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<title>Contribute - FuelPHP Documentation</title>
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<strong>FuelPHP, a PHP 5.3 Framework</strong>
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<h3 id="introduction">Introduction</h3>
Fuel is a community driven framework and is open for contributions from anyone who feels they
can improve it or add a feature that will bring the framework to a higher level. There
are multiple forms in which this can be achieved. From writing tutorials, writing and
releasing packages, to contributing to the official parts of Fuel (Core, Orm, Docs, etc..).
<h3 id="fixing_bugs">Fixing Bugs</h3>
When you encounter a bug or see one in the issues list that you can or have resolved,
and you want to contribute it back to the framework. Use GitHub to send a pull request.
Depending on which version you are running the branch you pull on. Follow the next couple
of steps to when you request a pull:
<strong>Is my current version still supported?</strong><br/>
If not, upgrade to a supported version and see if the bug is still exists.
<strong>Checkout your version on your local repository</strong><br/>
<code class="cli">$ git checkout -b 1.2/develop origin/1.2/develop</code> (bugfix branch for the current release )
<strong>Fix the bug and commit it in your local repository</strong><br/>
Use a descriptive and understandable commit message
<code class="cli">$ git commit -m "This is my awesome description."</code>
<strong>Push it to your GitHub account</strong><br/>
<code class="cli">$ git push</code>
<strong>Request the pull</strong><br/>
Request the pull on the same branch as you are on (or you based your branch off).
Use the "update commit range" interface to direct you request to the correct branch.
Pull requests are only accepted on the current release bugfix branch (1.2/develop) or the next release development branch (1.3/develop).
<strong>Wait for your moment of fame</strong><br/>
As soon as your request is merged you'll be part of the contributors list of Fame.
<h3 id="enhancements">Non-bug contributions</h3>
Non-bug contributions are new features, optimizations and all other alterations. All of these request must be made on the
latest development branch. So pull the 1.3/develop branch, make the changes and request a pull.
&copy; FuelPHP Development Team 2010-2012 - <a href="">FuelPHP</a> is released under the MIT license.
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