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import collections
import random
import sys
class TrigramModel(object):
def __init__(self):
""" Initializes model data structures:
pair_extensions -- a dictionary with pairs of tokens as keys and Counter dictionaries of possible continuations
tokens -- list of all tokens
self.pair_extensions = collections.defaultdict(lambda: collections.Counter())
self.tokens = []
def train(self, token_list):
for i in xrange(len(token_list)):
if i > 1:
self.pair_extensions[(token_list[i-2], token_list[i-1])][token_list[i]] += 1
def extend_pair(self, starting_pair=None):
"""Takes a pair of tokens or None to extend."""
# choose an element based on its weight
def choose(collection, scorer, tester=lambda smth: True):
scores = dict.fromkeys((e for e in collection if tester(e)), 0)
min_score = float("inf")
for k in scores:
scores[k] = scorer(k)
if scores[k] < min_score:
min_score = scores[k]
min_score -= 1
rnd = random.random() * (sum(scores.values()) + len(scores) * abs(min_score))
for k in scores:
rnd -= scores[k] + abs(min_score)
if rnd < 0:
return k
# choose a staring pair
if starting_pair is None:
return choose(self.pair_extensions, scorer=lambda p: sum(self.pair_extensions[p].values()), tester=lambda p: p[0].istitle())
elif len(starting_pair) == 2:
return choose(self.pair_extensions[starting_pair].keys(), scorer=lambda t: self.pair_extensions[starting_pair][t])
raise ValueError("starting_pair")
def process_corpus(file_name, model):
with open(file_name) as f:
pair = model.extend_pair()
text = list(pair)
while not text[-1].endswith((".", "?", "!")) or len(text) < 30:
pair = tuple(text[-2:])
return " ".join(text)
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
print "Need a plain text corpus."
model = TrigramModel()
print process_corpus(sys.argv[1], model)