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HDC1000 NodeMCU module

Here's my NodeMCU module/library for the TI HDC1000 temperature and humidity sensor. It should work with the HDC1008 too but I haven't tested it.

Setup your sensor:

First, require it:

HDC1000 = require("HDC1000")

Then, initialize it:

HDC1000.init(sda, scl, drdyn)

If you don't want to use the DRDYn pin, set it to false: a 20ms delay will be automatically set after each read request.

HDC1000.init(sda, scl, false)

Configure it:


Default options set the address to 0x40 and enable both temperature and humidity readings at 14-bit resolution, with the integrated heater on. You can change them by initializing your sensor like this:

HDC1000.config(address, resolution, heater);

"resolution" can be set to 14 bits for both temperature and humidity (0x00 - default) 11 bits for temperature (0x40), 11 bits for humidity (0x01), 8 bits for humidity (0x20) "heater" can be set to ON (0x20 - default) or OFF (0x00)

Read some values

You can read temperature and humidity by using the following commands:

temperature = HDC1000.getTemp() in Celsius degrees.

humidity = HDC1000.getHumi() in %

Check your battery

The following code returns true if the battery voltage is <2.8V, false otherwise.

isDead = HDC1000.batteryDead();

Happy making! Also, check out my Breakout Board and Arduino library for this chip:


A NodeMCU library for the TI HDC1000 sensor.



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