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split2flac splits one big APE/FLAC/TTA/WV/WAV audio image (or a collection of such files, recursively) with CUE sheet into FLAC/M4A/MP3/OGG_VORBIS/OPUS/WAV tracks with tagging, renaming, charset conversion of cue sheet, album cover images. It also uses configuration file, so no need to pass a lot of arguments every time, only an input file. Should work in any POSIX-compliant shell.

NOTE: script is able to find cover image and cue sheet automatically (including internal ones).

Manual installation

  • place split2flac somewhere (/usr/bin or /usr/local/bin is fine)

  • create symbolic links to the same file like this:

    cd /usr/bin    # this is a directory where split2flac was installed
    ln -s split2flac split2mp3
    ln -s split2flac split2ogg
    ln -s split2flac split2opus
    ln -s split2flac split2m4a
    ln -s split2flac split2wav


  • Required:

    • shntool
    • cuetools
  • Optional:

    • flac (or better flake, which is much faster) to split from/into FLAC
    • faac and libmp4v2 to split into M4A
    • wavpack to split WV
    • mac to split APE
    • ttaenc to split TTA
    • imagemagick to convert/resize album cover images
    • iconv to convert CUE sheet from non-UTF8 charset
    • enca to automatically detect charset if it's not UTF8
    • lame and id3lib (or better mutagen for Unicode tags) to split into MP3
    • vorbis-tools to split into OGG VORBIS
    • opus-tools to split into OPUS
  • Replay Gain:

    • flac for FLAC Replay Gain support
    • aacgain to adjust gain in M4A
    • mp3gain for MP3
    • vorbisgain for OGG VORBIS gain adjustment


Learn about Plan 9 (http://9p.io/wiki/plan9/Overview/index.html). It's awesome. Thank you.