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import unittest
from itertools import izip_longest as pair
def permutate(sequence, key):
permutated, period = [], key * 2 - 2
for level in xrange(key):
first = sequence[level::period]
shift = period - 2 * level
if shift in [0, period]:
second = []
second = sequence[level+shift::period]
# join both halves into pairs with None as a filler,
# then unroll all tuples into a single list,
# then leave out Nones
permutated.extend(filter(lambda x: x is not None, (c for tup in pair(first, second) for c in tup)))
return permutated
def encrypt(text, key):
return "".join(permutate(text, key))
def decrypt(cipher, key):
indices = permutate(range(len(cipher)), key)
# pair "encrypted" indices with cipher characters,
# then sort them into proper order
return "".join(tup[1] for tup in sorted(zip(indices, cipher)))
class CipherTest(unittest.TestCase):
def test_encrypt(self):
self.assertEquals(encrypt("PROGRAMMING PRAXIS", 4), "PMPRAM RSORIGAIGNX")
self.assertEquals(encrypt("PROGRAMMING PRAXIS", 5), "PIIRMNXSOMGAGA RRP")
def test_decrypt(self):
self.assertEquals(decrypt("PMPRAM RSORIGAIGNX", 4), "PROGRAMMING PRAXIS")
self.assertEquals(decrypt("PIIRMNXSOMGAGA RRP", 5), "PROGRAMMING PRAXIS")
if __name__ == "__main__":