ProxiBot is a command proxy that sends commands to my other web applications. It is a fork of crowdguru.
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Welcome to ProxiBot 


ProxiBot is a Google App Engine web application. It is written in Python. This
is a fork of Nick Johnson's crowdguru. It is basically an XMPP bot that proxies 
commands to other web applications via a RESTful API/Service. Thus, as long as
an application implements the basic/required commands through a RESTful
interface, those same resources become accessible through XMPP via ProxiBot.
This ultimately allows an administrator/operator of multiple web applications
to monitor and query those applications via an xmpp client (e.g. google talk).

Preliminary Documentation

Every application that wishes to communicate/interface with ProxiBot must
implement the following commands:

-- Returns this list of basic/required commands

-- Returns a string describing application's version number/name

-- Returns a string with the email address of the person/individual
responsible for administering the application

-- Returns a json string describing application specific commands not supported 
by the all applications

-- Returns a debugging string to be determined by application (for developers)