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$Id: README.developer,v 1.30 2007/11/25 14:37:48 mbse Exp $
README.developer for MBSE BBS
This file is only available on CVS, not in the distribution. This file will
hold information about CVS tags, scheduled releases and other info for
development only. There are no secrets in this file because it's public
From bits/types.h:
Here we assume what is presently the case in all the GCC configurations
we support: long long is always 64 bits, long is always word/address size,
and int is always 32 bits.
IOW: Never use long in the sources because it breaks between 32/64 bit
How about time_t, it seems an alias for long! (and it is).
CVS tags.
mbsebbs-0_33_17 17-Aug-2001 Initial CVS import by Ken.
mbsebbs-0_33_18_current 25-Aug-2001 Upgraded to 0.33.18 current development.
mbsebbs-0_33_18_final 02-Nov-2001 Version 0.33.18 released.
mbsebbs-0_33_19_current 02-Nov-2001 Start 0.33.19 current development.
mbsebbs-0_33_19_final 10-Feb-2002 Version 0.33.19 released.
mbsebbs-0_33_20_current 10-Feb-2002 Start 0.33.20 current development.
mbsebbs-0_33_20_final 04-Jun-2002 Version 0.33.20 finished (not released).
mbsebbs-0_33_21_release 04-Jun-2002 Version 0.33.21 release.
mbsebbs-0_35_01_current 05-Jun-2002 Start 0.35.01 development.
mbsebbs-0_36_00_release 26-Dec-2002 Version 0.36.00 release.
mbsebbs-0_37_00_current 26-Dec-2002 Start version 0.37 development.
mbsebbs-0_38_00_release 03-Oct-2003 Version 0.38.00 release.
mbsebbs-0_39_00_current 09-Oct-2003 Start version 0.39 development.
mbsebbs-0_50_00_release 09-Feb-2004 Version 0.50.0 release.
mbsebbs-0_51_00_current 09-Feb-2004 Start 0.51 development.
mbsebbs-0_60_00_release 04-Jun-2004 Version 0.60.0 release.
mbsebbs-0_61_00_current 06-Jun-2004 Start 0.61 development.
mbsebbs-0_70_00_release 26-Oct-2004 Version 0.70.0 release.
mbsebbs-0_71_00_current 27-Oct-2004 Start 0.71 development.
mbsebbs-0_80_00_release 06-Oct-2004 Version 0.80.0 release.
mbsebbs-0_81_00_current 07-Oct-2005 Start 0.81 development.
mbsebbs-0_82_00_release 06-Nov-2005 Version 0.82.0 release.
mbsebbs-0_83_00_current 06-Nov-2005 Start 0.83 development.
mbsebbs-0_90_00_release 23-Jul-2006 Version 0.90.0 release.
mbsebbs-0_91_00_release 08-Oct-2006 Version 0.91.0 development.
mbsebbs-0_92_00_release 16-Oct-2007 Version 0.92.0 release.
mbsebbs-0_95_00_current 25-Nov-2007 Version 0.95.9 development.
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