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An attempt to create a good enough Tornado base structure.

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tornado-base - a base structure for a tornado app.

A basic structure for any Tornado app. Does not intend to provide any defaults or starting points. That is, all files are empty and it's up to you on how to fill them. Not intended for distribution yet, since I haven't yet used it on a real project. Soon :)



A place for your config files. It contains a default config template called config.default which is versioned. Local installations should use the convenience script to create a local config file which will be ignored by Git. If any other configuration files are created, and you do not want them to be version, you have to manually add them to .gitignore.


Your Tornado handlers go in here.


Translation csv files.


Any log files.


Javascript, CSS, and images go in here.


This directory includes both templates and UI modules. The modules are declared in The base/ subdirectory can be used for the base template files like base.html (which will be extended by other templates) and error.html.


Your unit tests. Includes a file to run all the tests.


Should you wish to run your processes with supervisor.


Any stuff you want to ignore from being versioned.

If you use Fabric for deplyoment, here's a fabfile for you.


Pip requirements. Includes the base requirements for Tornado (tornado 1.2.1 and pycurl 7.19.0).

Your URL patterns.

This file is imported at the top of so that the PYTHONPATH is setup correctly when the app launches.

Your Tornado app launch code.

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