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<title>Requirements - FuelPHP Documentation</title>
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<strong>FuelPHP, a PHP 5.3 Framework</strong>
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<h5 id="web_server">Web Server</h5>
<li>Any web server. Fuel has been tested on Apache, IIS and Nginx.</li>
<li>Works on all major operating systems including *nix and Windows.</li>
<h5 id="php_version">PHP Version</h5>
<li>Version 5.3 or greater is required.</li>
<h5 id="php_extensions">PHP Extensions</h5>
Fuel uses functionality that PHP defines as "extensions". To avoid any possible compatibility issues, Fuel only uses extensions that
are part of the PHP code as documented on the <a href="">PHP website</a>. If extensions are used that are part of the
PECL repository (which need to be installed manually by a system administrator), Fuel will use them if present, and work around it if not.
<p>This is a list of extensions used, and the classes that use them:</p>
<table class="config valign">
<th class="small">Extension</th>
<th class="small">Used in</th>
<td><a href="">Documentation</a>.<br />
Note that on Windows platforms, a manual installation of a DLL might be needed.</td>
<td><a href="">Documentation</a>.<br />
If not present, the framework has no multibyte support. You can check the MBSTRING constant to see if your installation has multibyte support enabled.</td>
<td><a href="">Documentation</a>.<br />
If not present, PHPSecLib is used to emulate its functionality.</td>
<h3 id="recommended">Recommended</h3>
<li>Web Server - Apache running on *nix.</li>
<li>PHP Version - 5.3.2</li>
<li>mod_rewrite - To remove the index.php from the URL.</li>
<li><a href="">PHPUnit</a> - 3.5.12</li>
&copy; FuelPHP Development Team 2010-2012 - <a href="">FuelPHP</a> is released under the MIT license.
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