unix names.
The setting for single usernames does work again.
Check existing usernames now also checks handles.
When a user paged the sysop for a chat, after the timer was
expired, the bbs crashed.
Fixed a problem with extra spaces in UUCP replyto address.
Added test for HA archiver.
When changing a Handle, Unix names are checked as forbidden
names as well.
Improved import of FILE_ID.DIZ with file uploads. Only if
FILE_ID.DIZ is processed successfull the user will see that
this file has been used.
Corrected length for manual file description to prevent string
Added missing space in message to user about file unpack.
Changed logging of multiple logmessages that are equal.
Changed semafore debug logmessages.
Fixed log problem not always showing the Call flag.
Now forces callmode to None if the callflag was cleared.
The test to add a node to the calllist now also checks the
internal call flag.
Makes use of the node nodelist override settings.
Added default setting for outbound queue.
Enabled setting of nodelist override settings in menu 7.x.3
After nodes setup edit the semafore scanout is set.
When a JAM messagebase path is changed in one of the message
area, filefind and newfiles records are automatic updated if
they were connected to that area.
Added setup for routing the table.
Corrected several page layouts for printing on A4 paper.
Added setup for nodes connected via directories (we are the
FTP server side).
Added setup setting for outbound queue in global setup.
Added support for default setup of the HA archiver.
Changed Rubout key to do the same as Backspace. (experimental)
Changed Rubout key to do the same as Backspace. (experimental)
The and scripts are now only installed
if they were not installed before.
Added better support for different locations of the external
editor joe.
With the aid of a little utility (endian) the right menus are
now installed on little or big endian machines.
v0.35.02 22-Jun-2002 - 06-Jul-2002
Added checks for GoldED in external program checks.
Added new empty path /opt/mbse/var/boxes.
Implemented nodes private outbound boxes.
Revised the dependencies for all sourcefiles.
Added debug nodelist IFT flag for logging.
Added archive detection for tar, gzip and compress.
Changed node records layout into 8 screens to be able to add
more settings. New settings not in use yet are disabled.
Added settings for node contact information. This is private
for mbsetup use only.
Implemented nodes special outbound box setup. When you enter
that item for the first time, it fills this with a suggested
Changed description and filetype for default tar gzipped files
in archiver setup.
Added default records for bzip2 and uncompressed tar files.
Implemented nodes special outbound boxes.
Corrected a problem with getting modem aftercall info from ISDN
Implemented nodes special outbound boxes.
In newsmode when a mesage is received with an illegal formated
date headerline, the date is replaced with the current date
and time. Possible cause: SunMail 1.0
When reading taglists if there was no description after the
tag, mbfido would crash.
Filefind netmail replies now set the private flag.
Removed debugging messages displaying the incoming tic files.
The mbfido test command now needs a extra parameter, the final
destination to test. It doesn't use the internal fixed table
Fixed a crash when a pointlist contained Point,5,reservered,
and nothing more.
Added nopper code to prevent timeout on slow systems with
large pointlists to compile.
The email address in new created .signature files is only
added if global Give Email is true and in the userecord the
email is also enabled.
The whoson list now supports the /H and /U optional data to
display handles or unix names.
The send online message now supports the /H and /U optional
data to use handles or unix names.
The display userlist function now supports the /H and /U
optional data to use handles or unix names.
The display lastcaller list now also supports the /U optional
data to display Unix names.
Code cleanup in offline reader.
Messages posted using BlueWave format now correct the timezone
Messages posted using BlueWave now show the tearline of the
OLR client if this is present.
When messages are uploaded with BlueWave or QWK the netmail.jam
or echomail.jam is updated.
With QWK messages upload, if a tearline is already present, it
will not be added again.
The isdoing messages now has the area number included.
When first run the goldnode command is only filled in if it
exists in the mbtask configuration.
Implemented nodes special outbound boxes.
Added debug info for isdoing messages.
v0.35.01 05-Jun-2002 - 22-Jun-2002
Added structures for netmail routing file.
Expanded nodes structures for FTP and Directory transfers.
Splitted nodes session/mail password in mail and session
Added more external program checks to get the right paths of
archivers, virus scanners etc for default settings in the
Removed some debug logging and corrected some spelling.
The ping test now also works if operations are suspended.
Rewrote the ping state machine.
Now uses the new session password field for session handshake.
The binkp version string now includes the OS and CPU type.
If a transmitted file via binkp is skipped by the remote it
will stay in the queue for the next session.
The binkp protocol now supports the CRC option proposed by
Tobias Ernst. This unofficial extension is also supported by
Irex and patched BinkP versions.
Better error handling for error conditions during a binkp
Fixed a problem with the calculated filetransfer speed with
large files on fast connections.
Removed a small memory leak.
When creating uplink area requests the from aka used is now
the aka defined in the group.
Removed several memory leaks again.
Fixed a bug when a news article was received with a header
line without a key value such as created by wrong configured
Added -v commandline switch to suppress virus checking for the
adopt and import commands. Use with great care.
Bluewave reply packets now also process an incoming *.olc file
so now bluewave if fully Bluewave V3 compatible. Internally it
works by converting the *.olc file to a *.pdq file. Patch made
by Redy Rodriguez.
Upgrades the nodes records, the new session password is copied
from the old combined mail/session password.
In nodes submenu 14 the session and mail passwords can now be
edited seperatly. This will change again!
Archivers, file transfer protocols and virus scanners found
during first configure of this program are automatic installed
in the setup and enabled. Others are shown there with default
paths but are disabled, they can be used as examples.
Fixed crashing mbsetup in menus 10.3.2, 10.4.5 and 10.4.6.
Menu 1.1 system aka's now has the option to move aka's to
other positions. Added some check's on the main aka's.
The pinger now uses a fixed sequence number to check if this
is the problem that sometimes the internet seems down.
v0.33.21 04-Jun-2002
This is the final release of the 0.33.20 development version.
v0.33.20 10-Feb-2002 - 04-Jun-2002
Remove /opt/mbse/etc/
Compile sources and install binaries. Restart the BBS.
Enter mbsetup, this will upgrade the databases.
Go into global configuration, exit and save, this will update
the main configuration (add default macro path).
Edit the message groups and file groups for new settings.
Run mbfile check to fix download directory permissions.
Check the setting in menu 10.2.13 if it does what you want it
to do.
Added structures for area maintenance with area lists.
Installing the maptabs don't give any errors anymore when
installed as user mbse. The location of the source isn't
important anymore to install the maptabs.
Updated German, Spanish and Galego languages.
The location of the sourcefiles is not important anymore.
Added detection of vpopmail in default installation path.
Changed language prompts 372, 373, 387, 388, 389, 390 and 438.
Added the turbodiesel macro language so that reports can be
customized per language and reports. Thanks to Redy Rodriguez
for finding this one and implement it into mbse bbs.
Splitted the No TCP settings in No IBN, No IFC and No ITN.
Removed settings for Non-hold mail and Pickup Primary.
Removed several setting for http setup, this is now handled
by the macro templates.
The rc files for joe, the external editor are now copied to
/usr/lib/joe or /etc/joe depending on your distribution.
Several readme files are now in a new html file, the FAQ.
Added 2 functions to return the OS name and CPU family.
Added a function to return the right tearline.
Added support for ext3 filesystem in diskspace check.
Fixed lharc archives return code to LHA.
Changed mkprod.awk script to support Debian Woody.
The aka2str function now onmits the @ if there is no domain
Added counter for mailer TCP/IP sessions.
New library for parsing macro templates.
Improved logging for opening message bases.
Added function to delete a JAM message base.
Fix for corrupting LastRead pointers on FreeBSD systems.
In message groups added default settings for auto area
Added servicename filemgr to the filemgr services.
When adding or deleting a message area, several extra checks
are done. The JAM base is also removed when deleting.
Layout for message area editor changed, more logical now.
If selecting a file/mailgroup in node edit that is outside the
visible range of groups, the view is adjusted.
If changing the path in an existing file area, the files in
that area are moved to the new path.
It is now possible to move file areas.
It is now possible to move JAM message bases.
Added edit of external message editor in menu 1.4.
Added edit of NoPrompt setting in menus for doors.
Changed edit of message editor in user editor.
Double noderecords are automatic removed with error logging.
Corrected screen layout in menu 1.4.11.
When editing analogue modem lines, the locked portspeed was
in a lot of cases set to 0.
In newfiles and filefind reports sets default template files
during init.
When adding a new newfiles or filefind record some defaults
are automatic filled in.
Splitted no TCP into no IBN, no IFC and no ITN in global and
nodes setup.
When editing a new message area, and the area was made active,
all entered data was erased.
Removed setting for http setup which are now in the macro
Changed the screen layout of menu 10.2 a bit as suggested by
Vince Coen.
Fixed a non understandable logmessage in check if nodes are
connected to file and or mail groups.
It is now possible to reset a users time left for today.
The top statusbar now displays the bbs Free/Down/Busy status.
Some dangerous menus cannot be entered anymore while some
programs are being used, ie. the bbs must be free. When these
menus are entered, the bbs will be closed for use.
Added menu 8.6, edit BBS list entries.
Fixed numbering of menu 8.7, edit oneliners.
Added menu 8.8 for safe crackers data. If the safe is cracked
it can now be reset.
Protected convert-all setting in menus 10.1 and 10.2 when no
default archiver is defined.
Changed page layout in site.doc
Changed the confusing No Touch setting in tic areas to Touch.
The top statusbar now displays the bbs Free/Down/Busy status.
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
In AreaMgr and FileMgr changed aka matching for area
connections. Code cleanups.
In FileMgr when %tick=on/off command was received, mbfido
Implemented auto area create comparing a new received echo
from a uplink which has a echomail taglist in one of the
mailgroups defined. The area is created with the defaults
from the mailgroup.
If mbfido fails to unzip a incoming mailarchive, a second
attempt is done after a sync() and one second delay. This
seems to be a kernel flush problem.
The same goes for adding .pkt files to the outbound, a second
try is done after a sync() to add the .pkt to the archive.
In the To field of a created TIC file there is now a comma
between the sysop name and fidonet aka.
When creating a filefind netmail reply there was no
destination address.
Corrected spelling errors in the Areamgr and Filemgr help
Removed some debug logging from the RFC->FTN gate.
Implemented the FileMgr and AreaMgr pause and resume commands.
Changed logging when AreaMgr/FileMgr commands did fail.
Some checks improved and fixed some potential sigsegv crashes.
Reduced aka match level for (dis)connect areas to zone, net.
This should fix problems on systems with multiple aka's when
the first aka is not the aka in the areas.
In mgr result reports, lines with connected areas do now also
display the aka to which they are connected.
The file forward function now always puts a 8.3 filename in
the outgoing ticfile. For most files nothing is changed.
AreaMgr and FileMgr netmails are now split into more netmails
when the become too large.
When a downlink requests an echomail area which is not yet
available, and there is a areas file for some uplink, the area
is automatic created and a areamgr request is sent to the
uplink to connect that area. The area is created with the
defaults from the mailgroup.
Experimental patch in mkftnhdr to create a To address in news
articles where a Reply-To: header is present.
It was not possible to disconnect file areas.
Added nopper code to full mailscan.
Fixed a problem that caused a SIGSEGV when a node was in the
ticfiles setup to forward file to and there was no noderecord.
When a ticfile was received while our aka is in the path, the
bad tic counter wasn't increased.
Made error message in AddMsgHdr function more clear.
Removed experimental patch in news->ftn gate were wrong To:
address was created.
The mbfido news functions doesn't abort anymore when a
newsgroup didn't exist.
For points in echomail no seen-by entry is added.
The AreaMgr and FileMgr responses and notify messages now use
the diesel macro language.
The tic file forward function now uses only filenames in the
subject of the netmail messages without the path.
The tic file forward netmails now uses template forward.tic
When started a second time it doesn't destroy the lockfile
When a converted email to news listserver message is processed
that has a header line starting with X-MS-, the headerline is
suppressed because there is no key for this header. This looks
like a new kind of M$ standard. mbnews crashed on this one.
Fixed a small problem in magic filename testing.
In rfc2ftn the Approved: header now becomes a kludge instead
of being plain passed.
Auto file area create implemented, it can use plain tagfiles
or filegate.zxx formatted files.
The mbfido web command now uses macro templates.
Areamgr uplink requests the sender name is now set to the
sysop's name, so he/she will get to read the responses.
New command: areas. This will read all defined area lists for
files and mail groups that have the Auto Change set to Yes.
Missing areas are created, areas not present anymore are
removed if they are empty. Good for bulk areas create.
When missing areas are created, uplink requests are sent to
connect the areas.
Added more checks to processing of file_id.diz files. Also
when it is illegal formatted the already processed lines are
cleared to prevent later malformatted descriptions.
The hatch and magic processors now scan the filenames to test
using the regexp library, this should be more reliable.
Increased the size of the buffer for filesort.
Improved error reporting when file copy fails.
When a virus scanner is started, de mbtask connection timeout
is set to one hour.
Changed the confusing No Touch setting in tic areas to Touch.
When a file to be attached doesn't exist, a error message is
logged and the attach is treaded as an error.
When creating non-existend message bases, the path is created
first if it doesn't exist.
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
The mbfile index command now creates the html pages using the
macro templates html.main and html.areas. The files.css file
is no longer needed.
The check function now checks download directory permissions
and tries to correct errors.
Missing download directories are created mode 0775.
Moved check for empty areas to mbfile check function.
The mbfile move command now also moves the thumbnails.
Better console error reporting when files are copied.
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
The html file indexes now have better translation from ANSI
to low ascii and html codes.
The import function didn't import files starting with the
letter 't'.
When a virus scanner is started, de mbtask connection timeout
is set to one hour.
The virus scanner was sometimes not executed in the right
directory with the adopt and import functions.
Will not crash anymore when it needs more then 10 minutes to
create the allfiles and newfiles lists.
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
The High-ascii table to translate to lowercase has now the
right values to translate the ansi graphics.
Now uses the template newfiles and filefind to create the
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
Improved error reporting when copy fails.
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
Removed some debug logging.
Creates the semafore is_inet when the internet connections is
available, and removes it when it is down.
Added test for ISDN/modem lines in use. If a line status
change lasted 5 seconds or longer, the oubound will be
Lots of code cleanup.
No setup setting anymore for maximum POTS and ISDN lines, this
is now automatic.
mbtask will now update internal counters how many ISDN and POTS
lines are free to use for dialout.
For ISDN and POTS calls, mbtask now decides which tty to use,
mbcico gets the tty to use as option on the commandline.
Keeps track of the number of mailers running.
Added default path for arealists.
Keeps track of total mailer TCP/IP sessions and will not start
new sessions if the limit from the setup is reached. This will
hopefully prevent that mbcico will use too much bandwidth on
TCP/IP trafic.
Splitted no TCP settings in no IBN, no IFC and no ITN.
Improved the ping tests, better errorlogging and suppresion of
icmp replies that are not for mbtask. Better protected against
flood pings. This should fixes the problem that the internet
seemed down while it was available.
Fixed binkp driver to accept incoming unprotected sessions.
If a binkp session comes in and there already is a session
with that node, mbcico stopts the binkp session with an error.
Remove some obsolete code that is handled by mbtask.
Added some debug logmessages in ttyio.
Added experimental support for binkp GET command frame, under
test now, seems to work, although the offset request is not
Registers TCP/IP sessions with mbtask.
All filetransfer times and cps rates are calculated in mSecs.
Splitted no TCP settings in no IBN, no IFC and no ITN.
Removed settings for Non-hold mail and Pickup Primary.
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
Fixed some small problems with the history data log. Added tty
information when it is available.
The status display has now 9 digits for the outbound size.
New command, mbout reset <node>, unconditionally resets the
nodes "try" counter, ie. make an undiable node try to call
The status command displays the call attempts.
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
On some systems the download taglists contained garbage after
the short filename causing wrong filenames at the users side.
Added support for external message editor written by Redy.
Doors are now passed the parameter to display a prompt after
the door or return silently.
Fixed lharc file return code to LHA.
Calling file transfer protocols now uses the execute call
instead of system.
Improved error logging for file downloads.
When a user has no Location filled in, the bbs doesn't crash
The new files scan colored areasnames bar length is corrected.
Fixed the problems with the safecracker door. Removed the
cheat codes and added a delay for the display of the safe
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
New users have the default internal fullscreen editor.
Removed nonsense error message when stopped on a signal.
If a new user has registered and not yet used the bbs, mbuser
would kill that user because the last login date wasn't set.
It will use the registration date instead.
The timeout for the wait command was wrong due to a wrong
upsdown semafore test.
Corrected a spelling error.
A new shellscript to hatch files in a tic area.
Added support for vpopmail, vadduser command.
Added support for vpopmail, vpasswd command.
Corrected a define for temp variable.
Added support for vpopmail, vdeluser command.
The Makefile now selects the right little or big endian menu
files to install.
Rebuild the menus and txtfiles for the new external editor.
Removed the mbsetup door from the sample sysop menus.
Added templates.tar, these are the default english macro files
for the diesel library.
Called door.bat instead of doors.bat
Modified for SuSE 7.1 and later, the location of the startup
script moved from /sbin to /etc. Patch by Joachim Kuwan.
Also modified init.SuSE for Yast2 on SuSE 8.0
Added path /usr/local/bin for FreeBSD. Needs the psmisc
package from the ports collection to work.
Changed user from mbtask to mbse.
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