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Officer Meeting May 21, 2019

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Officer and Trustee Meeting

May 21, 2019 Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Fair Use Building and Research Labs A New Jersey Nonprofit Organization held May 21, 2019 at the Organization's space. The meeting was brought to order at 7:59 pm by Adam Tannir, Chairperson and President. Quorum was established.

The following board members were present:

  • Adam Tannir, President
  • Neil Flynn, Vice President
  • Jenny Shane, Secretary
  • Eric Rivas, Treasurer
  • Zoltan Sisko, Trustee
  • Jean Consorti, Trustee

The following board members were absent:

  • Rick Anderson, Trustee

The following members were present: JB Kauzya, Kung Lo, Phil Gilhaus



Nothing to Report

Vice President

Nothing to Report


Nothing to Report


Membership dues: four members overdue.

Currently, we have 23 full members, 2 remote members and 2 associate members.

We have $12,047.83 in checking, $1000.17 in savings, $355.60 in paypal. $13403.60 in total, but that does not take into account May rent. The landlord has been having problems with their mail, and therefore issues with rent checks.

According to the bookkeeper, books are completed for the past two years, and they submitted our taxes. They haven't billed us yet. They are also going to do our books going forward for $200/month.

Phil should keep bothering Eric for hard numbers on our current monthly shortfall.

Eric updated the website and attempted to fix the WiFi. Let him know if there are connectivity problems.

Shop Foreman

Things are ok. Added a new socket holder- holds both english and metric, all labeled, missing sockets replaced.

Space Stuff

Code of Conduct- Phil

Phil is drafting a proposed code of conduct which would be supported with an amendment to the bylaws. The proposed amendment would empower trustees and officers to hold hearings on infractions of the code of conduct, and would extend causes of membership termination to include violations of the code of conduct. The amendment will also include provisions to change the code of conduct. Phil will provide a draft before the next officers meeting. This will be discussed in detail at the June officers' meeting, and brought up at the July member meeting. We will provide a copy of the code of conduct to new members.

Phil would like to have a designated point of contact for people to approach if they feel they have been the target of harassment. Phil has tentatively volunteered.

Fire Extinguishers- Adam

Fire extinguishers in the space are compliant now.

Former Members' Belongings- Eric

Eric rearranged the bins so that former members stuff is on top of the storage rack, but it is still taking up space. We will send out an email saying that if the stuff is not gone by the June member meeting, it will be up for grabs, and then thrown out. Beth, Star, Paul, Jess and Jason B are the people who need to pick up stuff.

Vote to agree on disposing of ex-member stuff- Unanimous yes.

June/July Classes and Events- Neil

Neil wants to schedule classes for mid June - July.

Neil will do fusion classes on Wednesdays, dates tbd.

Phil will do screen printing in August and maybe vector design/vinyl cutting/etching. These classes will be for the women's maker group, but if they go well, they can be held again for general public.

We need to schedule a cleanup day (or a series of cleanup days).

Jean might do a sewing class in July

Jenny will do a class on intro to linux with raspberry pi, contingent on cleanup day.

Adam might do an SDR class.

Eric P has offered to do pen turning classes. Responses- Jean

Eric and Phil will work on implementing a long term solution (some sort of ticketing system?), but in the meantime, we need to get better at responding to things and calling our responses in the officers slack channel.

Jenny will respond re: princeton public library raspberry pi class.

Past Events

Bay Area Maker Faire

Lessons were learned about shipping and planning ahead for packing. During off season, we should construct a box for any car we want to ship.

Upcoming Events

Kansas City & Detroit Maker Faires

Need to start planning for both, decide by the end of the week if we're going so that we can register. Kung is registering Fubar one for Kansas City.

Women's Maker Group Welding Class: Saturday, June 1

Note: this is a private trial session. Future iterations of the class may be open to the public. Prep for the class will happen this Sunday before open hack (Sunday, May 26th).



  • Protean Gist Solutions: Brandon Cook (pursuing associate membership) 5 aye, 1 nay
  • Martin Harriss: unanimous yes
  • Bob Miller: unanimous yes
  • Chris Wassif: previously approved

Meeting adjourned at 10:13pm

Jenny Shane Secretary

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