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Initial DocGraph Batea browser extension implementation. "chrome" folder contains chrome extension source code.

Chrome extension processes user vistis to find session with clinical urls in two ways:

  1. It processes entire visits history (VisitProcessor.findNewVisits() function). To speed up processing extension checks only newly added items since last check. It also igrnoes sessions that are already processed.

  2. It handles user interactions with the browser using 3 main events: chrome.history.onVisited chrome.tabs.onUpdated chrome.tabs.onRemoved

onUpdated calls save url information about user navigations. Event handler erases a previous tab information to prevent wrong url association if user navigates to the same url again.

onVisited calls associate visit with tab by url. It checks for clinical url and update tab icon based on session state

onRemove calls check if associated session for closed tab is completed (no more tabs associated with the session)

If extension determines session is completed then it checks for ites state (donatable, excluded or undefined). Both donatable and excluded session saved to localStorage to prevent possible duplicate processing by furhter calls