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Changelog v1.8.2

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This keeps track of important changes to the 1.x branch.

When you decide to upgrade to a new version, pay attention to the changes documented in this changelog, and the upgrade procedures documented.

Security advisories

  • [SEC-CORE-009]: Unzip vulnerability to slip-attack!

See the website for more information about reported security issues and their status.

Important fixes, changes, notes. Read them carefully.

  • The code has been scanned for new warnings emitted by PHP 7.2. and PHP 7.3.

Security related

See the advisories.

Backward compatibility notes

  • Fieldset: An exception is thrown if you try to delete() a Fieldset field that does not exist.

System changes

  • Htmlawed, used by Security::clean(), has been updated to v1.2.4.2, to provide PHP 7.3 compatibility.

Specific classes

  • Fixed a bug in get_common_path() returning incorrect results when the first path passed is an empty string.
  • DB: Broken database cached results object has been fixed ( hotfix).
  • DB: Fixed last_query() no longer returning the last query after a call to count_last_query().
  • DB: Fixed database result iteration ( hotfix).
  • DB: Still capture any PDO errors in the event these have been disabled in the PHP configuration.
  • DB: New caching option on query() and a new caching() method allow you to enable/disable result caching on a per-query basis. NB: you need a result cache object if you need random access to database results.
  • Config: You can now use dot-notation when specifying group names, so you can load configuration data at any level in the tree.
  • DB: Fixed not being able to generate "ORDER BY group" due to a validation typo.
  • Crypt: Replaced a PHP5.6+ function that creeped in by a coded alternative ( hotfix).
  • ErrorHandler: Added specific support for handling and displaying SoapFault error information.
  • Fieldset: New set_name() allows to you change the fieldname of an existing Fielset field.
  • Fieldset: An exception is thrown if you try to delete() a Fieldset field that does not exist.
  • Fieldset: New duplicate() method allows you to clone an existing Fieldset field.
  • Image: New extension() method returns the extension of the image file.
  • Input: Fixed incorrectly parsing multipart/form-data if the boundary contained + signs.
  • Input: Fixed a bug that could assign rubbish data to the put(), patch() or delete() data fields.
  • Input: URI parsing has been improved to fix issues with URI's containing encoded data.
  • Input: Incorrectly parsing multipart/form-data when the form boundary string contains + signs.
  • Pagination: Fixed bug which allowed page numbers not to be numeric. This is now enforced.
  • Session: Re-initialize if a session is started after it was closed ( hotfix).
  • Unzip: Addressed the zip-slip security vulnerability ( hotfix).


  • Email: Mailgun driver has been made compatible with the Mailgun v3 API.
  • Email: It is now possible to define stream socket options for SMTP connections.
  • Email: A bug that failed to strip HTML comments from HTML email bodies correctly has been fixed.
  • Oil: Fixed broken SQL being generated for tables with Unique indexes in migrations.
  • Oil: Fixed pagination when generating admin pages for tables.
  • Oil: Admin scaffolding has been updated to generate better code.
  • Oil: Everything related to Fuel Cells have been removed, it was never properly implemented.
  • ORM: A few PHP warnings have been fixed when calling to_array() on an object with relations.
  • ORM: to_array() now returns related data correctly.
  • ORM: Observer_Typing no longer truncates float values with more than 6 digits precision.
  • ORM: Observer_Typing now supports columns of type 'date', 'time' and 'datetime'.
  • ORM: Models now have the option to allow PK's to be set. This is required for non-autoincrement PK's.
  • ORM: Fixed a NestedSets bug that caused the tree-id not to be set on multi-tree models.
  • ORM: Fixed bug that allowed Models derived from a database view to be updated (causing a DB error).
  • ORM: Allow is_changed() to run observers before comparing, to prevent it always returning True when using the Typing observer bidirectionally.
  • ORM: Fixed bug in which not all Model properties were initialized on a forge() with partial data.