The Falso axiomatic system for Isabelle/HOL
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                      Isabelle/HOL with Falso
            Theorem Proving Group at FU Dietersheim

Version information

   Version: 1 April 2013
   Isabelle/HOLF is still a prototype. Use at own risk!
   This version of Isabelle/HOL has been tested with Isabelle/2013,
   but it should be compatible with earlier versions of Isabelle as
   1. Extract the file HOLF.thy to the directory src/HOL/ of your
      Isabelle installation.
   2. Apply the patch Main.thy.diff in the "src/HOL/" directory,
      i.e. export Main.thy.diff to some directory (e.g. /tmp/) and 
      run "patch < /path/to/difffile/Main.thy.diff" in the src/HOL
   3. Rebuild your HOL heap image by running 
      "bin/isabelle build -b HOL"
   You can then use the Falso axioms and the exfalso prover in your
   Alternatively, if you do not want to alter your existing Isabelle
   installation, you can also simply manually import the HOLF.thy 
   file in any of your Isabelle/HOL theories with the same effect.
   In this tarball, you can also find the theory Fermat.thy, which 
   illustrates the usage of the HOLF system and the exfalso prover
   on the example of the Fermat-Wiles Theorem, also known as 
   Fermat's Last Theorem.
   Contrary to Fermat's original proof (if indeed he even had one),
   this proof would comfortably fit into any margin.
Bug Reporting

   HOLF is still in the early stages of its development and may 
   therefore still be somewhat unstable. Please report any bugs that
   you find at our bug tracker:


   In case you don't have a GitHub account, feel free to contact the
   authors directly via mail:

      Manuel Eberl <>
      Lars Hupel <>

Snail mail contact

   Fakultaet für Informatik
   Freie Universitaet Dietersheim
   Satiergartenstr. 42
   D-85386 Dietersheim/Eching

   Please report any problems you encounter. While we shall try to 
   be helpful, we can accept no responsibility for the deficiencies 
   of Isabelle, Isabelle/HOL, or your capacity for satire and their