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This is the 1.2 development branch of merb-core, providing core functionality for fast, simple, and powerful (web) application development.

Changes in 1.2

Check the 1.2 wiki page for changes.

Goals of this release

  • Bring framework and application development up to speed with current versions of supporting frameworks like Rack and RSpec.
  • User documentation
  • Integrate "interesting" functionality, e.g., CSRF protection.
  • Simplify the API further

Using Merb

To familiarize yourself with how a merb-core application might look, use merb-gen to generate a few apps:

$ gem install merb-gen       # merb-gen is a gem of its own
$ merb-gen app myapp         # merb stack app, assuming you are using DM and RSpec

The only option you can use with stack is --template_engine=(erb|haml). Default is erb.

$ merb-gen core myapp        # a "regular" app without any predefined dependencies

Options available:


Default is no ORM.


Default is rspec.

--template_enging=haml       # requires the "merb-haml" gem

Default is erb.

$ merb-gen flat myapp        # a flattened app: one file and directory for views

Options are same as for "regular" app.

$ merb-gen very_flat myapp   # a single-file app

Options are same as for "regular" app.

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