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$Id: ChangeLog_2004,v 1.1 2005/10/06 20:49:37 mbse Exp $
v0.70.0 06-Jun-2004 - 26-Oct-2004.
If you run a version older then 0.60.0, first upgrade to 0.60.0
If you run a version older then 0.60.0, first upgrade to 0.60.0
(That was twice).
Don't forget to backup /opt/mbse and all fle areas!
Check if /opt/mbse/var/msgs is empty before using this version.
Make sure that /opt/mbse/queue is empty, then close the
bbs with "mbstat close wait".
Kill mbtask, "kill `/sbin/pidof mbtask` might work.
Now you may do the upgrade with "make install" as root. This
order is important because the files database moves to a new
location (~/var/fdb). Some other directories move too.
Now you may start the bbs again.
Start "mbsetup", enter 1, global setup, leave and save".
Run "mbfile check" and then "mbfile index". This fixes the
thumbnails if supported by your system.
Update all maintenance scripts to change the semafore directory
to ~/var/sema.
If you compiled with ./configure --enable-newsgate you may
need to erase the newsgroup names in the echomail areas you
don't want to gate to news.
In mbsetup menu 1.14 update the TCP/IP connection details.
In the english txtfiles and menus the doors menu and screens
are updated for the newer doors setup, you might want to
upgrade or use them as examples.
In the examples directory type "make macros" to update the
macro templates. Be carefull if you have personalized versions.
To reinstall the corrected macro templates go into the examples
directory and type "make macros".
In mbsetup menu 1.7 check the new items 15, 16 and 17.
If you want to switch running doors as user instead of via sudo
then read doors.html and follow the instructions.
If you have BBBS uplinks and use automatic uplink requests then
change the setup of these nodes in screen 7.10.
Added compile directive for full newsgate. If this switch is
used then mbfido behaves like it did upto version 0.50.0 and
mbnntp is disabled.
Added define for nodelist line length for all programs.
Added -fno-strict-aliasing switch to gcc to prevent some
With the newer versions of dosemu running doors as user finally
works. To migrate you need to read doors.html.
Changed security of most directories and files to allow only
bbs users.
In better xinetd.d system detection.
On Linux adds user mbse to group wheel and uucp. adds disabled telnet service to inetd.conf or xinetd.
In nodelist.conf changed the order of fields to search for ip
information, field 8 before field 6.
Added a new keyword 'ipprefix' in nodelist.conf to define a
table with IP prefixes to use in field 6.
When files are attached that should "leave" after sent (not
truncated or removed) they are now prepended with the @
character instead of no character. This is compatible with
ifcico but not with other mailers, but should do no harm
because most mailers only look for the ^ and # characters.
Fixed function to return full 5d address in the outbound when
the address is in a different zone then our own zone.
The socket_connect function now sets the global nodenumber from
the reply of mbtask.
Implemented the ICM flag (FSP-1033).
Fixed IP port override if there is a port added to a protocol.
Removed some debug logging.
If a message area becomes empty after a pack, all lastread
pointers are reset to zero.
Removed debug logmessage from jamPack.
Removed some debug logging from files database module.
The files database is moved from ~/fdb to ~/var/fdb.
Added debug logging to dbfdb to find the problem with not
cleaned magic aliases.
Fixed a problem with the files database were the temp file used
for sorting and inserting files didn't close the temp file.
Changed method of inserting new files so that old magic names
are really cleared.
Implemented the ICM flag (FSP-1033).
In the binkp driver, when files were found to transmit and
didn't exist anymore, they are not added to the list of files
to sent but are marked as already transmitted so they will
be removed from the .flo file. Also, after a successfull
session .flo files with all files marked as transmitted are
removed. With nodes that were marked crash, this will prevent
continuous calling.
Changed to use direct instead of immediate mail.
Changed binkp IsDoing info.
Removed a little debug logging.
Implemented the ICM flag (FSP-1033).
Code cleanup for nodelist processing.
Changed to use direct instead of immediate mail.
Added compile directive for full newsgate.
Removed logmessage in addpkt function.
Added code to un_attach files during tic import that are
deleted from the system by replace, or keep # magic actions,
but also for files with the same name that are replaced.
Removed debug logging from toberep function since all problems
are solved.
In rfc2ftn added check for ".\n" to change to " .\n" instead of
only check for ".\r\n".
Added support for *.msg files. If any are found, they are
processed and put in a netmail area. From there the mbfido scan
function is automatic called so that the message is sent out or
stays in the area if it has a local destination. File attaches
are supported. Note that this is not a gate, only put *.msg
files in that directory that originate from one of your own
Fixed logging of 0 articles in scannews.
With the command "mbfido areas" without the -q option the user
must confirm this action.
For netmails to uplinks for areamgr/filemgr changes, the wrong
password was used.
In large areamgr/filemgr responses each 2048 bytes was an extra
<cr> inserted.
No help was displayed when no valid command was given.
Echomail for non-existing areas now finally is stored in the
badmail area.
Echomail received from not connected nodes is stored in the
badmail area unless the area allowes it.
Can now send (hopefully) valid uplink requests to BBBS systems.
Removed some debug logging from un_attach, made one into a
normal logmessage.
The postemail and scanemail functions are changed so that
Outlook email addresses are parsed so that we can reply via
During scan the Msg_Read function is now called with a width
of 79 characters instead of 78. This fixes the missing address
on Origin lines of 79 characters long.
The *.msg function now uses Fgets instead of fgets to read the
With te post command, the right number of commandline options
is checked, if this is wrong the help message is displayed.
If a message is posted in a local area, no echomail.jam is
updated and the mailout semafore is not set.
Added checks in the mbmsg post command if the To parameter has
the correct syntax for netmail and all other areas.
Will now return a non-zero error if the post() function
Fixed counter in logfile that should show the number of linked
With the post command a check is done to see if the input file
has a tearline and origin line, if not mbmsg will add these
lines, else the lines of the input file are used.
The filenames in the html pages are now the long filenames.
This fixes download problems with some mangled 8.3 filenames.
Fixed a bug where "mbfile k p i" didn't give the help screen.
The html index now uses html named character entities on the
area names on the main index page.
With html index creation if the convert program for the
thumbnails failed, the html pages were wrong.
The thumbnails were created from the 8.3 name but the url was
created to the LFN. Depending on the settings of your apache
server you would see the thumbnails or not.
The check for wrong thumbnails changed from LFN to 8.3 names.
Updated to use the new files database location.
Code cleanup for nodelist processing.
Added a extra check to see if nodelist datalines are valid to
prevent segfaults on Skynet nodelists.
Does finally compile a username index.
Fixed compiling pointlists where on the Boss line when there
is no last comma on the line.
Added EOF character as last character in the new created list.
In newfiles and filefind reports with the tty info lines, also
display TCP/IP connection details.
In the wait function the semafore directory was scanned direct
instead of using the library functions.
Added user@domain login for pop3 mailboxes.
If pop3 login fails, the bbs won't hang.
If a users homedirectory doesn't exist, a correct error message
is displayed and logged.
If a user replied to a email and the system was in Own
maildomain mode, the From address was changed to the Fidonet
style address instead of Unix address.
When a netmail reply is done to a node without a valid address
we ask the user if he wants to continue.
Changed menu logging.
The exec_nosuid function for doors now also has a extra small
delay just like all other execute functions to prevent problems
on fast machines.
Added extra fflush in quickscan mail.
When calling the external editor, the fromaddress if available
is given to joe.
In Quick_Bye reset all signal handlers to prevent that die() is
called in case something goes wrong during Quick_Bye.
The fake nodenumber is now obtained from mbtask instead of a
count of tty line records so the used nodenumbers will be a lot
lower then before.
Changed Msg_Read from 78 to 79 characters.
In menu the semafore directory was scanned direct instead of
using the library functions.
Made questions for screenlen, newmail check and newfiles check
dependant of settings in the setup.
During program exit, it tried to remove the wrong socket to
If compiled in full newsmode, this program acts like a dummy.
Fixed permissions.
Implemented the ICM flag (FSP-1033).
Added defaults for questions for screenlen, newmail check and
newfiles check.
Changed to use direct instead of immediate mail.
When calling mbcico the address passed is now 5d.
Tried to call nodes during ZMH or during a Tyx window when mail
was on hold.
The comm protocol reply to the AINI command now contains a fake
node number.
The magic filenames directory is moved from ~/magic to
The semafore directory is moved from ~/sema to ~/var/sema.
When shutting down on UPS semafore "upsdown", the log was
When shutting down on an external event and there were users
online, mbtask did not wait.
In mail and files group edit screens, to make an area active
existing connections check is skipped.
If a node record is deleted, the outbox and directory paths
are removed as well if they are empty.
Added user@domain login for pop3 servers in screen 1.12.
Added compile directive for full newsgate to prevent newsgroup
name creation in default compiled mode.
When editing files, after leaving a file record the file range
displayed stays around the last area.
If a message area is deleted and a rulefile is present, this
rulefile is deleted too.
When a new file is written, only fidonet records
that are active are written.
When a file area is deleted, the file path wasn't removed.
In menu 2, added 3 checks to see if enough info is entered to
make a valid network setup.
Changed in menu 1.14 some labels and help messages for TCP/IP
global settings.
In menu 1.7 added 3 new items to ask new users for screenlen,
newmail check and newfiles check.
Changed nodes screens to have a separate uplink managers setup
screen, and added switches for BBBS uplinks.
If the convert program is found and was not found before, the
defaults are set in menu 1.15.6.
The files database is moved from ~/fdb to ~/var/fdb.
The magic filenames directory is moved from ~/magic to
The semafore directory is moved from ~/sema to ~/var/sema.
In user setup, if user gets a new security level, his timelimit
is updated with your permission to the new levels.
Changed the macro templates for filefind and newfiles.
Fixed 2 spelling errors in the dutch macro templates.
Fixed another spelling error in the template of
all languages.
Fixed NetBSD init script reload command.
Changed, it now hase a variable pointing to the dos
Created, this replaces for old systems
that run doors using the obsoleted sudo method.
Rewrote for running dosemu with user privileges.
Changed all locations for dosemu so that we run in the mbse
environment with privileges of the user running the door.
In the editor script (that calls joe) made a fix for screens
wider then 80 characters. Also fixed the joe path if it should
run in emacs mode. Added FromAddress in the header.
Changed all init and maint scripts to move the semafore
directory from ~/sema to ~/var/sema.
Added language prompts 26 and 27.
v0.60.0 09-Feb-2004 - 04-Jun-2004
Before upgrade announce all new files!
Compile all programs.
Close the system with mbstat close.
Install programs as root (as usual).
Start mbsetup, this can take a while on a system with lots of
files, during startup the files database will be converted.
After the menu appears, enter global setup, exit and save.
This will also update the message area records and the message
group permission.
Now stop and restart mbtask.
Open the system with mbstat open.
In all message groups set check/set default character set.
In all message areas set the character set to use with the
global editor (to CP437 for example). Local and netmail
areas must be done by hand because they are most likely not
in a group.
The macro templates are updated, you MUST install the newfiles
macro template at least because the format changed!
Type "make help" in the examples subdirectory to see how.
Reorganized the library header files. This will make it easier
to switch to dynamic libraries so other apps can link to mbse.
Updated to a new files database structure that allows for
expanding the records like most other databases to allow new
Removed all references to costsharing for ticfiles which wasn't
fully implemented.
Added setup items for subprocess priority and sync filesystem.
Added setup parameter for filefind keyword length.
Removed one setup entry for check for free diskspace, there
were two different values for the same purpose. The removed
one was not used.
Moved doc directory from /opt/mbse/doc to /opt/mbse/share/doc.
Added configure test for CPU optimization flags. Use with
./configure --enable-optimize.
Added charset kludges for CP852 2 and CP895 2, Czech Latin-2
and Kamenicky. There are no mapping tables available.
Added new location of joerc files for FreeBSD 4.9
Changed to support Darwin (OS X). Note that in earlier days
mbse did compile under OS X, but things are different since
then. Work is underway to let it compile and run again.
To better support Darwin (OS X) a hardware sponsor is needed.
Changed the execute function so it will work on 2.6.x kernels
and fast cpu's.
Added execute_str function for compatibility with the older
api. Added execute_pth function to execute programs in the
Moved the initial delay in the execute functions to the child
process. This solved the "lost child messages".
Added enoughspace function to check diskspace.
With JAM_Readheader the Msg.Replyid field wasn't filled.
Added new Files DataBase functions that will handle FDB io
with locking.
Patched to store long filename in the newfiles database
Writes the ^aCHRS: kludge again in new created messages.
Changed ^aPID to include OS and CPU.
Added macro "u" that holds the magic filerequest name.
When scanning for uploads, files which were hatched now have
the right tic area name instead of AREA n in the announce
record. They also contain the used magic filename if this is
The scan for new uploads function is updated to the new files
database structure.
The filefind function is updated to the new files database
Updated to use new disk watcher.
Now uses new FDB functions.
Added support for the internal editor for hi-ascii
international character sets.
The screenlength is now really set to the users screenlength.
Writes the ^aCHRS: kludge again in new created messages.
Changed ^aPID to include OS and CPU.
Added user selecting a character set, menu 321.
Added login check to see if user has a valid character set.
Added Control-U 9 to display file to show the users character
set in the menus screens.
Added experimental characterset translation to message read.
This will translate the message character set used to the users
character set. Code is used from Martin Junius Fidogate
package. (A better solution may follow in a next release).
In delete file in home directory the Y/N keys were read from
the wrong language prompt.
Replaced system() call with execute.
Updated to the new files database structure.
Fixed SIGCHLD logmessages on Fedora.
Added logging of virus scanner results.
Patches for offline reader programs that create messages with
wrong line terminaters (Sempoint).
Now uses new FDB functions.
The users tag directory wasn't properly cleaned before a new
download session.
The message group stat counters were not updated when a user
posted a message at the bbs.
Replaced system() call with execute.
Fixed SIGCHLD logmessages on Fedora.
Replaced system() call with execute.
In check for T-Mail fileboxes added condition that the zone
must exist in the setup.
Changed ^aTID to include OS and CPU.
For the tic area create and message area create the check is
now case insensitive, also the area tagnames are forced to
uppercase. This should solve the problems with Linuxnet.
Replaced system() call with execute.
New files who already in the toberep database will not be
added again, but may be updated with newer info.
When removing files during tic import due to replace or maximum
files, thumbnails are now also removed from disk.
Updated tic file import function to the new files database
Fixed a bug in mbfile kill that destroyed the filebase when a
file was deleted or moved.
Doesn't write Magic Request into files description anymore,
this is now handled outsite the description lines.
Updated to use new disk watcher.
The area tags are now created in /opt/mbse/share/doc/tags.
Fixed SIGCHLD logmessages on Fedora.
The last argument '*' which was hardcoded in the virusscan
function is removed, this should be done in the setup for the
virus scanners.
Added loging of virus scanner results.
When a new echomail area is auto created, the creation date and
the newsgroup name will be set.
Fixed news command, only real newsgroup areas are fetched from
the remote newsserver.
Now uses new FDB functions.
When a bbs created file attach is created, the subject line is
converted so that the path information is removed, this is to
keep programs like FD (and maybe others) happy.
In edit message groups added setup for default character set.
In edit message areas added setup for character set for the
area. Also added global edit for character set.
In several places where groups need to be tagged, there is now
a switch (*) to select/deselect all groups at once.
In the user editor the sex is now changed with the spacebar to
prevent typing errors.
In the user editor added character set edit in the second
Removed users fullscreen chat setting, not used.
Added menu setup for change character set, menu 321.
Replaced system() call with execute.
Added auto upgrade for the files database.
Changed menus 14, 7.n.6, 10.1 and 8.4.
Changed default charset for new mailgroups and message areas
to CP437.
Added setup for filefind keyword length in menu 13.
Added setup items in menu 1.5 for child priority and filesystem
sync calls.
In several menus that can change paths, a command to mbtask is
given to reread filesystem tables when something is changed.
Fixed error if a file area is deleted that has an empty files
Added html sitedocs creation. The advantage of html over the
old plain doc is to easy see crossreferences using hyperlinks.
The html files are created in /opt/mbse/share/doc/html.
The ~/doc/xref.doc and ~/doc/stat.doc are not created anymore,
there was nothing in it yet.
Removed setup for the unused free diskspace parameter.
In nodes edit aka's it was not possible to delete aka's.
Added auto setup for message area creation date. Also creates
a faked newsgroup name in echomail areas. Both settings are
needed for the newsserver.
It wasn't possible anymore to change the number of systems in
menu 1.11.11
Fixed a header include.
Now uses new FDB functions.
Message group setup now sets mode 660 for ~/etc/
In menu 1.2 removed Omen Id that was not used.
In menu 18 removed settings for ISP connect and hangup.
Updated file request function to new files database structure.
Fixed a compile problem on FreeBSD 5.1
Fixed a bug when a m_get was received with file offset = file
size that would log a negative transfer time and transfer rate.
Fixed a bug when a m_get message was received with the current
file with offset = file size to properly close the file and
unlink from the outbound queue.
Fixed a bug when a m_get message was received on a file that
was already transmitted to remove that file from the outbound
Removed some debug logging from inbound handler.
Updated to use new disk watcher.
All heavy debug logmessages are now in defines and are only
enabled with ./configure --enable-newbinkp
In check for T-Mail fileboxes added condition that the zone
must exist in the setup.
Added protection against empty domain names received from
remote systems.
Now uses new FDB functions.
Replaced system() call with execute.
Added support for files database Magic request field.
Fixed SIGCHLD logmessages on Fedora.
Now uses new FDB functions.
For creating www pages of the download areas, the new mapping
tables are used to translate from ibmpc characters to
Replaced system() call with execute.
Updated kill, index, check, pack, list, adopt, import, move,
delete and sort to the new files database structure.
The file delete function in kill didn't delete the thumbnail.
The mbfile del and undel commands accept wildcards in the
Fixed an error in check when a mangled 8.3 filename was changed
and the symbolic link was not adjusted.
Added rearc command.
The check command does now also check if the magic alias file
request names are valid and removes the invalid entries.
Updated to use new disk watcher.
Fixed SIGCHLD logmessages on Fedora.
The toberep command now logs the in the debug
Mbfile check will abort if a header of a files database is
Mbfile check will now accept an area number to just check one
single area.
Now uses new FDB functions.
Writes the ^aCHRS: kludge again in new created messages.
Changed ^aPID to include OS and CPU.
Updated to use new disk watcher.
Replaced system() call with execute.
Updated to use new disk watcher.
Fixed SIGCHLD logmessages on Fedora.
Uses the execv instead of system to call the systems useradd
Fixed removing of a OS created homedir.
Added msleep delay in execute child process.
On NetBSD fixed the errormessage when a new user is
Uses the execv instead of system to call the systems vpassswd
program if needed.
Added msleep delay in execute child process.
Updated to use new disk watcher.
Updated to use new disk watcher.
Switched to use new filesystems command.
On screen 2 added disk status.
On screen 3, the warning colors for diskspace are now triggered
by the global config setting, red for the upper limit, and
yellow for the upper limit * 4. Added RO/RW status indicator.
Added communication commands for disk watch thread.
Added disk watch thread, this will monitor filesystems usage
for only the filesystems that are used by mbse.
Signal handler for sigchld set to sig_dfl, for Fedora.
Removed setup for old diskspace parameter.
Fixed crash on NetBSD Sparc when getsysinfo was called.
Fixed SIGCHLD logmessages on Fedora.
Added mbnntp to the taskregs to count as a user program.
In check for T-Mail fileboxes added condition that the zone
must exist in the setup.
Changed some defines for NetBSD 1.6.2
New program, news server to read/write echomail with a news
client. Users must be registered bbs users.
Added change character set in English menus and textfiles.
Updated all newfiles macro template to include the magic file-
request macro (English, German, Spanish and Dutch).
Updated English, German, Spanish and Dutch macro files:
html.nodes and filemgr.status.
Added language prompts 23, 24 and 25.
removed obsolete prompt 240.
Updated germandu.txt (by Malte Tychsen).
In the maint script removed the check option from the mbfile
command so it will not run every day.
Updated maintenace scripts to check that they are run by user
mbse. The new scripts are not automatic installed, in the ~/etc
directory you will find these scripts with the extension .new
You may need to manually update the scripts before you install
the new scripts manually.
v0.50.0 03-Oct-2003 - 09-Feb-2004
Added menu setup switches for doors: Singe user door and
hidden from lists.
Make dist now creates bzip2 archives.
Two html pages are now under control of configure.
The configure scripts shows the use of zlib compression for
Hydra and Binkp.
Updated all documentation to validate html makeup.
Added installation support for Gentoo Linux, contributed by
Capitán X.
Since this version Posix threads are being used, please let
me know if this doesn't compile on you system.
All Makefiles do not strip the binaries anymore, the binaries
are stripped during make install only. This allows to run the
not yet installed binaries under debuggers.
The configure script has a --enable-debugging option so that
all code can be compiled to let it run under debuggers. Not
usefull for production systems.
This version had a lot of testing using valgrind. Most errors
were minor problems.
Added French language file created by Francois Thunus. This
translation is not yet complete.
Cleanup in main makefile, added help.
Revised configure and all Makefiles for better support of
linking with threads libraries.
Changed endian tests using the configure script.
Upgraded to new released ftscprod.008
Added setup option per node to disable the binkp/1.1 protocol.
Added new binkp/1.1 driver.
In all sources replaced the usleep function with the msleep
function. The usleep function will become obsolete someday.
Incoming and outgoing telnet (ITN) sessions finally works.
If you don't have any personal archivers, then remove
~/etc/ and start mbsetup to recreate the
archivers setup.
If you didn't change anything of the language defaults then
delete /opt/mbse/etc/ and run mbsetup to create
a new including the french setup.
Check setting 7.x.3.18 for each node. If you know the node uses
Irex between 2.24 and 2.29 then set this to Yes or you won't
have good sessions without files with this mailer. Sessions
with Irex that do transfer some file are Ok.
Fixed a small (not harmfull) buffer overlapped copy detected
by valgrind.
A small fix in printable log function.
Added a safety check for the TCP registrate function to prevent
stale TCP/IP mailer counts.
Fixed a forgotten fclose in proglock.
Allows node locking with zero bytes lockfiles created by some
other OS when enabled in the setup.
The attach function now checks if a file is already attached.
In execute and execsh on Linux systems sync() is called before
and after running the external program to make sure diskbuffers
are committed. Also added a 300 ms pause.
Added a milliseconds timer.
Code cleanup.
In JAM_Open replaced a strcpy with memmove.
Fixed invalid memory read/write in Msg_Link.
Code cleanup in dbdupe.
Fixed a small memory leak.
The whoson list displays the doorname if set in the menus.
If a door is single user and the door is in use, the second
user can't start the door but gets a message about this
Fixed a bug where the bbs goes into a loop after idle timeout
during login (and maybe in other situations).
Fixed chat debug logging to only log to the debug.log file.
Posted netmail messages now support CC: lines. The CC: lines
should be the first lines of the message in the format:
CC: Michiel Broek 2:280/28
The Carbon Copied messages are marked with original sender.
Fixed small memory leak.
Fixed posting to local/echomail areas from bbs users.
A lot of small fixes for problems found with valgrind.
Added menu settings for single user door and hide door. Added
setting for the door name in the menus and removed the never
used password for the menu (Was only present in the setup).
In node editor, fixed error message when there was no more
room for new nodes to point to the right menus.
Added support for tar compressed archives.
Changed all fidonet domain names to maximum 8 characters so
that we now follow the FTSC specs.
Removed binkp CRC settings.
Fixed a unitialized unlink call in nodes close.
Fixed unclosed tempfile.
Fixed several small memory leaks.
Added default record for french language.
Added setting in menu 1.14 to allow zero bytes lockfiles
created by another OS.
Added setting in menu 7.x.3.18 to disable the use of binkp/1.1
protocol per node.
Corrected a spelling error (thanks Vince).
Removed global setup screen for the ftp server.
Reorganised menu 1.4 screen 1 and 2.
Added settings for T-Mail filebox paths in the second screen
of menu 1.4.
Clearing the working message is now only done by the keyboard
read function.
In several menu items added range check for integer values.
In global main aka setup, added check if a domain name is
Updates to the database is now shown to the user.
Added Hydra zlib compressed data blocks using the idea of Alex
Shakhaylo. The compression will transfer some files about twice
as fast as without compression.
Changed signal handlers to better detect broken TCP links.
Changed two inbound logmessages to debug level.
All internal references to tfido port changed to telnet port
because we now default to telnet port 23 for ITN calls.
Dropped binkp CRC support because it will be incompatible with
future extensions.
Fixed a small memory leak.
New binkp/1.1 driver. Check the upgrade for your Irex links.
In case of troubles please report these.
Added support for T-Mail fileboxes, partly written and info
provided by Przemyslaw Kwiatkowski (2:480/127).
Removed the check to disable calling points.
Added a check to see if we get a URL to call other systems.
If nodelist info fails, increase error counter in steps of 10.
Fixed nodelocks during session handshake after many years. The
problem showed only when mbcico was used together with a mailer
on a different OS. When a aka is busy, the aka is now dropped.
When all akas are busy, a session is impossible and the session
is refused. Thanks to Przemyslaw Kwiatkowski for finding and
documenting this bug.
The total session avg cps is now corrected with the two seconds
session close delay time.
Added PLZ compression option to binkp.
Added telnet input and output filters so we can now call and
answer telnet (ITN) sessions.
When the areanumber with the adopt command was not given, the
help is displayed instead of trying area 0 that doesn't exist.
With the file move, adopt and import command if the file
already exists in the destination area, the action is refused.
Added mbfile sort <area> command. Files are case insensitive
sorted on the long filename. After sort the indexes are rebuild.
Fixed some logging that should have been debug logging.
Fixed a uninitialized memory pointer in the index command.
Fixed a 3 forgotten file closes in mbfile list.
Removed sync calls that are now in execute.
Changed two logmessages to debug level.
Fixed a some small memory leaks.
With scannews after a GROUP command when authorisation was
asked we did not perform a login.
Removed sync calls that are now in execute.
The ping function now runs in a separate thread.
Changed some ping timer logic.
Added a "secret" commandline parameter to allow mbtask to run
under control of debuggers.
The client command server runs in a separate thread.
Fixed some small memory leaks which had no effect on long term
running of mbtask, only leaks during program stop.
Moved the scheduler in a thread.
Rewrote shutdown procedure to make it more portable.
Removed default settings for the ftp server.
Added support for T-Mail fileboxes.
Will call points if a call method is available.
Fixed several memory leaks.
Poll, remove poll and request failed to points which had no
point directory in the outbound, now the directory is created.
Added support for T-Mail fileboxes.
Fixed a forgotten file close.
Fixed 2 forgotten fclose functions.
Fixed a forgotten file close when nothing was done.
Fixed a minor problem with an uninitialized array.
Removed sync calls that are now in execute.
Fixed a small memory leak.
Now logs to syslog instead of stderr.
Added install scripts for Gentoo.
Changed all init scripts to allow the slower stopping of mbtask
For the latest Slackware distros a setup script for pkgtool is
added. Most other distro's don't need this.
Dropped support for Slackware pre 7.0.
Changed startup scripts for NetBSD.
Fixed NetBSD init script
All init scripts now clean the ~/var/run directory and start
the bbs allways so that the bbs will try to start after a power
New scripts are installed with an extension of .new, you need
to check yourself if you can use them to replace your own
possible modified scripts.
Updated the hatch script to abort if it's not configured.
If the user skips to hatch a file, the questions for the magic
and replace command are not shown anymore.
Dropped support for RedHat and Mandrake pre 6.1.
Added language prompts 20, 21 and 22.
Updated English and Spanish menus with the new door settings.
Fixed some spelling errors in the Dutch templates.
Updated file menus, added View File command.
Changed Dutch newfiles template file.
Removed the outdated ftsc documents, is the place
to look for them
Added upgrade procedure.