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Debian/Ubuntu Packaging for MBSE BBS


				MBSE BBS Packages.

Distribution naming scheme:

  |     | |  |
  |     | |  +-------- minor patchlevel 
  |     | +----------- minor version
  |     +------------- major version
  +------------------- package name

For fidonet distribution, the tar archive and FILE_ID.DIZ are
zipped together in a file like

The odd minor version numbers are developent versions only. From 0.35.1 and up
these will not be released anymore but are only available via cvs.

The even minor version numbers will be stable releases, they will be available
at and at 2:280/2802. The first version using this
scheme is 0.36.00

For first time installing, see the file INSTALL. After installation, the html
guide is installed in /opt/mbse/html.

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