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Eagle files for my HDC1000 Breakout Board.
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HDC1000 Breakout Board

Here are Eagle files for my HDC1000 Breakout Board. It should work with the HDC1008 too, but I haven't tested it.

The HDC1000 is a digital humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor.

More info and datasheet:

Arduino library:

Blog post:

##Features and parts list:

  • U1: HDC1000 IC from Texas Instruments, DSBGA-8 package.
  • C1: 0.1uF 0805 package decoupling cap.
  • R1,R2: 4.7k-10k ohm, 0805 package. I2C pull-up resistors.
  • R3: 10k ohm, 0805 package. Pull-up resistor to VCC, for the DRDYN pin. Leave the pin floating if not used.
  • R4, R5: 10k ohm, pull-down resistors to GND for address selection.
  • ADR0, ADR1 solder jumpers to VCC, connect to change the chip address (default: 0x41).

You can visit my website at

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated!

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