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Member Meeting June 4, 2019

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Member Meeting

June 4, 2019

Minutes of the Regular Member Meeting of Fair Use Building and Research Labs A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation held on June 4, 2019 at the Organization’s space. The meeting was brought to order at 8:14 pm by Adam Tannir, Chairperson and President. Quorum was established.

The following board members were present:

  • Adam Tannir, President
  • Neil Flynn, Vice President
  • Jenny Shane, Secretary
  • Eric Rivas, Treasurer
  • Rick Anderson, Trustee
  • Jean Consorti, Trustee
  • Zoltan Sisko, Trustee

The following members were present: Brian Boccardi, Mike Coughlin, Phil Gelhaus, Bill George, Kung Lo, Ben Jorritsma, Jason Rand

Guests Present: Martin Harriss, Bob Miller


  • Brandon Cook: not present, no vote
  • Chris Wassif: not present, no vote
  • Bob Miller: unanimous yes
  • Martin Harriss: unanimous yes

Space Stuff

Pay Q2 dues if you haven't yet


  • cabinets/drawers have been cleaned
  • don't leave food in drawers or on counters and tables
  • all food waste must go in the bin with the lid next to the fridge
  • leave your name and contact info on any projects you leave out


There has been vandalism in the bathroom and drug activity in the freight elevator. If you see something, say something to the officers so that they can communicate to the landlords

June/July classes

  • we still want more summer classes-- talk to Neil if you have any ideas
  • Neil is doing a class on Fusion 360
  • Jenny will do a class on git/github

Microcontroller Meetup

  • Rick & Neil's idea: once a month meetup for microcontroller study group (Microcontroller Mondays?)
  • Neil is willing to do arduino classes, Jean will help with teaching materials
  • Neil might do more ESP classes

Past Events

Bay Area Maker Faire

  • it was very wet
  • this might be the last year for Bay Area Maker Faire
  • we were sixth overall with Bill's Fubar1
  • Kung won a sprint and the relay

Women's Maker Group Welding Series

  • we had 3 participants
  • it was a pilot program and we learned a lot for the next time we run it
  • Jean used Eventbrite and liked it a lot; we could rely more on mailing lists, less on meetup

Future Events

Kansas City Maker Faire

Three people are going; we'll bring fuvette and fubar1

Detroit Maker Faire

There might be an unofficial Power Racing Series race in Pittsburgh. Also, everyone should plan to go to New York Maker Faire. We need to know mid July if we're getting a booth.

Ideal Farm & Garden Maker Fest:

Preliminary date: October 26. Date is confirmed. Ben can offer a campsite for the nights before and after. There will be a bonfire afterparty. Rick will promote on Facebook.

PRS consulting with Ben

People near Ben are getting serious about PRS. Ben wants volunteers to show them stuff this Thursday at 4pm. Ben wants people to talk to county fair people. Rick will go with Kung and Fubar1.

10th Anniversary BBQ: Sunday, July 7th

Jenny wants to do a t-shirt design competition. We will vote at the next member meeting on our favorite design and then screen print it on shirts at the event. We'll create a slack channel for the t-shirt ideas. Designs should be an SVG with one color.

Currently the barbecue is scheduled for noon.

Cleanup day June 29th 12pm

We'll send out a most wanted photo list of things people want to cull at the cleanup day. This will give everyone an opportunity to speak up for stuff that people want to throw away.

Also, Rick is working on a one-year plan to improve visibility and momentum. 1st of May 2020 is our 10 year anniversary of having a space. Nearest weekend could be year end 10-year event.

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