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The stop jamb is the panel that holds stop knobs.

Hooking up MIDI keyboards to Aeolus is straightforward: connect them to your PC over a joystick port or with a USB MIDI adapter. But changing stops at the organ console is a more difficult proposition. This suite of tools will enable your Android tablet/iPad to become a stop jamb for controlling Aeolus.

  • Put Aeolus.js on your webserver (or use
  • Start aeolus (perhaps with -t in a screen session for a headless setup)
  • Start (perhaps providing non-default options)
  • Install Control on your tablet
  • Add an Interface to Control using the Aeolus.js URL
  • Set the Control OSC destination to your server running Aeolus (default port is 8080)
  • Don't forget to connect your MIDI keyboard to Aeolus
  • Pull stops and perform! requires pyOSC and alsaseq


  • Start Aeolus and get all the audio and MIDI settings just as you like them and then press Save. Thereafter you can run aeolus headless using -t and a screen session, and never have to quit.
  • Don't forget realtime priority and memory locking capabilities.
  • Control has a screen autolock off setting, but it doesn't work in Android. There are apps that will keep your display from going to sleep while certain applications are running, e.g. Screen On
  • It works on a phone too in a pinch, but the labels are all screwed up because the buttons are too small for the font.
  • Run with -v to see debug information.
  • will connect to the client named aeolus, and if it loses a connection it will try again to find aeolus for every event. So you don't need to restart if you restart Aeolus.
  • Presets are stored client-side, so they do not correspond to Aeolus' presets.
  • Edit your ~/.aeolusrc file to match your preferences, but leave off -t and give it only when you start Aeolus headless.
  • jamb.screen is a screen session file for starting up aeolus, connecting it to MIDI (change as needed), and starting e.g. screen -S aeolus -c jamb.screen
  • The makefile will build the three standard Aeolus instruments. You probably won't need to do this, just use the ones in the distrubtion, but if you want to hack