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organ to android
usb host, works fine
android to dallben
TouchDAW with ipMIDI to multimidicast, working.
TouchOSC, Control, etc can do OSC for stop console. TouchOSC doesn't
have custom layouts for android yet, so Control is it. bonus: easy to
do programmatic layouts with Control
need midi relay solution (probably write my own with nmj, or read midi
and send OSC. Maybe Control can be hacked to do it)
aeolus headless
-t works, though you can't control midi settings with text ui they
won't need changing often and it remembers them. Adding midi commands
to the textui wouldn't be too hard.
midi or osc stop control ? supposedly it has midi support, so just
figure out a way to connect an osc console on android to midi (little
proxy program?)
Maybe Control can be adapted with nmj to send over ipMIDI
instead of only RTPMIDI. Otherwise a little relay program to
translate OSC to MIDI.
I'm using hw:0,3 which is the HDMI output. Works as long as the TV is
on, but hogs the device. I'll probably just figure out which device is
the audio jack on the front and run a wire to the receiver. Better than
having the TV on and fighting with myth.
Idea: run aeolus in a detachable X thing so you can hop in and tweak
things from time to time. nx or vnc probably.
future work
if ipMIDI is found lacking, implement RTPMIDI (probably a matter of
adapting the sfront network code
enable full combination action control via MIDI. preset storage is
missing at the moment