Officers Meeting January 16, 2018

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Officer and Trustee Meeting

January 16, 2018

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Fair Use Building and Research Labs A New Jersey Nonprofit Organization held January 16, 2018 at the Organization's space. The meeting was brought to order at 7:40 pm by Eric Rivas, Chairperson and President. Quorum was established.

The following board members were present:

  • Eric Rivas, President
  • Beth Ritter-Guth, Vice President
  • Jenny Shane, Secretary
  • Rick Anderson, Trustee
  • Zoltan Sisko, Trustee

The following board members were absent:

  • Neil Flynn, Treasurer
  • Jean Consorti, Trustee

The following members were present:

  • Adam Tannir
  • David Peins



Important paperwork will be moved to cabinet in office.

Vice President

Nothing to Report.


Nothing to Report.



Shop Foreman

  • New bandsaw blade installed.
  • Made base for shapeoko.
  • Designed and built limit switches (x+y) for shapeoko.
  • Demo constructed for member wall.
  • Costco is having a sale on member storage bins. Will purchase four additional for new members.

Space Stuff

Semi-annual Dues Review

Tabled until treasurer is present.

Membership Application Revision

Membership application is being revised to include sponsor information.

Includes first page for applicant to keep with information about membership and space for sponsor information.

Requests to include “please print” on application page.

Rick: Concerns about request for medical information on application, and how that impacts required confidentiality of application. To resolve, the word (optional) has been added in front of the prompt.

Unanimous vote to accept new membership application.

Shop Rules

Proposal to implement official list of shop rules to be posted outside of the workshop.

Jenny: could add shop rules to membership packet and ask people to check a box on the membership application indicating that they have read the rules.

Unanimous vote to accept shop rules.

Shop Foreman (Re)appointment

Unanimous vote to reappoint Zoltan Sisko as shop foreman.


People have difficulty finding fubar from the parking lot.

Zoltan is building a magnetic overhead door stop which includes blinking lights.

Jenny is building a sandwich sign to place outside the door.

We would still like to have a sign for the front windows.

Member Wall

Member wall will be mounted in the office.

VP needs access to member list.

Separate project to display member interests and proficiencies.


Beth: Use github wiki (it’s free)


Currently, fubar has two calendars: meetup and google calendar. New member calendar doesn’t include option for end date, so some events happen forever.

Events are first come first serve, but we prefer not to have them during open hack. Going forward, people who have recurring events can schedule them four weeks in advance, and the event will be reapproved every month.

We might want to designate member only time if people start scheduling events on all nights of the week. This will be brought up at the next member meeting.

Formalized event scheduling process to be on the wiki

Virtual Machine Setup

Rick has been talking to Steven about what he has to offer, and how to use his resources for virtual machines. We want to utilize his infrastructure, but not rely on it. Virtual machines would be a good opportunity for resources to be used for individual projects.

Rick will be testing virtual machines on his setup to determine if that is a viable plan. Rick will be communicating with Steven going forward.

Past Events

Women’s Coding Coalition- Ethical Hacking/Dark Web

Turnout is still unpredictable, Might split class into advanced and new students to solve problem of new students with no prior knowledge.

Planning women’s history special edition in March.

Isles Tour

Art oriented space, interested in starting makerspaces in Trenton. David Peins will keep us informed about future events

Maker Quest Vlogger Visit

Eric gave a tour, Jenny, Kung, Jean & Star gave individual interviews.

Raised questions about common makerspace questions: member conflicts, leadership burnout.

interviews will be posted at

Future Events

Certified Ethical Hacking

Cancelled due to lack of participation. Might attempt to reschedule in spring.

DIY Robocars East Coast Meetup- January 21

Need to come up with parts list and determine which parts will be provided through fubar.

US Science and Engineering Festival-April 7-8

Dave Peins will do a workshop for volunteers. Prior to the event. Jean will send a survey for travel logistics.

NJ Maker Day- March 10

Fubar will have an event.

Bell Works Maker Faire- February 24, 25

No new information. Need to reach out to Joel about prs location.



Mario Cornejo

The meeting was adjourned at 9:43 pm.

Jenny Shane Secretary

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