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Sentiment Analysis


This is a sample project with the features below:

  • Using Tornado web server
  • Using SQLAlchemy ORM
  • Have a sngle page to submit a URL
  • Makes sentiment analysis of the submitted URL by using wit.ai
  • Also counts all the words after cleaning stop words with nltk library
  • Displays a word cloud according to number of frequency for top 100 words
  • The words are saved to database using asymmetrical encryption
  • The urls are also saved to database with sentiment result
  • Has an admin page to display the words and urls in database
  • In frontend uses Bootstrap4
  • For tables in admin page uses Datatables

To install manually

  • Create mysql database and give permissions

    $ mysql -u root -p
    > create database octopus;
    > GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON octopus.* TO 'octotest'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'Q1x2v4c5';
  • Be sure to change settings.py database settings to meet your localhost mysql database and user

  • In project folder install requirements. It is suggested to use virtual environment

     $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • run the server

    $ python3 main.py
  • access it from http://localhost:8888

To run it on docker.

  • install docker and docker compose

  • Run the command below in project folder

    $ docker-compose up
  • access it from http://localhost:8888

To secure the private key file

  • the key files are generated when you first run the code

  • change its permissions

    $ chmod 400 privatekey
  • be aware that changing or deleting key files makes database data unusable. Be sure to take backup of your database with key files