Member Meeting March 6, 2018

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Member Meeting

March 6, 2018

Minutes of the Regular Member Meeting of Fair Use Building and Research Labs A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation held on March 6, 2018 at the Organization’s space. The meeting was brought to order at 8:05 pm by Eric Rivas, Chairperson and President. Quorum was established.

The following board members were present:

  • Eric Rivas, President
  • Beth Ritter-Guth, Vice President
  • Jenny Shane, Secretary
  • Neil Flynn, Treasurer
  • Rick Anderson, Trustee
  • Zoltan Sisko, Trustee

The following board members were absent:

  • Jean Consorti (Trustee)

The following members were present:

  • Bill George
  • Jim Oslislo
  • Star Morin
  • Ben Jorittsma
  • Mike Coughlin
  • David Peins

The following guests were present:

  • Scarlett Menendez
  • Brian



Scarlett Menendez - unanimous yes

Space Stuff


We have the specific laser fund, which is about $2500.

We should encourage guests to donate when they visit fubar, especially if they come to 3D print or fix things.

If anyone donates to the space, check to see if your employer will match the donation.

The budget is available for members to review, ask Neil at the officer’s meeting.

Scarlett: could have a fundraising table at local fairs or colleges for donations/selling merch

Star: Important to consider terminal membership capacity

Visitor Guestbook/Mailing List

We want a sign-in method that provides us a method of follow-up contact.

Rick is putting together a group to work on an electronic guestbook using a google form, if this then that, and a raspberry pi. Discussion to follow member meeting. Could use one of Star’s touch-screen monitors.

Phone Booth

Star purchased the phone booth in the freight elevator. If nothing happens with the phone booth in 6 months, it goes. We will revisit the issue of large project donations at the next officers meeting. Vote to accept donation of the phone booth: 10 yea votes, 2 nay, 1 abstention.

Past Events

WCC Women’s History Month Special Edition: Sister Sampler

16 guests-- an excellent turnout. A good outreach event.

Game Night

Another game night coming up this saturday.

Bell Works Mini Maker Fest

Big thank you to everyone who came out! Everything went well with autonomous. Provided a good pattern for future autonomous events.

Beth: There are missed opportunities to publicize Fubar when people are too focused on power racing/autonomous. We need designated people to talk up fubar when others are working.

Rick: opportunities to have general fubar booth with merch.

Upcoming Events

USA Science and Engineering Fest (April 7-8)

Dave Peins is collaborating with Chibitronics to run a circuits on paper booth.

We are going to run a training session for fubar volunteers who will help with the paper circuits.

Need to brainstorm ideas for a large-scale collaborative artwork for people to create and add to at the event. Event tentatively scheduled for open hack on March 15th. President to email Baltimore Hackerspace to ask for volunteers for USAS&E Festival. David will post about what parts we will be getting from chibitronics.

NJ Maker Day (March 10)

Jean will be running the event this saturday from 1 to 3. We will be soldering light-following “robots”. Contact Jean to let her know if you can volunteer (or just show up).

Hackaday World Create Day (March 17)

Purpose of the event is to build a collaborative day-long project. Contact Eric if you would like to run this event.

Women’s Coding Coalition

Name will change to women’s maker coalition. Participants are willing to pay for materials. People want to build things that they can take home at the end of the night. Need volunteers to run single-night projects. We are trying to do one event per month, for two hours. Might have a women’s PRS team. Beth thanks Jenny for helping.

Spring Events

Events with good publicity and a definite focus get turnout. Please see Beth to schedule events.

Something Cool


The meeting was adjourned at 9:31 pm.

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