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Fuel Depot


Fuel Depot was designed to become the new documentation repository of the FuelPHP project. This repository contains the source code of the Depot application, written in FuelPHP offcourse.

It has become obsolete due to the decision to use PHPDocumentor for API documentation, and, for version 2, switch to markdown based documentation with a simple front controller that can be used locally, either with a local webserver or using PHP 5.4's built-in webserver.

It now serves as an example application, to see what FuelPHP can do. It does not have the most optimal application design, because the main goal was to show how to use as many features as possible.


FuelPHP is a fast, lightweight PHP 5.3 framework. In an age where frameworks are a dime a dozen, We believe that FuelPHP will stand out in the crowd. It will do this by combining all the things you love about the great frameworks out there, while getting rid of the bad.


  • The login, authentication and registration code is based on the Ninjauth package by @philsturgeon.


Donate Here

Any donations would help support the framework and pay for software, development and hosting costs. We understand if you cannot, but greatly appreciate anything you can give.