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Member Meeting May 7, 2019

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Member Meeting

May 7, 2019

Minutes of the Regular Member Meeting of Fair Use Building and Research Labs A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation held on May 7, 2019 at the Organization’s space. The meeting was brought to order at 8:00 pm by Adam Tannir, Chairperson and President. Quorum was established.

The following board members were present:

  • Adam Tannir, President
  • Neil Flynn, Vice President
  • Jenny Shane, Secretary
  • Eric Rivas, Treasurer
  • Rick Anderson, Trustee
  • Zoltan Sisko, Trustee

The following board members were absent:

  • Jean Consorti, Trustee

The following members were present: Brian Boccardi, Steven Daire, Gerald Franklin, Mike Coughlin, Eric Petrevich, Phil Gelhaus, Bill George, Steve Mercurio


  • Prasanna Rajagopal: not present, no vote
  • Chris Wassif: not present, no vote

Space Stuff

Reminder to clean

Past Events

AI Study Group

going well, good group of attendees. Covered COCO dataset at last meeting.

Mercer Bucks Mini Maker Faire

We went to help Ben with his Biodiesel demonstration. Might ask Ben to do another Biodiesel night at Fubar.

Future Events

Ben's Radio Kit Helping

(wrap up work from maker day) Sussex County Library Main Branch 12:30 - 2 pm this saturday. Possible after event.

PRS at NJ State Faire

Ben is trying to get an official race event at the Sussex County Faire (August 2nd - 11th) more details to come.

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