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Perl script for reading the MRTG information from the BBBS standard port.
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Copyright (c) 2000-2011 Robert James Clay.  All Rights Reserved.
This is free software;  you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Perl script for reading the MRTG information from the BBBS standard port.
To be run by mrtg (see example script and configuration info) to update
MRTG created pages for BBBS related information.

It is hosted at the 'Perl for Fidonet (FTN) Systems' project at SourceForge,  The main code repository for it is browsable at A
GIT mirror of the mrtgbbbs trunk in SVN is available at the following site:

Although support for it can be discussed in the ftnpl-develop mailing list at
Sourceforge, and it can also be discussed in the BBBS.ENGLISH echo;  support
for it is best done at the site.

Archives of it can be found in the Project file downloads section.  They can
also be found on any FTN system that carries the BBBSUTIL File Echo, which is
distributed via the Filegate (

Note that the development for this has been done on a Debian Linux
system, running the Linux version of BBBS.  

The parameter to use for bbbsd is "mrtgd:16425", as in the following 
example on my linux system (check your manual for any differences
if you are running a different OS):

/opt/bbbs/bbbsd 1 7 smtpd:1025  mrtgd:16425  "fork" "quiet" "uid:bbbs" &

  An example cron entry for mrtg being run by the user bbbs, which is how
it is run for testing at 1:120/546, is in the file mrtg.cron.

  This an example cron entry for MRTG being run by root, as when it is run as
added to the default mrtg crontab file.
10,40 * * * * root if [ -x /usr/bin/mrtg ]; then /usr/bin/mrtg /opt/ftn/mrtgbbbs.cfg; fi


-----------     Perl script that reads the mrtg info from the BBBS standard 

mrtgbbbs.cfg    An example mrtg config file for useing the script

mrtg.cron       An example cron config file for running the script
                periodically by the user bbbs. 

stats.html      Example html page with links to the pages generated by mrtg.

README          This file
TODO            What needs to be worked on


    Robert James Clay,
    Sysop, 1:120/546@fidonet
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